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Whether your device is damaged, broken, or just plain annoying with issues, you can trust our services for iPad Repair in Plantation to help you out. Whether it’s a functioning device you want to improve or an unresponsive iPad touch screen that needs fixing, we’ve got you covered. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Shepherd M. | Plantation

iPad Screen Repair in Plantation


iPad Repair in Plantation First Review Image3.24.2019 Verified

After my iPad screen shattered, I was very hesitant to use any Apple repair services in Plantation. I went online to research the best place to get the iPad screen fixed. Everyone said to go with the Phone and computer Plantation, so I made an appointment for that afternoon. They came to my place in the Plantation area. He replaced the iPad screen in 45 minutes! Now I can use my iPad again!

Darrell E. | Plantation

iPad Battery Replacement in Plantation


iPad Repair in Plantation Second Review Image5.14.2021 Verified

I am a small business owner in Plantation and needed some help with my iPad. I wanted to see if the iPad battery could be replaced. It took some time to find a repair shop in Plantation that would do it, but eventually, I found this place. They replaced the battery for me in about 1 hour. The total cost was very affordable for this type of iPad repair. I really liked the customer service at this place, and I will come back here again if something else needs fixing!

Calliope G. | Plantation

iPad Repair in Plantation


iPad Repair in Plantation Third Review Image6.13.2020 Verified

This is the first time need to fix my Apple iPad. It is very cool that they carry all the latest gadgets and accessories within their truck. I broke my iPad and knew it was too expensive to buy a new one. The technician guys in Plantation were able to fix it in about an hour and for a reasonable price. Highly recommend checking this place out if you need any iPad accessories or repairs in Plantation

iPad Repair in Plantation

The Best iPad Repair in Plantation

Experiencing a broken iPad has never been more inconvenient and aggravating. The very breakdown of your iPad is a stressful event. You can’t work, you can’t function in day-to-day life like this. This can here you imagine if the tablet gets broken or spoilt, after enjoying just for one month to two months? The stress and irritation that this creates are enormous. When you break up with Apple, turn to us! At our Apple repair shop, we offer you same day ipad repair in Plantation for your Apple gadgets, such as iPhone screen replacement, iPad screen replacement, and many others. Get an appointment today. Repairing your iPad repair in Plantation can be expensive. What’s more, if you take it to a repair shop they may not offer all the services you need. Get an affordable and reliable repair service with our quick and professional same day service. Save time and money by using our professional, honest, and expert repair services today. Our iPad repair in Plantation team will get your device serviced quickly so you won’t have to be without it for long. We provide same day iPad repairs at your location within a few hours from now. Contact us or book an appointment online now to save yourself time and money.

iPad Screen Replacements in Plantation

iPad Screen Replacements in Plantation Image

If you’re looking for a fast and professional repair service, then we are the right choice for you. As a professional Apple iPad screen repair in Plantation, we can replace your cracked or broken screen with a brand new screen in no time. We offer same day service at an affordable price. Trying to do it yourself can be frustrating and time-consuming and when you are not sure what you are doing, you can end up making things worse. So why risk it? Let us take care of your iPad screen repair in Plantation needs. At our shop, we specialize in repairing all versions of the iPad screen repair in Plantation. Our technicians have been trained by Apple to work on all iPad models with precision and accuracy. When your iPad display is cracked or broken, the best option is to bring it to someone who knows how to fix it without causing any further damage. Here at our shop, we use only quality parts to ensure that your iPad is fixed properly the first time around. We also back all of our repairs with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. So if anything happens to your iPad in the future that’s covered under warranty, just bring it in and we will take care of everything for you! ipad screen repair in plantation, Trying to fix a broken iPad yourself can be a nightmare. Attempting to repair your own device can cost you more money and time than professional help. Apple iPad Screen repair in Plantation We have seen thousands of customers come through our doors who have attempted to repair their devices only to end up with a bigger problem than what they started with. Let us help you find an affordable solution for your tablet repair needs.

iPad Water Damage Repair in Plantation

iPad Water Damage Repair in Plantation Image

The Apple iPad, like all electronic devices, comes with a risk of being damaged. One of the more common ways to damage an iPad is through water damage. Samsung Galaxy water damage repair in Plantation Often times this happens when users accidentally drop the iPad in water or leave it out in the rain. Trying to repair the iPad on your own can be risky and often leads to further damage. Instead of taking a chance on ruining your valuable device, bring it into Phone&Computer for professional water damage repair services. Samsung Galaxy water damage repair in Plantation Damage from water can be difficult to see but can easily do permanent damage to your device. It’s important that you get help from a professional if your iPad has been exposed to any form of liquid damage. At Phone&Computer we are committed to providing affordable and professional service for every one of our customers. Samsung Galaxy water damage repair in Plantation We strive to provide a level of customer service that exceeds your expectations and ensures that you receive the best quality workmanship in the industry today. Our expert technicians have years of experience repairing Apple products and have completed over 500+ repairs on iPads alone. If your iPad is experiencing any problems due to water damage, contact us today by filling out our online form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment at our Apple repair shop located in your local town. ipad repair shop in plantation, Our Apple iPad Water Damage Repair in Plantation experts will help you with any issue your iPad is facing, including but not limited to: Water damage – Cracked screen – Broken glass – Liquid damage – Chip repair – LCD replacement. These are just some of the services we offer. We also perform other repairs and replacements, whenever necessary. Whether it is a third-party or factory issue, we can fix it for you. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing. We follow all industry standards and best practices and make sure that our customers are always satisfied with the results.

iPad Battery Replacements in Plantation

iPad Battery Replacements in Plantation Image

Apple iPad Battery Replacement Service is the service that we provide to you at your location. We will help you in every possible way and make sure that you get the best services that are available. We also offer same day Apple iPad Battery Replacement in Plantation services as well as professional technicians who are well trained and have several years of experience in the field. The trouble with your Apple iPad Battery? Call us today for a free quote! Are you looking for an Apple iPad Battery replacement in Plantation? We can help! The Apple iPad battery has a limited lifespan, but it doesn’t mean that your device is out of use. You can still enjoy all the features of your device by replacing the battery within a few hours without spending much. Looking to replace your Apple iPad battery? Let us help! Our professionals have been providing affordable and high-quality Apple Tablet Battery Replacement services at your place. Our reliable and experienced technicians will arrive at your place on time. We are proud to offer Apple iPad battery replacement in Plantation services at your place. If your tablet is not functioning as well as before or if it is not getting charged, then you should contact us immediately without any hesitation as we will replace your battery for an affordable price. ipad battery replacement in plantation, Our technicians are certified and experienced in replacing all types of batteries with the highest quality parts. Our Apple iPad Battery Replacement in Plantation services are available in most areas and same-day appointments are available. We strive to make every experience at our repair shop a positive one. Please feel free to browse some of our customer testimonials, chat with our service representatives or book an appointment online.

iPad Charging Port Replacements in Plantation

iPad Charging Port Replacements in Plantation Image

For affordable, same-day iPad repair services, get in touch with Phone&Computer today. Our Apple iPad Charging Port Replacement in Plantation services are available for a wide range of iPad models and can be performed at your location to save you valuable time. Troubleshooting the charging port on an iPad is easy — just follow these steps: Disconnect the device from any cables or power sources. Gently clean the charging port using a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Check for corrosion on the pins of the charging port using a magnifying glass. If you see corrosion, then you’ll want to contact us for professional servicing. If there is debris stuck in the port, remove it with tweezers or an anti-static brush. iPad charging port replacement in Plantation Check all connections between the connector and logic board to ensure they are fully secure, especially if they have been removed and replaced recently. If they look damaged, then get them replaced by professionals at Phone&Computer. Reinsert all cables and power sources to see if your device begins charging properly. iPad charging port replacement in Plantation If your iPad will not charge at all, then try using a different charging cable or power source — this could be the cause of your problem. ipad repair near me in plantation, Our Apple iPad Charging Port Replacement services are available for all makes and models of iPad. We have repaired thousands of broken iPads over the years, and we have a very high success rate in replacing the charging port on your iPad. Our Apple iPad Charging Port Replacement in Plantation technicians are highly trained and will deliver same day service at your location.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPad Repair in Plantation

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPad Repair in Plantation

You don’t know how to fix or repair your broken or damaged device. You cannot afford expensive repair services and you’re thinking of getting a new one. We at Apple iPad Repair in Plantation are well-equipped professionals who know how to provide effective, efficient, and affordable repair service for most Apple devices ranging from iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. Apple iPad repairing is now made simple and convenient with our unique service center at your own doorstep! Our Customer Support – We guarantee a quick response whenever you contact us. We’ll make it easy for you to get the best deals on Apple iPad Screen Replacement. If you are looking for a reliable repair service that offers quick and professional Apple iPad services, then you’re at the right place. There are many repair shops in the market nowadays but not all of them can make you an affordable quote. Get a quote from our experienced technicians now and start the repair work on your iPad.

Mobile iPad Repair in Plantation

iPads are great but they aren’t immune to damage, like a dropped or cracked screen. iPad repair in Plantation And then there’s that expensive repair you need to pay for. That’s the thing… you can get those costly repairs done on the same day by us at your location, and all at the most affordable cost to you. A quick estimate can be provided over the phone before you decide whether or not to bring us your iPad. Give us a call today.

Apple iPad Repair in Plantation

Any broken gadget can be stressful, especially when it breaks down and starts malfunctioning – you’ve definitely been there before. Money… that’s what you were spending as you were looking for affordable Apple iPad repair in Plantation. Getting your iPad repaired at a price you can afford is easy: just get in touch with our customer support while we dispatch a repair expert to you immediately. We work every day.

iPad Repair Near Me in Plantation

iPad Repair Near Me in Plantation

When it comes to repairing your iPhone and iPad you don’t want to just any repair team working on your device. iPad repair in Plantation At Phone&Computer.com we are a repair shop that specializes in same-day service for all your Apple products (iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, and more). No reason to take up valuable space on our shelves when we can get the problem fixed today. We offer same day repairs because your busy schedule shouldn’t be held up by a cracked screen – or anything else. We understand how important your Apple devices are to you, which is why we repair them quickly. Book an appointment online now or call us today. It is fast and very easy to get an appointment by using our online forms.

7 Days Open iPad Repair Shop in Plantation

Your iPad is so advanced and complicated, you don’t know how to repair it yourself. And where can you get the best iPad repair in Plantation at affordable prices? If the screen of your iPad cracked or if the battery is underperforming, contact us right away. Our expert technicians will find an affordable solution for you, ranging from a battery replacement to a more complex screen replacement. Maybe you need diagnostic services. Don’t worry – we got your back! We operate on all iOS devices, including iPhone and Apple Watch.

iPad Repair Shop in Plantation

Cracked or dead iPads. Every iPad owner’s nightmare – potentially having to fork out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a new one. But don’t fret too much, because there is an affordable solution for every iPad owner (if they act quickly) right here in their local repair shop. Banish the damage done and save yourself the cost of a new one by booking an appointment with our Apple iPad repair in Plantation.

Most Common iPad Repairs in Plantation

The Apple iPad Repair services you are looking for are not where you expect them to be. It’s time to change this situation. We have the most professional and best Apple iPad Repair in Plantation available today, at your door and with a long-term warranty. For less than $100 our technician will come to your office for a repair service that is well worth every cent! Schedule an appointment to solve all your Apple iPad Repair in Plantation needs in as little as 1 hour. No need to worry, we are a professional repair shop that can provide the most affordable same day iPad screen replacement services in the whole state. We offer fast and reliable Apple iPad Repair in Plantation at your location. Some people say we are the best there is! find ipad screen replacement in plantation

iPad 5 (2017) Repair in Plantation

iPad 5 (2017) Repair in Plantation

Your Apple iPad 5 (2017) is not charging. You can’t download any apps. Sometimes while using your iPad keyboard stops working. Drained battery, no internet connection, cracked screen, and broken glass are some of the most common problems that customers face with their iPads. You don’t have to buy a new one or take the device to an Apple Store. Get an appointment today for an affordable iPad 5 Repair in Plantation Service at your location. We are the perfect destination for all your Apple iPad Repair and Tablet Repair needs. With our repair shop, you can be sure that we offer the best and most affordable iPad 5th generation repair services available. Drop by to get more information on the services that we offer, take a look at our extensive portfolio of highly-rated reviews, or simply make an appointment at one of our two locations that were specifically designed with you in mind.

ipad 5 (2017) repair in plantation

iPad Mini 2 Repair in Plantation

iPad Mini 2 Repair in Plantation

Do you have a cracked iPad Mini 2 screen? Are you having iPad Mini 2 battery issues? Has your iPad stopped charging? iPad Mini 2 problems aren’t fun to deal with and they make life difficult. You take a look at the cost of a new iPad and realize you would need to sell an organ in order to pay for it. And pay more than you’d like for the Apple iPad Mini 2 Repair in Plantation. Book an appointment, walk into our repair shop, and leave with a rejuvenated, fixed iPad Mini second generation. Our services are affordable.

ipad mini 2 repair in plantation

iPad Air 2 Repair in Plantation

iPad Air 2 Repair in Plantation

Apple products and repairs can be expensive – both for the products and for the iPad Air second generation repair in Plantation. Our customers repeatedly told us how much they’d love to fix their devices, but are priced out of the market. We’re here to help! At Apple Repair Centre, we enable Apple users not only to save money but also time. How? By providing quick repairs at low prices and even offering same day repair services. We understand that your iPad Air 2 is precious to you and our top-notch service ensures that you enjoy using your Apple iPad Air 2 again as soon as possible.

ipad air 2 repair in plantation

Apple iPad Screen Repair in Plantation

Apple iPad Screen Repair in Plantation

Your iPad screen suddenly breaks when it falls down. Don’t panic and rush to a repair expert! Use your iPad carefully and try not to drop it again. You can avoid the pain of paying hundreds of dollars by taking your iPad screen broken to a repair shop. But… pick your service provider carefully! We offer expert Apple iPad Screen Repair in Plantation at an affordable price! Immediate booking available, with same-day repairs (if possible). Book your appointment today!

ipad screen repair near me

Apple iPad Battery Replacement in Plantation

Apple iPad Battery Replacement in Plantation

There are many online shops offering third-party iPad battery replacement. If a power failure occurs while using your device, your device will not get any power supply from the battery and this may cause technical errors or even worst accidents will be caused. Our professional and competent technicians with their in-depth knowledge can provide you with dependable and reliable services for your Apple iPad Battery Replacement in Plantation. We work hard to meet our customer’s needs in order to help them get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

apple ipad battery replacement in plantation

Apple iPad Water Damage Repair in Plantation

Apple iPad Water Damage Repair in Plantation

You will lose all your data if you don’t repair your Apple iPad in time. Damage caused by liquid to the water submersion can be extremely costly and even impossible to repair if it gets too late. We have highly qualified experts in the field who are always looking forward to helping you out with the most efficient and safe solution to fix any issue regarding your iPad water damage. With us, there is no risk at all because anything short of a full-scale catastrophe will be repaired in no time. Get an Apple iPad Water Damage Repair in Plantation appointment today and get that shiny device up and running like new again!

apple ipad water damage repair in plantation