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As a Consumer Technology Repair company for almost any model Phone and Computer devices we are passionate about our work and we reflect that passion for every repair every service that we do.

We’re the best in the electronic repair and the service industry; because we take care of each device as if it were our own. We are well aware that a phone or a computer is not only a tool. They are personal and there is a connection between the owner and the device. Family photos, important documents, etc. We enjoy doing our jobs. For example; we love to disassemble a laptop piece by piece and put it all back together or replacing a cell phone screen with a brand new one.

We see ourselves as superheroes who are helping the devices and saving the world by helping the recycling cycle. A repair or service is not just a job that needs to be get done. We do all kinds of repairs as seriously as our own device. We keep our friendly service with a happy face and respecting our job.

  • We love to remember that we made a pretty good job yesterday and the day before that.
  • We love to keep up with the latest technology as much as possible.
  • We use the very latest modern tools to help our customers.

You may follow us on social media as well, we try not to bore people, instead, we like to surprise everyone and try to post as happy things as possible, also sticking with informative posts or news as well. We are pretty sure that you may find something useful on our Social Media platforms. You may reach us via email as well. So Go ahead and fill the form. We are here to help you out.



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The Best Customer Care in the Industry

This is How We Do!We are Professionals!

We got the best Customer Care Service in the industry. We have been helped many of our customers in our daily routines. Some needed answers, some had issues with their devices. They all got great customer care service from our experienced technicians.

We are the Best! Work with the Best!

Because You Deserve The Best!

Gary H. | Miami

iPhone Malfunctioning Inquiry


Phone and Computer Contact Page iPhone Malfunctioning Inquiry Review Image05.12.2019 Verified

I heard them from a friend of mine named Jessica. She was quite right about what she says about them. They are great!!! I had my iPhone screen replaced and yet the screen started to act weird and started to move by itself. I called and asked for help, I didn’t break the screen or nothing really happened. A technician came to my house and replaced the screen right away at no cost. It happened only a day after I got my screen replaced. He told me that it sometimes happens with some replacement and they helped me right away. My five star goes to The great customer service we can’t really find nowadays anywhere else!

Guerlisson B. | Pompano Beach

Out Of Stock Part Inquiry


Phone and Computer Contact Page Out Of Stock Part Inquiry Review Image06.23.2017 Verified

I have broken my MacBook Computer screen about 2 months ago, I was trying to hanging out with it but it was just getting worse and one day suddenly stopped working and I googled a company to fix my MacBook screen. They have been asked my MacBook serial number along with the model number. They couldn’t find the replacement screen at first. I have called a couple of other companies and got different prices around, you know. This company called me again with a much better deal and that’s what I call is great customer service, guys. My MacBook screen was like a very new model, that’s why it was hard to find and a pretty expensive one, I found out later.

Juan A. | Coral Gables

iPad Malfunctioning Inquiry


Phone and Computer Contact Page iPad Malfunctioning Inquiry Review Image11.11.2020 Verified

My iPad screen has been replaced, it was actually just the glass. So I started to realize that it is having some spaces between the glass. It was like almost I could stick my nail between them. I have called them and he came to my work at the Publix parking lot on my lunch break. I had my iPad in the car. He applied some glues on the corners. It is holding like a charm right now. I have purchased an iPad case as well. So thank you for a quick customer service response. (11.11.2020) Edit: I will call you guys for my daughter’s phone as well. She got a Galaxy phone with a shattered screen, I will learn the model for you later.

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