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You’re in good hands when you visit us. Our talented technicians are genuine in their quest to provide the best iPad repair service in town. We listen to our customers and pride ourselves at ensuring that every single one feels well taken care of. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Brittney U. | Fort Lauderdale

iPad Screen Repair


iPad Repair First Review Image07.22.2020 Verified

Thanks so much for the fast and high-quality repair of my iPad glass. This place has great service! The best service I have seen in a long time. I’ve even purchased a second backup of tempered glass for my iPad screen at a really good price.

David P. | Miami Gardens

iPad Battery Replacement


iPad Repair Second Review Image12.2.2019 Verified

So my iPad didn’t last long since my kids were on it ALL-DAY-ALONG. I can’t even make them eat something without that iPad. Watching kid’s videos, cartoons, games, every day, constantly… the battery was gone for sure. So a technician came to my house and replaced the battery, I will need to replace my battery every 6-4 months again I guess… Thanks for the help.

Sophia B. | Pompano Beach

iPad Repair


iPad Repair Third Review Image05.15.2021 Verified

My iPad screen cracked and I tried to fix it myself, but I broke it even more. When I called these guys for my iPad repair, it was as good as new! My iPad is a very essential part of my life. I have a lot of pictures on there with important memories so I was extremely grateful for the quick turnaround time and the affordable price! Thanks again, guys!

iPad Repair

The Best iPad Repair

Apple’s popular iPad tablet computer has quickly become one of the most frequently damaged pieces of technology on the market due to its sleek design and relatively fragile screen. Apple’s iPad is also one of the more expensive pieces of technology on the market, costing upwards of $500. Despite its high prices, Apple’s iPad is a tablet that provides a huge amount of value to a wide range of consumers, from students to casual shoppers to business professionals. However, their popularity has resulted in them being one of the most common items to suffer a cracked screen or malfunctioning battery. The iPad’s construction is relatively simple, making it relatively easy to repair, but any repairs that you perform should be done by a professional, as even a small mistake could render your device useless. Are you an iPad owner and need an iPad Repair service? Do you prefer an Apple product? If so, you might be thinking of getting that device repaired. But, perhaps you are not sure. Maybe you’re worried about the price. Maybe you’re not sure how to find the best iPad repair center. If you’re in such a situation, don’t be. We’ll help you out with that.

iPad Screen Replacements

iPad Screen Replacements Image

Throwing your iPad into the garbage is never an option, not unless you have a spare. But what should you do if your iPad breaks down, or if you’re suddenly faced with an unexpected repair bill? Apple’s official repair services are expensive, and after a few months, your warranty likely expires. You might try repairing it yourself, but it’s risky, and you certainly don’t want to void your warranty. That’s where third-party repair services come in. If you’ve already invested in an iPad, at least now you know where to turn if something goes wrong. Apple’s official repair prices aren’t exactly cheap, especially if you have a warranty, and they often involve sending your device off to an Apple Authorized Service Provider. But you don’t have to pay Apple’s prices. We specialize in fixing iPads, and many of them have reasonable rates and quick turnaround times. Whether it’s a broken screen, a cracked casing, or a malfunctioning power button, iPad repairs can cost you a pretty penny. For this reason, your best bet is to take good care of your tablet in the first place. iPads are terrific devices, but like any piece of technology, they can occasionally succumb to an accident or mishap. ipad screen repair, One of the more common problems iPad owners experience is the breakage of glass, which can range from a crack all the way through to a broken LCD. For the former, the fix is fairly straightforward: the shatter-damaged screen can be removed and replaced with a new one. For the latter, however, replacing the whole iPad is required.

iPad Water Damage Repair

iPad Water Damage Repair Image

Water Damage is a nightmare for any iPad user. The Apple iPad can cost a lot to fix and replacing it is even more expensive. We offer the best and most cost effective Apple iPad Water Damage Repair Service. Tablet repairs add up quickly, which is why we work so hard to keep repairs affordable and competitive. A broken tablet creates a major inconvenience for many people as they use it daily to do work or for personal use, but our Apple iPad Water Damage Repair Services can put your mind at ease as we offer instant repairs for the highest quality products! We have been fixing water damaged Apple iPad tablets since they came out on the market. So we know exactly what the issue is and how to fix it. We make sure that your tablet gets a quick and painless repair service as soon as you schedule your appointment on our website that we can come to you. Our high success rate is much greater than any other repair shop in your local town. Apple iPad Water Damage Repair Service – Permanently Fix The Device. iPad water damage can occur from many sources. ipad repair locations, The device’s port could have been dunked in a pool, the user may have spilled a beverage on it, or perhaps the device was left out in the rain. In any case, if you have an iPad that is experiencing the issues caused by water then you need to take action right away. Our customer care agents are available to help you online with our chat facility or on the telephone. We offer our customers a first class after sales solution which includes; first class customer service, fast dispatch on all orders, and on-site repairs. Our technicians are best trained to handle any fixable issue on Apple Devices including any damage due to splashing liquids like water.

iPad Battery Replacements

iPad Battery Replacements Image

We are a repair shop that specializes in providing the best quality iPad battery replacement service. We replace your old iPad Battery with brand new ones for an affordable price. Do you need to have your iPad Battery replaced? If so, contact our online support team or give us a call today! Get your old iPad back up and running or repair your broken iPad with our tablet battery replacements. We specialized in repairs of all iPad models as well as battery replacements. Rest assured as we only use the highest quality parts. iPad Battery replacements offer a better solution for those whose iPad is out of warranty and those whose battery is swelling as well as those who cannot afford the repair at the Apple Store. We want you to have more time to do what you love. That’s why we provide services that extend the life of your electronic devices. If you own an old generation iPad or the latest model, we can replace your damaged or dead battery with a new one. Visit the Apple store and they will tell you that a new battery costs $100+. We can offer it to you at much better prices. ipad battery replacement, In a world where tablets are becoming increasingly popular, battery replacements for Apple iPads are becoming increasingly important. From the old iPad to the latest iPad PRO to the iPad Mini, we’ll help you keep your device’s power going. After extensive research, we have found out that the iPad battery is easily replaced if done by a certified source.

iPad Charging Port Replacements

iPad Charging Port Replacements Image

A damaged iPad charging port can be a big inconvenience, especially when you need your iPad for work or for having fun. Finding a repair shop just to change the charging port is even more of a pain. Find out how we can help you by providing iPad Charging Port Replacements! Your iPad won’t charge when plugged into a power outlet? A damaged charging port can happen when your charger head gets damaged or worn out. Enjoy fast and affordable iPad Charging Port Replacements in our Phuket repair shop. The charging port on your iPad is broken, and it’s not covered by your warranty? Your iPad is basically useless without it. We’re here to help! Our technicians can replace or repair your iPad charging port with high-quality parts that will last for years to come, at a great price! Let us take the hurt out of this problem. Looking for an affordable, quick, and simple solution to fix your wonky charging port? You’ve come to the right place! If the charging port on your iPad is getting unreliable it will mean you have to keep fiddling with the cable each time you charge it. This can be really frustrating. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an affordable solution? Well, luckily for you, there is! Have our professionals replace the charging port on your iPad. We have many satisfied customers who are happy to testify to our professionalism and skill. ipad repair near me, You’re out for the day, your phone battery is low, but you’re too far away to risk running out of juice. But wait! Your iPad is fully charged. If only there was a way to make it work as an alternative power source… There is! You do not have to go back home or even leave the spot where you are at that instant. Our experts will be able to replace its charging port. And you don’t even need to worry about paying for this service since we offer competitive rates.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPad Repairs

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPad Repairs

We are your Apple iPad repair experts. Just call us and we will reach your location. We offer the most affordable and professional Apple iPad Repair Services in your location. You can trust us to help you with any issue that may arise with your iPad, including water damage iPad and broken screen iPad. We are a repair shop that offers the most affordable iPad Mini, Air, and Pro Repair Services. Just give us a call, provide your logistic information to schedule an appointment at your location to fix it. We are a team of expert technicians who offer the most affordable and professional Apple iPad Repair Services. Be it for your home or office, you don’t need to worry because we will reach out to you at your doorstep in almost no time. Our crack repair services repair cracked glass, broken LCD Screens, water damage, battery replacement, and more.

Mobile iPad Repair Services

There is no need to bring your device to a mail-in service when you can have your iPad repaired in a matter of hours. Our customers find tablet repair convenient, but there are other benefits that stand out as well. We save you time and money while getting your device repaired for a fair price. If you’re planning to get your iPad repaired by professionals, then stop your search right here because we are the ones that can help you. And that too at very affordable prices.

Apple iPad Repairs

Have you ever dropped your iPad accidentally or suffered physical damage? The iPad Repair service at our website is designed for all Apple device users to bring their devices back to life. We are a professional iPad repair company located in FL. Whether you want to fix your iPad or upgrade its memory and storage, we do it all. We also offer some advice on how to take care of your device. Give us a call today!

iPad Repair Near Me

iPad Repair Near Me

Are you looking for a trusted iPad repair shop? San Jose Phone&Computer is the best place to be. We offer Apple iPad Repair Services, iPhone Repair Service, and other iPhone-related services at your location. We are a licensed independent iPad repair shop that offers professional service at an affordable price. All of our parts are purchased directly from Apple Inc. and are of the highest quality. Our technicians have years of hands-on experience with all models of iPads, whether you need a battery replacement or you cracked the screen on your new iPad, we have you covered! iPad repair requires professional expertise. Whether you have a cracked screen or water damage, our iPad repair shop has all the necessary parts and diagnostic tools required to complete the repair process on any Apple product.

7 Days Open iPad Repair Shop

A tablet you loved when new can become a painful chore to use. Cracks, scratches, tears, dirt…it’s almost impossible to keep it clean. Not at our iPad Repair Shop! We take pride in our pristine come-to-life screen iPhones/iPads that are drop-dead gorgeous, fully functional, and completely free of charge! Our Apple iPad Repair services are replacement only. We are not responsible for breaking pieces or costs associated with repairing any other part of your device.

iPad Repair Shop at Your Location

iPad is a smart device that deserves to be taken care of. Like any other electronic device out there, it sometimes breaks or malfunctions. The worst is when your iPad screen cracks or gets damaged. It would either render your iPad useless or make it difficult to use. Ultimately, you’d have to fork over hundreds of dollars to have the screen replaced. Our team is committed to providing the best and most affordable Apple iPad repair services at your location.

Most Common iPad Repairs

You’ve invested in a brand new iPad – you love it! But you need it fixed and fast. Why wait? Typical repair shops charge a fortune and line their pockets at the expense of your beloved new gadget. Need an affordable, fast, and professional iPad repair? Discover our services and discover how we can serve your needs! Want to buy an iPad, but not know how much it will cost? You can’t be sure what you are getting because the shops have low-cost iPad repairs, which means they have to keep prices low. We’ve got experience with Apple products because we offer the best iPad repair services around. With our pricing, you won’t even think twice about your new purchase. find ipad screen replacement near me

Apple iPad 5 (2017) Repair

Apple iPad 5 (2017) Repair

The screen of your Apple iPad 5 (2017) Repair looks a little off and you think that it might be damaged. Screaming kids watching videos on the iPad for hours or a friend who was using it to play games. You know trouble is coming. Even if you have an Apple warranty, don’t get your hopes up too high. Apple repairs are notoriously long, expensive, and time-consuming. Test us out! We have the most affordable Apple iPad 5 (2017) Repair Service at our location in FL and we can do it in less than an hour!

ipad 5th generation repair

Apple iPad Mini 2 Repair

Apple iPad Mini 2 Repair

If you’ve experienced a cracked glass or broken button, you know how difficult it is to get your Apple iPad Mini 2 repaired. You probably also can imagine how much a repair like this could cost. Most Apple iPad Mini 2 repair shops charge $100+ just to look at your device! Our expert technicians can come to your location–even to the airport!–to solve your iPad issues for an affordable price. Save time and money by letting us fix the problem in front of you instead of sending it back and forth with shipping companies.

ipad mini 2 repair

Apple iPad Air 2 Repair

Apple iPad Air 2 Repair

The Apple iPad Air 2 is a great tool that allows you to get more done while on the go. However, if something happens to it, you have to spend a huge amount of money to replace your entire device. Do away with these concerns because we are here for you. We are a team of professional technicians who provide the most reliable repair service for your damaged and broken Apple iPad Air 2. Our experts can handle all display issues, camera problems, charging port issues, software corruption, button problems, liquid damage, and many other mistakes made by users. To avail of our quick 7 days a week service at your location, call us or fill the form above now!

ipad air 2nd gen repair

Apple iPad Screen Repair

Apple iPad Screen Repair

The cost of screen repairs at local repair shops that only offer drop-off are high and all within your lunch hour? Also, you can’t exactly take a computer display with you on the go. Our service offers same-day, affordable and professional iPad screen repair at your location. All you have to do is to get an appointment for your iPad and you will have it back in no time. Our Apple iPad Screen Repair Service will get your tablet up and running in no time while staying true to our promise of a hassle-free experience. Save money without even having to leave your home or office!

ipad screen repair near me

Apple iPad Battery Replacement

Apple iPad Battery Replacement

Having to replace your battery means that you have to change all the internal and external parts of your iPad in case there is any damage which can cause expensive costs and time. If you want to repair your product, you need to spend money on changing all internal and external parts. This will cause unexpected expenses but the actual issue was just a battery replacement. We offer the most affordable price and professional Apple iPhone Battery Replacement service at your location. We will change the battery only without damaging any other part of your device, therefore not troubling you with any expensive cost and time.

ipad battery replacement

Apple iPad Water Damage Repair

Apple iPad Water Damage Repair

Many iPad owners take for granted their tablet’s water-resistant capabilities. That’s because their tablets appear to be waterproof. They can go all day in the rain and baths and not, ahem, get wet. Well, one day some damage did occur to that tough little tablet of yours – might be from the kids, maybe your house is on fire – but at some point, it happens. And you have nowhere to repair your iPad as no Apple Store is nearby. Lessons learned from about 300 iPads we’ve repaired tell us that this is an area where everyone can inexpensively save their precious tablet. That’s why we created our iPad Water Damage Repair Service – to help you fix up your personal tech.

ipad water damage repair