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We want happy customers. If we’ve provided you with exceptional computer repair service and you’re happy with the repairs we did, tell everyone. Be our best advertisement! Use your phone or computer to tell us what worked and what didn’t, and we’ll use that information to make sure we provide you with an even better experience next time. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Brittney U. | Fort Lauderdale

Computer Screen Repair


Computer Repair First Review Image07.22.2020 Verified

My Hp laptop computer screen was shattered, but thanks to this company, I was able to get it fixed for a very affordable price. The whole process was simple and fast. (I told my uncle Jack about your services Ken 😊 he must be calling you shortly)

David P. | Miami Gardens

Computer Battery Replacement


Computer Repair Second Review Image12.2.2019 Verified

Thank you so much for replacing my computer battery! I’m so glad to have my computer powered back on, not only because it’s been cleaned by professionals but also because they didn’t have to have me wait for a long time. This place rocks 👍 I used to go to some local phone repair shops, no more… I found my computer techs.

Sophia B. | Pompano Beach

Computer Repair


Computer Repair Third Review Image05.15.2021 Verified

Had computer was working, but the same problem kept happening over and over again. As a last resort I reached out to those guys and they did what no other computer repair shop had been able to do! They were nice, honest, and very patient with me when explaining what was wrong and how to fix it. Also, they charged less than everyone else! I’m really happy with their work and I’d recommend them 100%!

Computer Repair

The Best Computer Repair

We all know that computers are an indispensable part of life. However, when they break down, it can be frustrating. One moment you’re browsing the web or watching a movie, and the next, one button won’t respond, your mouse isn’t working, and you just can’t get anything done. When this happens, you want to get your computer fixed as soon as possible. But, how do you find a reputable computer repair service in your area? There are lots of computer repair shops out there, but how do you know which one to hire? Computers are one of the most important tools that we own today, and one of the best parts about computers is that there are so many ways that you can fix them. However, sometimes there are issues that simply will not go away. Maybe your computer is older, or maybe you just spilled something on it, or maybe you accidentally deleted something and need it back. No matter what reason you have for needing computer repair, choosing the wrong company for the job can have serious consequences.

Computer Screen Replacements

Computer Screen Replacements Image

Many people believe that a low cost laptop screen repair is impossible but this is simply not true for many cases. However, there are some advantages of spending a little bit more. So before you invest in a laptop screen repair, consider these major points. The Hardware: When it comes to buying a computer, people usually want the best hardware they can get. After all, it will be their workhorse. But, some people don’t know that laptops can be made of different types of hardware. So, you should first determine your budget and the type of hardware that you can afford. The Operating System: The operating system (OS) is the software that controls the computer. It is similar to a car’s factory-installed software. So, before purchasing a computer, you should first figure out the operating system that you want. Now, when buying a computer, you can go for an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) operating system or a third-party operating system. The RAM is short for random access memory. It is used to store temporary data while the computer performs a specific task. computer screen repair, For example, when you type something in Microsoft Word, you need to store it temporarily before it is displayed on the screen. The RAM helps the computer do that. So, if you want better performance, then you should buy more RAM. The hard drive is a small storage unit. It is used to store permanent data. For example, if you have 100 songs on your computer, then you would need a hard drive to save them.

Computer Water Damage Repair

Computer Water Damage Repair Image

You’ve got water damage on your computer. We will repair the computer by providing the best Computer Water Damage Repair Service in your local town possible. We will repair any computer brand or model from any manufacturer, regardless of its operating system or type or condition. Water Damage in the computer is a big problem that can cause many problems and damages to the hardware and data in your computer. A lot of business data and information is lost when you get water damage in your computers. This does not only affect your business organization but also can cost you heavily in terms of financial losses. To prevent such kind of mishaps, we offer reliable and affordable Computer Water Damage Repair Service. Call us today to discuss the best solution possible. We offer a variety of repair solutions including the motherboard repair or replacements of computers as well. A simple spill in your office can cause a lot of damage to your expensive office hardware. Computers, laptops, and tablets are delicate machines that get damaged fast by water. computer repair locations, That is why it is advisable to keep your devices out of harm’s way. Also, what if the damage is already done? You really need to get everything dried up ASAP before it causes more damage. If you think that all is lost then you need to call us immediately. We provide same-day Computer Water Damage Repair Service for this type of issue. Plan ahead, call us today!

Computer Battery Replacements

Computer Battery Replacements Image

As a computer owner of Microsoft Windows Laptops or Apple MacBooks, you need to make sure that you use some good and useful stuff. What they use are the laptops we buy from laptop Battery Replacements. However, we sometimes lack proper knowledge and some information about these products and this may lead to the loss of information and info which we gathered for some time for our business. Therefore, more and more people who care about their business will seek out some online based info regarding these products in order to get more knowledge on how they can save their info more effectively and use the product the way it is supposed to be used. That is where we can help. Laptop Battery Replacements has always been there for us with some great deals and discounts on batteries so we can get new ones at a reasonable price. Your laptop is one of your most valuable sets of tools for earning a living, taking care of business, or being creative. When your battery dies, that’s all gone. When your battery dies, that’s all gone. You can wait days for a technician to come to you, paying expensive shipping fees, worrying about the condition of your machine in the meantime. And if it’s not fixable? You may have to buy a new laptop. Or two! Let us repair your battery. We repair laptops all over Florida. We are certified technicians with years of experience. Call us now with any questions our services might help you with. computer battery replacement, Replacing a battery on a computer not only solves the power issues also helps your laptop or Apple MacBook computer works better! You may ask how? Your computer has video graphic cards, internally or externally. Another way of saying that your VGA requires power to work. Powerful or not, big or small doesn’t matter because it requires at least a sufficient level of energy to be able to work in a good performance. So that is why it is important to keep your computer has a good power source. Even desktop computers need sustainable power sources and that’s why we recommend all our customers to use UPS to maintain %100 good electricity always. We all know how bad electricity can be especially in Florida around hurricane season.

Computer Charging Port Replacements

Computer Charging Port Replacements Image

After an accident with your laptop and you need to replace the charging port. Find a reliable shop to fix your laptop/desktop/tablet, because we care about our customer’s experience and we want to make sure you will recommend us to everyone you know. We have the best Computer Charging Port Replacements for your device. With years of experience, our expert technicians can provide same day service at competitive prices. Computer charging port replacement can be stressful, if not costly. Your device needs to charge the battery, but the charging port now malfunctions. You’ll need to take it to an independent repair specialist or buy a new device, but the last option is not an option at all. Let us handle your Computer Charging Port Replacement – we have more than a decade of experience in the business and have successfully done thousands of jobs – you won’t regret it! Our company’s focus is to repair and extend the life of electronic devices, especially laptops and desktop computers. For this, we offer a broad range of services, from quick fixes and upgrades to computer chargings port replacement. computer repair near me, We are constantly adding new skills and services to our repertoire of offerings, constantly improving our business. We use only quality parts in our replacement of Computer Charging Port Replacements. We offer quality computer charging port replacements on all types of computers. From desktops to notebooks, netbooks, and tablet computers. We provide computer port replacement on models for most major brands including Dell, HP, Sony, Acer, Asus Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung & more.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Computer Repairs

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Computer Repairs

We are a computer repair shop that offers the most affordable and professional Computer Repair Services at your location. We repair both PC and Mac computers, we can even convert your hard drive to an SSD for a fee. Reach us today by phone or email for the best service in town! We are a repair shop serving residential and business customers in the South Florida Area, specializing in Computer Hardware and Software, printer, media, and network equipment repair. Established in 2006, we offer the most affordable and professional Computer Repair Services at your location. Our Computer Repair Services include:‐ Virus Removal‐ Hard Drive Repair‐ Operate Equipment‐ Hardware Installation We provide these services at your location, making us the best choice for home and small business computer repair.

Mobile Computer Repair Services

Why drive across town to drop your equipment off at a Computer Repair Shop only to take it back a few days later? With us, you get professional Computer Repair Services on-site at home or business just as if we are your own personal IT department. At Phone&Computer, we take great pride in offering the most affordable rates and quality services to our customers. We are a computer repair shop that offers a wide range of services at your home or office. We provide both on-site and off-site computer repairs, network and hardware solutions, system setup and configuration, spyware removal and virus removal, printer and fax setup and configuration, software installation and sharing, backup management solutions, and much more.

Laptop Repair

Sending your laptop to a repair shop can be stressful and expensive. Laptop pros offer the most affordable and reliable Computer Repair services in your local area. We come to you, so there is no need for you to send your computer away! Our fast and highly trained technicians will repair your laptop on-site, at your home, or office. Let us make your Computer Repair experience hassle-free! Give us a call today!

Computer Repair Near Me

Computer Repair Near Me

Computer Repair Services conducted by our professionally trained technicians are a convenient, economical, and cost-effective way to keep your computer systems running smoothly without interrupting your workflow. Our technicians arrive at your location with the tools and skills needed to evaluate, diagnose and repair your computer system problems. We are a computer repair business that offers services for both in and out-of-warranty computers. We have been repairing computers of all makes and models for reputable individuals, businesses, and organizations for years. Our technicians have been helping people just like you solve their computer problems for more than a decade!

7 Days Open Computer Repair Shop

We specialize in repairing computers – from desktops to laptops, including Apple, Mac, and Linux. Our friendly staff will come to you to fix your broken computer at your home or office. The mission of Phone&Computer is to provide a professional yet affordable computer repair service in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, saving you lots of time and money. We offer the most thorough diagnostic and repair services to effectively fix your computer problems.

Computer Repair Shop at Your Location

Are you looking for a reliable and reputable computer repair service near you? Look no further. We work as an experienced team of IT technicians and engineers, with almost 15+ years of experience in the IT field. We provide services in computer repair and other computer-related services such as virus removal, data recovery, hardware, and software setup, etc. Your computer is your most precious tool and we have the expertise to help you make the most of it. As an experienced team, we cover all areas of computer repair, ranging from Software or Hardware issues. We could save your data, clean up viruses, fix your crashed hard drive, upgrade memory, sort out software problems, or anything else that you might need. For a free consultation regarding what we can do for you please contact us today.

Most Common Computer Repairs

If you have a computer problem, no matter how big or small, we can help. Our specially-trained technicians can run diagnostic tests and identify the cause of your computer’s issues and then quickly fix them so you’ll be up and running in no time. We are computer repair technicians at your service! Emergency or scheduled, we offer the most affordable and professional Computer Repair Services available at your location. We provide fast, convenient, and on-site Computer Repair services for homes and businesses of all sizes. find macbook screen repair near me

Apple MacBook Screen Repair

Apple MacBook Screen Repair

We are your local Apple expert and we offer low-priced repair service while you wait. We pride ourselves on our customer service and can meet you anywhere in South FL to help you with your MacBook Screen Repair. Our technicians are friendly and professional, and we back up all of our services with a guarantee. Whether your MacBook is cracked or the glass is deeply gouged, we can replace the screen in no time.

apple macbook screen replacement

Microsoft Windows Laptop Screen Repair

Microsoft Windows Laptop Screen Repair

Our technicians are the best in the market when it comes to Microsoft Windows Laptop Screen Repair, which is why hundreds of people come to us all year long. Whether you believe your laptop screen has a minor issue causing it to wobble or your screen has cracked, we can fix it! We provide mobile and on-site services for major cities of South Florida and more. Our in-house screen machine allows us to make same and next-day repairs, which leads to competitive prices. Call us today with any questions or inquiries and we will be happy to help!

windows laptop screen repair

Memory RAM Upgrade or Replacement

Memory RAM Upgrade or Replacement

Our trained experts can upgrade or replace your computer’s RAM with our wide variety of options that will fit your computer’s needs. With our free de-fragging and memory testing, we guarantee to make your computer run faster. Our company provides competitive prices for Memory RAM Upgrade or Replacement for your computers at your location as well as onsite service by advanced techs and repair experts.

computer memory replacement

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard Replacement

We get your keyboard working again! We offer the most affordable and professional Keyboard Replacement at your location. The service is done while you wait. We supply the replacement part (usually in 30 minutes or less) If you are experiencing issues with your keyboard on any of your Apple / Mac devices like the MacBook, MacBook Pro, Windows Laptops, Gaming Laptops, etc. offers the most affordable and professional Keyboard Replacement at your location.

computer keyboard replacement

Hard Disk Drive Upgrade or Replacement

Hard Disk Drive Upgrade or Replacement

Hard disk Drive Upgrade or Replacement We are a repair shop that offers the most affordable and professional Hard disk Drive Upgrade or Replacement at your location. We provide a lifetime warranty for all of our HDDs. We can upgrade any laptop with a new HDD at your location in an hour. If you need your HDD upgraded or replaced, call us today! Improve your computer’s performance! Computer Repair Centre is a Repair Shop that offers both Hard disk Drive Upgrade or Replacement at an affordable price. We will come to your location and provide the most professional services you deserve.

hard disk drive replacement

Water Damage Repair for Computers

Water Damage Repair for Computers

We do professional Water Damage Repair for Computers at your location. We are experts with the experience to quickly dry out and repair your computer so you can use it again. Our water damage repair service offers the most affordable and professional water damage repair for computers in your area. Our technicians are experienced and we offer customer support any time of the day. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us today. We will help you eliminate water leaks from your system and secure your data from loss. If you have been searching for an affordable and professional Water Damage Repair for Computers, you’ve come to the right place. We offer rapid response times, and our expertly trained technicians are happy to travel to your location to perform onsite repairs.

water damage repair for computers