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We take pride and joy in our work. Our job is not only where we make money, instead, but it is also where we live and feel. Every one of our customers is our first friend and that’s why we don’t believe the customer is all about money. Customers are people and every person has his/her thoughts and feelings.

We have dedicated this page for you to share your thoughts and feelings. We technicians also people who respect and take care of the customers, in the meantime expect the same thing. We believe that Customers shape a business, in a way with their compliments and fair criticism on every work we do. A successful business listens to its customers and that way improves itself. We thank you for your time and effort already.

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Phone and Computer LCD Screen Replacement Animation

it all begun with a happy face after our first repair… We have been improved and took way long roads in all those years with thousands of customers. We are technicians and engineers who is people; I humbly try to say that we are human beings and make great things and also mistakes…

We are only better if we fix our mistakes, we are only professional if we care our customers, we could only survive and get that better only with you our great customers, who walked with us along the way. Deeply appreciated and thank you all who leave positive reviews or negative reviews… We only expect to give us chances to fix our mistakes and get better in any way.



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The Best Feedbacks in the Industry

This is How We Do!We are Professionals!

We got the best Feedbacks, Customer Reviews for the services we offer in the industry. It is never been easy to maintain the 5 stars reputation but here we are. We thank all our customers who gave us the second chance! We are the Best! Work with the Best!

Because You Deserve The Best!

Michael R. | Fort Lauderdale

iPhone Repair


iPhone Repair Customer Feedback Review Image02.16.2018 Verified

I heard about Ken from one of my friends and decided to take a look at their customer feedbacks; So I came here to this website and read the customer reviews left for the services they offered. I called him to fix my iPhone as well and I’m also one of them leaving 5 stars feedback!!! Keep it up young man, I see great things waiting for your honest business. (Edited on 02.17.2018) I have also purchased 2 tempered glasses and my granddaughter dropped her phone the next day; so long story short that glass thing saved her screen! I was very lucky to have 2 of them, so she installed the second one herself watching some youtube videos though. She might better watch you guys next time while you guys fixing the phone again. I’m kinda sure that she is going to drop it again and that time I will make her do or watch you guys doing it. It is kind of not cool to pay a broken screen over and over so…

Anita M. | Aventura

Samsung Galaxy Repair


Samsung Galaxy Repair Customer Feedbacks Review Image06.29.2019 Verified

I have actually left a negative review after I saw some lines on my Samsung galaxy phone… I called them they didn’t answer the phone though. So I have been here and left what happened. They called me back on Monday morning and explained how they could help me as a warranty replacement. I didn’t break nor scratch the screen a tiny bit; So the same technician came to my apartment back and replaced it with a brand new Samsung screen again, and even left a free screen protector as a gift of customer courtesy. I later felt that I should have a need to fix what I wrote first. So here I am telling you what happened. I personally thank you guys for fixing what happens at first and following up with me on Monday. I guess it might happen with electronics things repair… It was the same thing that happened with our Samsung tv as well… It was from amazon with a free installation. It was like a week or so later started to flicker so the service took it and replaced it with a new one, or it was us being not much a lucky 😆 This was second time so 3rd one is the charm they say, let’s see what is gonna happen 😆

Loren L. | Miami Gardens

Computer Repair


Computer Repair Customer Feedbacks Review Image06.16.2017 Verified

I have an HP laptop I purchased from BestBuy about a year ago or so. My screen was shattered but there wasn’t any glass on the surface of the screen. So I took it back to the BestBuy the very same location I bought it. They told me that there was some pressure on the screen so that’s why my screen was bleeding… That’s what they called… LCD bleeding. So anyway they told me that I need to replace my screen and it takes $275 plus I needed to wait 2 weeks since their tech wasn’t coming to that location every day and the part they didn’t have… I was already fed up with all that extra cost and time-consuming service. So I googled computer screen repair on my phone and I already my offer for $175!!! So $275 vs $175 and this company told me to fix it in 3 days as soon as the screen arrives! at MY LOCATION in Miami gardens!!! So I gave my information and only about 2 days later a young gentleman came to my house and fixed it in 20 minutes. Glad I found you guys and will refer you to all my friends and family!!! Loren (the flower shop lady)