Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

  • I may have multiple issues with my device, do you offer any discount such as repair bundles?

yes! we do offer discounts to keep it at an affordable and reasonable cost of repair rate, it should be worth to fixing it right, just give us a call and we will see what we can do about it.

  • I have tried to fix it by myself and it seems pretty bad and I can’t keep it going. Can you still help me fix it?

well, at least you tried… We can’t discourage our customers to try. But sometimes the repair process can also be pretty dangerous or much complicated than you expected, many YouTube videos don’t stand on the hardpoints instead they need clicks and views so they just show it as the whole process very much easy. We of course still love you (SpaceX Humor), you may anytime reach us and we will do our best to help you out. Some repair might cost more than regular IF there are further repair needed.

  • I can’t find my device on your website. My device is a new (or an old) model do you still offer your service?

sure! we may not be published on our website yet… Or we don’t fix it anymore if we can’t supply the necessary parts due to a very old model and not worth to fix it anymore. It is better to give us a call, let’s see what we can do about it?

  • Do I pay before or after the repair service?

either way is fine. you may select to pay on our website or after we fix it at your location. If you pay with a credit card, we may need to ask you to fill a credit card authorization form with a legal ID as proof of credit card owner. Our Credit Card company may require proof of payment documents.

  • My device condition is pretty bad. I don’t believe it might get fixed. Am I responsible for any cost of service? Even if my device is not repaired.

we call that a diagnostic service. In explanatory; We offer mobile repair service, which means we drive to your location and offer our time like every other repair service time. If we can not fix it or your device is unrepairable then we don’t charge our customers like a regular repair price, instead, we charge our minimum costs such as timing and driving expenses. That price may change in time but it is $50.00 for most of the diagnostic services we do.

  • Do you offer any type of warranty on your repairs?

yes, all our repairs come with a 90 days warranty for parts and labor*. If you have any issues related to the repair we did within 90 days we will take care of it at no cost*! (*There are some unique cases, we can not offer 90 days warranty instead of 30 days since the supplier we use may limit us within 30 days). Such as; We may use Amazon to order a replacement part that we can’t find from our regular supplier for Computers, Laptops, MacBooks, not-common Tablet computers, or phones. Amazon sellers may offer only 30 Days so we can only reflect that warranty to our customers. However, we still help our customers in any cases by offering some remarkable discounts with the following repair. We can offer warranty repair services only if there is no physical damage to the device. Such as; if there are some cracks, broken glass, heavily scratched due to falling, which means any reason at customer’s fault is not a reason to offer any warranty repair. That should be the case for available insurance if purchased please read below for insurance details.

  • Do you offer any type of insurance on your repairs?

yes, we can. Insurance is not available for all of our repairs… (we are working on that system as well) We can offer insurance if our customers ask for it or we sometimes offer it. It depends on the replacement part and where we supplied it. For example; We buy some laptop screens or OEM parts such as hard disk drives, ram, cards, etc… Amazon sellers and the system may offer insurance options at an extra cost when we supply it for you then we reflect that insurance option to our customers. Insurance rules and policies apply between the customer and the insurance company (for example Assurance). We do our best to help and guide our customers dealing with an insurance company. However that 3rd party insurance doesn’t cover our labor, so we always ask our customers if they need our service at a cost we offer. Let’s explain it with an example case; We replaced an expensive MacBook screen and that was a total of $500 as $350 LCD cost from Amazon + $50 cost of insurance for 3 years + $100 for our labor. So we offer to charge our customer $100 labor and if any possible deductible insurance cost. So 2nd repair with the replacement part insurance may cost only $100. The timing frame might be different from any case since 3rd party insurance company would deal with payback and support. We offer our regular 7 Days service timing anyway.

  • Do you need my passcode?

We need to check your device before and after we fix it just in case nobody would like to face any surprises. If you do not wish to provide your passcode, certain device functions including but not limited to; the camera, wifi, and Bluetooth cannot be tested and cannot be guaranteed.

  • Do I need to leave some deposit payments for any replacement you need to order?

We carry most of the common device replacements in our trucks but if your device is not commonly such as Microsoft Tablet screens or a Laptop screen (since they are all different) we will need to order it. We will order your replacement after your approval on price and timing. You don’t have to worry about any deposit payments. You will pay for the repair service after we fix it.

Mobile Repair Questions

  • How is it working? Do you come to my house? Apartment? Office? Work? Can you give me some general information?

This is how Mobile repair works. You may first see what locations we cover on our website or by just calling us. We pretty much cover South Florida right now which includes many cities. We can come to any place you need us. We come to your parking lot and fix it in our truck right at your location. It wouldn’t matter for us to be in a commercial or residential area. We can get any parking permission or visitor permission your complex need from us. You just tell us what is your address location information and leave the rest of it to us. We will fix it in 15-20 Minutes for most of the repair or hours, depends on your repair needs.

  • What if we need to order something and need to come back again?

No problem, we offer Mobile repair for all needs. We will come to you anytime you need us. If you would like to pass our dispatch locations, you can do that as well. You may see our dispatch locations for every city. We may need to order some replacement parts and continue for the following repair or we may need to pick up your device and deliver it back to you after we fix it. So we will do it! Most of the time first we just talk over the phone and if there is any order need for your repair service, we will let you know right away and order your replacement with no deposit need.

  • I would like to meet at a mall or a shop plaza. I’m not comfortable to meet at my place. Is it possible?

We hire technicians with Legal IDs, Drug Tests, and perfectly clean Background Checks (for every 6 months)  so you can use our services with zero concern. However; of course you can meet with our technicians somewhere public and/or different than your place, as you want. Our trucks would be secured with Surveillance Systems and Tracked with GPS locators 7/24 for your’s, technician’s and company’s convenience.

Water | Liquid Damage/Diagnosis Questions

  • I drooped my phone into water, should I use rice? That’s what everybody says good enough.

We need to explain something before fully answer this question. We can’t say it is bad and neither can say it’s good enough. This is somewhat true! This is what the study shows. If you leave your phone in a bag with no air and leave it for 48 hours then the water came out of the phone the only %13.  By the time the phone had fully dried out, corrosion will have had time to damage the delicate electronics inside… The preferred method to safely dry phones is to boil off the water inside them at low temperatures under vacuum, air pressure, or hairdryer (if apply directly on the circuit).  So that is what we do. We open your device and safely dry it out faster the better. The sooner a phone is dried out, the better chance it has of surviving.

  • I have dropped it into the water but it seems just fine and it is still working! Should I charge it and continue to use it? Do I need you guys?

In our experience, within 36 hours the chances for success are three out of four. After that, it drops down to less than 50%. “But that’s only if you didn’t try to charge it or turn it on!” Also, it may work until the corrosion starts to eat your logic board or motherboard inside your device. So we surely suggest you reach us to professionally dry out your device. Just in case you won’t have any surprises.

  • Does it matter if my device dropped into Salt-Water, Fruit Juice, Soda, or Regular Drinking Water?

In most cases yes it does. If it is a laptop keyboard with regular water might be working again after we dry it out. Or it may not possible to work fully functional again after a sugar-based soda split on it. It is harder to clean if the liquid has some sugar in it. We use some Alcohol-based, Circuit board safe chemicals to clean it.

  • I know my device is burned and even smoked after I dropped into water? Is there any hope? It is also been a while!

We have helped thousands of customers and every one the case different than each other. You never really know what works and what not if we are talking about the water damage. There were many devices with slight water touch and didn’t work again. Some devices have swum under the water and working like a charm. For example; an iPhone with water damage, we replace the screen and the battery, clean the logic board and yet it may work like a charm. Sometimes they need a camera or speaker replacements as well, but that was even optional for some of our customers so they weren’t even concerned about it. Sometimes we just clean it with our chemicals and the ultrasonic machine and it works back again. You wouldn’t lose much just to try it we say.

  • Do you replace the Logic Board, Mother Board, or Fixing them? Do you do Micro Soldering?

We always first try to fix it in any case. If there is no hope with the board damage after we clean it then we take it to our Micro Solder department and ask for the cost. We share that information with our customers and start to repair or replace it according to the decision has been given.

Screen Repair Questions

  • What screen replacement do I need? How do I understand that?

Screen replacement is a pretty common repair type for us that we deal with every day. So it depends on the device you have. There are Glass and LCD/OLED Screen replacements for many cases. Glass is a digitizer where you touch. LCD/OLED is the screen itself where you see the colors and pictures. If you can’t see anything or it is bleeding black spots on it, having dead pixels, any defective spots, lines, color disorders, screen burns then you need Glass and LCD replacement which means screen replacement we call.

  • How does a MacBook Screen Replacement work?

We replace the whole screen piece literally from the hinges to the top cover of your screen. We don’t separate the LCD, glass, or cover on it. We remove the entire top screen piece and give you another one. That is what we believe the best condition should be.

  • How does a Microsoft Windows Laptop Computer Screen Replacement work?

We can replace the inner LCD/OLED screen without ordering the extra cost of hinges, frames, or cover. However, some laptop screens still may be the same as MacBook screen replacement that needs to order the whole top piece (not common but possible). We follow the affordable and reasonable way as possible.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy with a broken screen. Can I get just the Glass repair?

We offer glass only repairs if your phone model is one of them we cover. You need to make sure that your LCD/OLED Screen is just fine and having only the glass shattered. We ask our customers to get another phone to take a picture of the broken glass phone with a white background as possible and send it to us via Message, email, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger. So we can let you know if you are eligible to get a glass only repair or not.

  • I have an iPhone with a broken screen. Can I get just the Glass repair?

We always replace the whole front screen with an iPhone screen replacement. iPhone screens are not expensive as Samsung Galaxy screens since iPhone is more commonly produced by the supplier companies.

  • What does Grade A/B/C, Premium, Refurbished, or an Original screen mean? How do I understand differences? or What Screen replacement I should get?

There are many electronic repair shops and suppliers calling parts with different names and grouping them by grades. These terms may be tricky as they may sound. An honest company may sell premium grade as it is. Another one may sell grade C as premium. We can say from our experiences that colors matter most of the time. If you are comfortable with the price given and the color performance is good enough for you. We can say that is what you need. Of course, a premium grade would be different than Grade B as color variations. Refurbished is also very false known with a bad reputation it sounds but it is not. Refurbished means an original screen that has been processed, fixed before, and selling back again. A refurbished screen can be the best choice since it is an original screen BUT also can be such a disaster if the shop doesn’t qualify as an experienced place knows how to refurbish a screen perfectly. So we suggest going with the Premium as possible. Don’t need to get a used refurbished one or don’t get the cheapest Grade B/C one.

  • My device screen is moving, acting by itself. Is it possible to fix it and How?

Digitizer is a surface where you touch and calling it the glass. Yes, it is most definetely possible to get it fixed. We replace the screen for phones. iPads may be fixed by just getting a glass replacement if the model is eligible. It will work back as it never happened. Some unique and very rare cases might need board repair if the Logic board touch chip is damaged with some water or very heavy impact on it, but this is pretty rare.

Original (OEM) Parts Questions

  • Do you carry original OEM Apple replacement parts for my iPhone?

We can guarantee you that nobody has the original Apple screens (except the used or OEM pulled ones) Apple doesn’t sell any replacement parts to nobody. Only Apple Stores and their replacements got the original OEM parts. We also carry the screens and parts compatible with Apple devices, produced with the best suppliers that won’t make you feel the differences except much affordable and faster convenient service than Apple would be able to offer. We also say that don’t believe every other random electronic repair shop with their statement of having OEM Apple parts or trust the OEM pulled used ones. Many technicians who would easily claim to be that they carry the original just to make a sale or without thinking about any consequences.

  • Do you carry original OEM Samsung replacement parts for my Samsung Galaxy phone?

Yes, we do! Samsung offers any replacement parts to the suppliers and we can easily supply and help our customers. Every Samsung part we carry in our inventory is original OEM Samsung parts. It is very rare and exceptional to replace with a non-OEM part if there is a part that cannot supply from our regular suppliers.

  • Do you carry original OEM Microsoft replacement parts or software for my Windows Laptop computer?

Replacement parts or hardware are not and never be Microsoft brands. For example, Microsoft does not produce a hard disk drive (not yet we know). Let’s say that you have a Dell laptop. There is no Dell brand hard disk drive in it. It has a Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, Seagate, etc… some other brands. That is what we order from Amazon and mostly prefer the best model from these best brands for our customers. 

Microsoft Softwares such as Windows Operating System or Office products are licensed and must be own by the customer previously on their computer. Laptops always come with their very original licenses on their own and that is what we use when we recover an operating system. There are some services and they legally sell their product licenses online on some common e-commerce platforms, we help our customers to compare their options and choose between them. Some licenses require some strict paperwork to be legal but it may not be a concern for a home user when purchased these 3rd party licenses online. Residential and Commercial usage licenses have very different rules and measures.

Dispatch Location & Coverage Area Questions

  • Do you have any physical Location like a shop I can walk-in?

We offer a Mobile repair service so we don’t have a permanent physical location that we welcome our customers. However, we have semi-permanent locations that we can meet up with our customers, and this address information mostly visible on the website locations page. Our company name is MonsteR Unlimited INC a Florida Sun Biz registered business.

  • I live slightly outside of your coverage area, Can you still help me?

Give us a call and let’s see how far you are from our company truck/car. It is possible with the cost of an extra drive as well. We can also always meet-up somewhere between.

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General Questions (repair bundle)


Frequently Asked Questions as General Questions Review Image07.22.2020 Verified

I had my iPhone like screen shattered completely, not even a blink on it!!! I also got my battery completely dead. It was actually already dead for a couple of months and I was just trying to hold on with it, anyway. Ken helped my iPhone with a repair bundle and I can literally say that I have almost saved half of a regular battery replacement cost. I got my battery brand new back again like a new iPhone and my screen is crystal clear than many of my coworker’s iPhone screens who had theirs replaced somewhere else before. This quality for that price and a repair bundle, nothing can beat it and Can’t say I didn’t enjoy the offer, thx guys!

Maria M. | Miami

Water Damage Questions (MacBook)


Frequently Asked Questions as Water Damage Questions Review Image02.22.2018 Verified

I was working with my MacBook last night and my lovely cat literally jumped on it right in the middle of the night. First; I thought nothing happened and I saw that my wine glass was all over on my MacBook keyboard and half of the screen. I had Ken replaced my iPad screen before and I straight called him like 8:45 pm last night. We made an appointment very next day at early noon at my office place. He came to my office and cleaned my keyboard key by key and perfectly cleaned the possible future damage on my screen and the board in my MacBook in 2 hours. I wouldn’t call anyone and keep using it if I didn’t trust his words and I would lose my $3000 brand new MacBook in a few weeks or days. He made me save that much money, great job my friend.

Gregor Y. | Boca Raton

Original (OEM) Questions (apple part)


Frequently Asked Questions as Original (OEM) Parts Questions Review Image05.18.2019 Verified

I am a guy who wants original, needs original, and can’t turn around with it! BUT I even convinced with the quality and convenience of their replacements, and not even talking about the great price I have given… He was the most honest technician I could ever meet! He explained all the different grades of screen replacements and what they could mean to my repair choice one by one. This guy spent 10 minutes explaining the screen differences and I listened to his advice by getting a premium grade screen replacement which was half of the Apple store offered to me. I’m very happy with my colors of the screen and the quality of it!!! Would call him again if I need it