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It all started years ago, I mean decades ago when the first affordable has been purchased by a home user. It was even years before the first iPhone even before the first smartphone. It was more complicated repairs for computers but an easy fix for smartphones. But it all has changed now. We always keep up with the tech news and all those new changes in the industry. There weren’t cloud services years ago and nowadays everything is on it almost. The internet speed, variety, user numbers, etc. all increased and our job became even much more important than used to be.

our journey to success “the customer is always first

We ourselves as technicians also actually consumers for many others maybe even we are a consumer in our customer’s businesses. So we treat our customers as we want to get the same from others. The only way for a customer to go to a repair shop, service shop, or call someone and trust that person with their device repair services is the company policy and personal ethics.

We first listen to our customers and try to understand and answer;

  • what do they need? only glass repair or entire screen repair
  • how do they need it? original replacement, the difference from others, etc
  • when do they need it? same-day, or another day at customer’s off time, weekend?
  • how fast they need? most of us have only a 1-hour lunch break maybe not even, so we care about you and your time
  • what are their expectations? any warranty, insurance, coverage, trust


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This is How We Do!We are Professionals!

We are one of the Best Businesses in the Service industry. Being the best is not only having how many locations or fixing more devices. It is how we help and support our customers and how we take care of any customer who needs our services. We prioritize the quality and this is one of the biggest differences.

We are the Best! Work with the Best!

Because You Deserve The Best!

Freddy H. | Pompano Beach

Quality Communication


Phone and Computer About Us Page Quality Communication Review Image03.12.2020 Verified

I have been working with them for years, I guess it was like 5 years now… So; I have found them for my own phone repair randomly on google. Ken made a fantastic job and very quality communication with our company. He calls before arrives, always on time, he is literally behind in everything he does. We surprised to learn that he also creates websites and does digital marketing as well… He became the best guy for pretty much many things we need. Fixing phones, helping with computers, supporting our website… I hope to see his business grows well and faster, thx

Richard O. | Fort Lauderdale

Respect & Ethic


Phone and Computer About Us Page Respect & Ethic Review Image09.06.2020 Verified

I called them for my all family member’s needs and even my neighbors I know.  They fixed my iPhone, iPad, and computer already. They also helped our network issue, printer problem, and neighbor’s router problem. They are all about quality than quantity type of company. I guess having them was a great opportunity for my family by saving money on expensive repairs and getting to work with someone you can trust. Inviting a stranger into a home for your needs is not an easy thing to do, believe me. They come to you on time and work with policies, respectful of the house rules! Thank you, guys.

Suzanne M. | Oakland Park

Great Attitude


Phone and Computer About Us Page Great Attitude Review Image03.06.2019 Verified

I was actually found them on Google like an emergency call. I used to go to my local repair shop to get my computer fixed. It was a Sunday evening and the local regular shop I used to go to was closed and they didn’t help me. So I googled a company to get my computer fix again. They offered me mobile repair which was a great time saving for me. I didn’t need to drive somewhere else. He came to my house and helped me straight on site. No more driving around, taking my heavy computer to a shop, wait, come back, etc. No more! I’m very happy to find such a company with a great attitude on any questions I asked.

Phone and Computer About Us Page Who We Are?

our secret ingredients

Pretty much all chefs have their secret recipes right? We love to share our ingredients with everybody.

  • We care for you; we know what would it mean to lose a picture of a loved one, so we put the biggest priority on people before tech.
  • We offer the best labor and to do that we should also supply the best quality replacement parts. So we focus on quality in any job we do.
  • Everybody says they love what they are doing… At least in front of their boss, right 😁 We really mean it! We work with passion and we love fixing things, helping customers getting things done. I think all of us at some age played some puzzle games right? Do you remember the satisfaction after completing the puzzle and looks gorgeous already! That is the exact feeling what we have after fixing your smartphone, computer, or any other electronic device!
  • Technology is constantly innovating. We can’t just keep working on what we did last year. There are new devices, new models every other year even months. We keep up with the technology always. We know the core knowledge of fixing things, replacing parts, etc. There are electric cars and even Apple making (or already made when you read this page) one. So this industry must go on. All of us need the competition of affordable quality service in any industry!