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We save you time and money by providing quick, affordable, and stress-free Apple MacBook Repair services. We don’t charge you to change your whole apple computer just because one of the parts isn’t working. The technicians at the Phone and Computer are trained to perform all MacBook repairs, upgrades, screen replacements, and more. There’s not much we can’t fix. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Brantley H. | Plantation

Apple MacBook LCD Screen Repair


Apple MacBook Repair First Review Image3.23.2021 Verified

I have had my MacBook for about 6 years without any major problems. I am very happy with my choice to get it repaired by these guys. They were very friendly on the phone and through email, kept me updated on the status of my repair, and even came out to meet me in my area to deliver it back to me (I left my MacBook with them so they could replace it when they receive the LCD replacement piece). My MacBook only took 2 days or so to fix, and it is like new again! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs apple computer screen repair.

Emery J. | Fort Lauderdale

Apple MacBook Operating System Setup


Apple MacBook Repair Second Review Image10.4.2020 Verified

I have been having a very difficult time with my Apple MacBook operating system. I have been trying to get it fully installed for a few weeks now and I have been unsuccessful. But I am so happy that I found your service! In just a few hours, you had my MacBook installed and running!! It is working perfectly, and I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for your help. Thank you so much!!!

Gael C. | Weston

Apple MacBook Repair


Apple MacBook Repair Third Review Image6.4.2019 Verified

My Macbook Pro had a major issue with the hard drive. I was in a panic and needed to get it fixed fast. I took my laptop to a local repair shop for a quote, and they said it would take 2 weeks before they could work on it. Luckily for me, I found this repair shop. They quoted me a very reasonable rate for my hard drive replacement and they were able to get my computer back to me within 48 hours! I highly recommend them if you need an Apple computer repair.

Apple MacBook Repair

The Best Apple MacBook Repair

If you don’t get your MacBook repaired, your productivity and ability to work will be seriously hampered – if not halted completely. The idea of having your MacBook repaired by a third-rate service provider is just as bad. You need a company that can cater to all your needs – Apple MacBook Repair, among other things. That’s what we offer here at PhoneAndComputer. The best of the best in terms of quality Apple MacBook Repair services at low prices. At our repair shop, you will be greeted by our friendly, experienced technicians. Our repair professionals are trained to repair MacBooks quickly and affordably to get your devices back in working order. Constantly being distracted from your work by a faulty MacBook? Your MacBook can be one of the highest expenses when it comes to working from home. So, when you know you’ll need to use your laptop for long hours, don’t risk your financial well-being and security by skipping this vital repair job. Our expert technicians have years of experience in Apple MacBook Repair. We only use the highest quality parts in every repair job to ensure that you get a fully functional laptop that’s just as good as new.

Apple MacBook Screen Replacements

Apple MacBook Screen Replacements Image

Our Apple certified technicians provide high quality MacBook Screen Replacements onsite. No need to bring your laptop far away from you. We travel to you and fix any damaged screen the same day at the location of your choice. We stand by our work and offer insurances on all repairs for customer satisfaction. We have been providing MacBook screen replacements with rapid turnaround. We provide speedy solutions to resolve any issues you have with your Apple computer, including hardware and software issues that may not be included in Apple’s limited warranty. In fact, most of our customers prefer to leave their computers with us overnight. MacBook screen replacement is one of the most common repair services. We offer high-quality parts and workmanship to make your screens look new again. We can make your Apple products look like they just came out of the box, for less than you think. Our expert technicians can handle screen replacements and other MacBook related hardware and software issues. We offer fast and efficient MacBook services and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the perfect solution for your device. apple macbook screen repair, Being caught out by a cracked screen on your MacBook. The last thing you want is for your work to be interrupted by something as minor as a cracked screen, right? At the first sign of trouble, you’re looking for someone you can trust to get it fixed fast. We offer an all-around MacBook Screen Replacements service that you can book online or over the phone. Our skilled technicians come to you at a time that suits you and will diagnose your issue there and then before getting it fixed quickly. We can replace the screen on your MacBook, no matter how badly damaged it is, so no job is ever too big or too small for us.

Virus Cleaning or Spyware Removal Service for Apple MacBook Computers

Virus Cleaning or Spyware Removal Service for Apple MacBook Computers Image

Get a Virus Cleaning for apple MacBooks repair with guaranteed satisfaction at a repair shop that specializes in virus removal from all models of Apple MacBooks. All services are performed by an experienced technician. With over 15 years of experience, we use advanced and specialized techniques and electronic tools to remove viruses and malware from all types of Apple computers. Our Virus Cleaning for apple MacBooks technicians utilizes leading-edge hardware and software technology to ensure you receive full data integrity. You can wipe your computer, but sometimes viruses just won’t go away. And then you need Virus Cleaning for apple MacBooks service at a repair shop you trust. Our technicians are prepared to get your system cleaned up, so you can get back to doing what matters. The Virus Cleaning for apple MacBooks service at Viruses Off Computer Repair offers significant benefits to Apple users who want virus cleaning on their Apple MacBook. Apple users can rest easy knowing that their Apple equipment is safe from viruses with the Apple Virus Cleaning service. Virus Cleaning for apple MacBooks is a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed service where we can remove viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malware from apple MacBooks and mac air or MacBook pro and fix the same day or next business day service. apple macbook repair locations, Spyware removal service for apple MacBooks, being the best choice around Florida, provides all-in-one services for an extensive range of virus removal issues that affect Apple MacBooks. Malware infections on your Apple MacBook can be a pain. Virus Cleaning for apple mac computers will get rid of it and help you be up and running again as soon as possible. We understand how important your data is to you, so getting you back on track as soon as possible is our number one priority.

Apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive Replacements

Apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive Replacements Image

Does your Apple MacBook have a bad hard disk drive? Apple warranties all its hardware for one year. That should be enough time to repair or replace any problem that pops up. Well… It’s not! There’s a huge backlog of MacBooks waiting to get their hard disks replaced and we know how bad it can be when you don’t have a working computer at home or office. Accept no substitutes and wait no more! Choose us the phoneandcomputer.com and we’ll fix your MacBook faster than most of our competitors. You can call us the best Apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive Replacement Service in town. It can be frustrating when you’re forced into buying a brand new Apple computer just because its hard disk drive has gotten corrupted. Technology can be your best friend, but more often than not, it is your worst enemy. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by having our professional Apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive Replacement Service Company to get replaced the hard disk drive on your Apple MacBook computer. Apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive Replacement Service is the only solution that troubleshoots the whole purpose of your need. Even when you are in very little time to deal with things, this service proves all the handiest. apple macbook hard disk drive replacement, We have Technical knowledge about all kinds of problems in relation to the Apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive Replacement Service. This includes what to do if your MacBook doesn’t boot up or if it has no sound or it won’t start up or you get the black screen of death/ blue screen of death error messages on booting etc.

Apple MAC Operating System Installations

Apple MAC Operating System Installations Image

Your pride and joy are a necessity for your small business! Without it, it’s impossible to do your job. However, one day, your MAC crashes – the worst thing that could happen. While the auto-recovery function may save you from the total crisis (for now), there is no guarantee that such a valuable piece of hardware will survive another crash. Yikes! Rest assured! Our Apple MAC Operating System Installation Service can fix your problem that causes Macs to crash and we can help protect your Mac from further damage same day at your location office or house 7 days a week. We support and help any version of Apple Mac computers and any versions of MAC OSX from leopard to the most brand new one’s today. You could be late for work because of the long queue for Apple MAC Operating System Installation Service. The long queue for Mac OS installation service has frustrated you several times in the past. Quit queuing at the Apple MAC store, or get your Mac fixed by visiting us. Our team of experts could fix your Mac the same day within hours. Over the years, as Apple MAC Operating System software improves and as MAC computers become more and more popular, the problem of how to install these systems on your new machine becomes ever more pressing. Every day we receive calls from people who bought a brand new device that required an operating system installation, only to find that the store where they bought their computer did not offer this service, and neither did anyone else they asked. We specialize in Apple MAC Operating System installation and we do everything necessary so you can get back online as quickly as possible. apple macbook repair near me, Apple MAC operating systems are notoriously slow. If you don’t do them right, they can cause your whole system to crash. They say time is money; if your computer is taking forever to boot (like what Apple MAC OS does), you’re wasting both. Let Apple MAC PC Repair Shop solve all the Apple MAC Operating System installation problems you’re having! We offer services to fix any Apple MAC operating system issues you may have, whether the problem is with your hard drive, RAM memory space (page faults), or your Wi-Fi connection (slow or lost connection). Call us today!

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Apple MacBook Repairs

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Apple MacBook Repairs

Your MacBook is not working and you are probably thinking fixing it yourself or taking it to an Apple Store will be too expensive. How much time do you have to fix your MacBook? You know that you will have to take it to the nearest Apple Store, get an appointment and see a technician right? Now ask yourself how much time do I have? We are a local Mac repair shop located conveniently in your local town, offering the most affordable solutions – same-day repair services. Our warranty with no deductible will assure you peace of mind. We can come to you and fix your Apple computer at your location or you may bring it in for repair. Give us a call today!

Mobile Apple MacBook Repair Services

Don’t throw out your MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Mini when you receive the ”white screen of death”. We repair faulty Apple MacBook and most other computer brands to get you back up and running in no time. ”Does the work really get done?” is asked all too often from the guy whose friend told him about the amazing repair place that can fix everything and sell it back at an affordable price. Let us prove you wrong with our best Apple computer repair services possible.

Apple MacBook Repairs

Apple products are over-priced and you shouldn’t fix them if it isn’t broken. Does your Mac need urgent repair? Do you know how expensive Apple products come with their repairs? (When they are actually reachable). Why don’t you give a chance to Apple MacBook Repair Experts at your location? Sometimes accidents happen without any warning or reason. You need computer repair services, but you’re worried about the cost of expensive repair shops. Our Apple MacBook Repair Services at an Affordable Price.

Apple MacBook Repair Near Me

Apple MacBook Repair Near Me

If your Mac is not working, you are not able to use it for work or if you are stuck in any other issues with your MacBook, then and there you should need expert help. Sometimes your Mac might crash because of software issues, bad sector, or by virus attack. Most of the time, this problem appears suddenly, which gives you more trouble to resolve. This is why you need an expert to get back up and running with your Mac as soon as possible. We have a team of experts who have years of experience in Apple MacBook Repair services. All our certified engineers are available at your location. We fix all types of problems on the spot so that you can continue using your Mac without facing any delay.

7 Days Open Apple MacBook Repair Shop

You need your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro repaired but too expensive to ship the Mac to Apple and wait for the repair. Take a look at what our quick and easy Apple PC repair services can provide for you. We specialize in high-quality repair for MacBooks and all Apple Macs, as well as part upgrades for your Mac. We offer free diagnostics and free pick-up service so get your broken Mac fixed today!

Apple MacBook Repair Shop at Your Location

Apple encourages its customers to go to the official stores for repair but most of the time the going there is more expensive than buying new hardware. Besides, going to an official store takes time, what if you have a job that requires you to use your computer? You can count on us if you need any quick repairs on your Apple Computer. You can send us your machine and we will repair it while you are taking care of your daily activities. We will charge you a competitive price, with affordable service packages which make us one of the best repair shops.

Most Common Apple MacBook Repairs

Mac repairs can cost you a fortune, not to mention that without your beloved computer, you can hardly get anything done. But sometimes repairs just need to be done. Here at our Apple MacBook repair service, we are customer-centric and provide the best repair services for your broken Apple products. Our technicians at Apple MacBook Repair are specially trained for all makes and models of Apple MacBooks and are ready to serve you on a 7 days basis. We are a repair shop that offers the most affordable and professional Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini Repair services at your location. Our services include Hard drive replacement, Retina screen repair, water damage repair, fan replacement, battery replacement or upgrade, and much more… find macbook repair near me

LCD Screen Replacement for Apple MacBooks

LCD Screen Replacement for Apple MacBooks

It’s very inconvenient when the LCD Screen of your MacBook needs to be replaced. It may become expensive because of its service fee, as well as time-consuming if you have to wait in line for hours before getting an appointment with tech support. We aim to resolve this by providing the best and most affordable LCD screen replacement for Apple Macbooks at your location. There are no additional expenses for you because we will send the technician directly to your doorstep. We offer a great solution for those who want their Apple MacBooks back working within no time! You simply tell us when you need it, and our technician will go directly to your door to provide high-quality LCD screen replacement services. We are already in several states across the US and we are also ready to help customers in FL.

lcd screen replacement for apple macbooks

Apple MAC Operating System Installations

Apple MAC Operating System Installations

You may have had a bad experience or have never used Apple MAC Operating System Installations before and need to find the right company for the job. Having worked with hundreds of customers over many years we aim to get you up and running again in no time by giving you a clear straightforward quote price. We fix all problems with Apple MAC Operating System Installations including data recovery, data transfer, virus removals, and much more. This can be at your home or office location. We are also one step ahead of our competitors as we offer you the best price if you want to extend your Apple MAC Operating System Installations warranty services through us! Please use our mac repair shop services if you want great value for money and overall excellent customer service.

apple mac operating system installations

Office Software Installations for Apple Computers

Office Software Installations for Apple Computers

It takes a long time before the office software is up and running. There’s always something, isn’t there? Where to find reliable Mac repair, where you really feel you can trust the experts examining your Mac, whose professionalism and expertise lets you see all options for your computer, who can guarantee their work with a 100% transparent pricing structure that everyone understands? We deliver professional and affordable Office Software Installations for Apple MacBooks at your location.

office software installations for apple computers

SSD Drive Upgrade Replacement for Apple Computers

SSD Drive Upgrade Replacement for Apple Computers

If you are worried that your laptop is not running at its full potential, or it is simply just very slow. For the best value for money SSD Drive Upgrade Replacement for Apple MacBooks, our repair shop will remove your existing hard drive and replace it with a brand new solid-state drive, this upgrade involves smoothing down the edges of your new disk, removal the dust and we also perform a secure format. The replacement process is quick and effortless. You can either opt for us to do the work onsite or if you would like to do it yourself then we can do everything in our power to assist you. We have over ten years experience in all makes of laptops and desktops. At SSD Drive Upgrade Replacement for Apple MacBooks, all upgrades, replacements, and repairs are performed on-site.

ssd drive upgrade replacement for apple computers

Memory (RAM) Upgrade for All Apple MacBook & iMac Computers

Memory (RAM) Upgrade for All Apple MacBook & iMac Computers

You are looking for a cost-effective Memory (RAM) Upgrade for your Apple MacBooks to improve your PC’s functionality and performance. Have slow speed, freezing/crashing, and other issues with your MacBook. Our services guarantee that your MacBook will run faster than ever and you get peace of mind without experiencing any hassle. Score! We’re here to provide the best service to our clients. Our crew of techs are experts on Memory (RAM) Upgrade for Apple MacBooks. They have years of experience in repairing laptops and we offer our service at an affordable price. Memory (RAM) Upgrades can improve the performance of your Apple laptop significantly, therefore, improving the overall experience.

memory upgrade for all apple macbook computers

Any Other Repairs for Apple MacBook / iMac Computers

Any Other Repairs for Apple MacBook / iMac Computers

We are a professional Apple MacBook Repair Store. We only use Genuine Apple Parts for repairs because we don’t compromise on the quality of service. We have fixed various hardware faults on all MacBook models like hard drive replacement, battery replacement, liquid spill damage, broken screen repair, and much more. Our Apple Repair Services include broken LCD screen repair, battery replacement, hard drive data recovery, and much more. We have certified technicians to help you with any MacBook or MacBook Air issues.

apple macbook repair near me