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We come to you 7 days a week! We offer mobile repair services at your location in Plantation. We the ”Phone and Computer Plantation” here to offer the most affordable, professional, and best services possible. Our most common services are Cell phone repairs such as; Apple iPhone repair and Samsung Galaxy repair. Computer repairs such as; Apple MacBook repair and Microsoft Windows computer repair (laptop or desktop). Tablet repairs such as; Apple iPad, Android tablets, or Microsoft Surface tablets. You may see how we got our name as ”Phone and Computer Plantation. We have online, instant pre-pricing for our services. Just select the device and service you need using our website (menu at above or devices by below) and you may see prices and simply schedule a technician using our easy and fast online appointment system. It is FREE to get an appointment. We don’t charge any extra for coming to your location. Our closest dispatch location will respond to you within minutes. Thank you for your interest in our services and welcome to our family-owned business where you will find a friendly technician and a loyal shop who fulfill your needs.

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Phone and Computer Plantation

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150 S Pine Island Rd
Plantation, FL 33324

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(954) 995-8417

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7 Days a Week | 8am to 9pm

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We the Phone and Computer Plantation got your phone and computers covered for any surprises that may happen. We can be in your office within hours or in your home to fix your computer the way it should be fixed. When you need a phone repair or a computer repair service, don’t delay – call us today! We are the Best! Work with the Best!

Because You Deserve The Best!

Aliyana G. | Plantation

iPhone Repair


iPhone Repair in Plantation Review Image5.14.2021 Verified

I had my broken iPhone repaired here in Plantation about a month ago, and I was very pleased with the service. The price was extremely reasonable – much cheaper than Apple would have charged for the same repair. The staff is friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. I will definitely be coming back to Phone and Computer Plantation again if I need any other repairs.

Darryl J. | Plantation

iPad Repair


iPad Repair in Plantation Review Image6.13.2020 Verified

Recently I dropped my iPad and broke the screen on it. Since I had the insurance on my iPad I figured I could get it fixed by Apple. Well, that was not the case because they could not even replace the screen without replacing the whole iPad. So, I called around and found this repair business in Plantation and he said he could fix the screen and didn’t even charge extra labor to clean it! The best part is his price was better than anyone in Plantation and he would come to me to fix it! All of the other places told me to come and drop it off.

Viola L. | Plantation

Computer Repair


Computer Repair in Plantation Review Image3.24.2019 Verified

I was in need of a computer repair for my laptop. I searched for Computer Repair in Plantation on google, found the best one and I got it fixed the same day! The price was $45 which was much cheaper than I thought it would be. The technician was very professional and kind, he answered all of my questions and even helped me learn a little about computers to help me understand what was going on with my laptop.

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Phone and Computer Plantation FL

We the ”Phone and Computer Plantation” offer Same Day Repair Services at your location, we come to your place the same day and fix at your location within minutes, this is the most convenient service ever possible in Plantation. Phone and Computer Plantation Do you know the best part of it? There is NO EXTRA FEE for a mobile repair service at your location. Rather our prices are even much better than almost all of the electronics repair shops in Plantation.

Cell Phone Repair in Plantation

Coming to PhoneAndComputer to fix your cell phone is like watching one of those great comedies where all the characters are in some kind of jam and you’re sitting on the edge of your seat yelling at the TV. Only this time you’re not shouting at the screen, you’re talking to our extremely talented and professional technicians. They are going to get your phone back in top-notch shape, leaving you happy and smiling about your newfound friends here. Our business is all about changing your life, not just fixing your phone. Cell phone repair in Plantation Let us show you the difference! It’s a lot of cash you risk losing every time your phone breaks or malfunctions. Not to mention, the time and stress of getting around without a handset. To make things easier we’ve put together a service on our website. Just enter the info and we will get back to you within hours with an estimation and repair price.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

If you’ve ever had an accident with your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone then you know what it feels like when you see the screen smashed. In addition to the broken display, your phone can stop functioning. Sometimes, you might even have to replace your whole unit. Being able to move around with a mobile device has become essential in this age of always-connected lifestyle. That is why having a touchscreen phone or tablet equipped with advanced features is so important to many people. Samsung Galaxy repair in Plantation Get your Samsung Galaxy fixed on the same day and get back up and running fast. The pain of damaged, broken, or cracked Android devices. Galaxy repair can be quite costly, especially if it’s an unsalvageable device. Sometimes you might be tempted to throw your device in the bin. Our trustworthy and experienced repair techs can offer you a far better solution. Try us today!

iPhone Repair in Plantation

Do you have an Apple iPhone that has broken? Come to our conveniently located store in your local town to have it fixed by the same people who made it! We have 15+ years of experience fixing iPhones. Our certified technicians at PhoneAndComputer have fixed millions of phones. If you are looking for factory authorized repair, quality craftsmanship, and the best customer service, then you have come to the right place. At Phone&Computer, we repair all major and minor problems with your Apple iPhone, at your location. Apple iPhone repair in Plantation We always guarantee our work as well, so if you are not completely satisfied with your repair, we will give you a full refund. Need your Apple iPhone device repaired? Head over to our shop today! Our master technicians are able to fix most Apple iPhone models using factory parts and tools.

iPad Repair in Plantation

Looking for professional and fast iPad repair at the most affordable price? Apple is a great company and produces great products. But like any other product, sometimes something can go wrong. No matter the issue you are having with your iPad, from water damage to home button problems, our experts can quickly diagnose and fix it for you at an affordable price. Apple iPad repair in Plantation Having to carry your iPad around with a smashed screen? Not even safe. And paying a fortune to a local Apple store? Most definitely not. If you need to have your iPad or iPhone fixed in the next hour, we can send one of our mobile technicians to you within the hour for affordable & professional repairs.

Computer Repair in Plantation

Computer repair in Plantation is one of our most requested services and with good reason. If you are having a problem with your computer or laptop, we will repair it. Our team of professionals has been trained to handle any issue that may arise from the hardware or software on your PC. We will assess the problem and let you know what the cost to repair it is. If you choose to have us perform the work, we will get started right away at your location. We understand that these kinds of repairs can be stressful and frustrating, but we do our best to make it as painless as possible for you. One of our technicians can travel to your home, place of business, or IT department for onsite service if needed. Our goal is to make sure your computer problems go away without any hassle on your part.

Microsoft Windows Desktop & Laptop Repair

Is your Microsoft Windows desktop or laptop not working properly? Are you frustrated by Windows errors? Maybe the screen is cracked and you cannot read anything. Whether it is the screen, an operating system error, or a random error message appearing on your computer’s desktop, we have you covered! Simply use this contact form to send us a message, give us a call, or get an appointment on our website. We are a Microsoft Windows desktop and laptop repair in Plantation shop located in south FL. Do you have a desktop or laptop that is running slow, doesn’t work, or just needs maintenance? Contact us today for same day service at your location. Our Microsoft Windows desktop and laptop repair experts are here to get your computer up and running in no time.

MacBook Repair in Plantation

You’ve left your MacBook or MacBook Pro out of its case and it has been accidentally dropped, hit, or damaged in some other way and now you need a MacBook repair. This can be a pain for any professional especially for a student who relies on their computer for work and study. Apple MacBook repair in Plantation If your MacBook is having another issue, our technicians can fix it all. Having your Mac go a bit wrong is not the end of the world, but it sure spoils your day. You’re working on an important email or document and suddenly – pop! You look over to your Mac. All the images are corrupted on the screen. Apple MacBook repair – we can help you with sudden problems and accidents.

Apple Computers & iMac Repair

When an Apple Computer has issues, we’re the economical and reliable professionals to call. MacBooks, desktops, and iMacs on the fritz? Our A+ rated PhoneAndComputer technicians are dedicated to repairing Apple computers with extreme care to provide you with the best service possible. Apple Computers & iMac repair in Plantation It sounds like I’m bragging, but it’s not about us. It’s about your computer. We used to repair computers, remember those heavy tower computers for the years… We have been fixing the very first Macintosh that CRT monitor computer we all making fun of it nowadays. But it was a revolutionary computer back then. We have been fixing computers since the very first hard disk drives and ram memories.

Virtual Reality and Metaverse!

Virtual reality is something that most of us may have thought was only a far-off dream. Virtual Reality is the next wave in online video games. It’s going to change everything. Technology is evolving and improving quicker than we can imagine. Maybe our distant children’s grandchildren will consider it normal to go watch in Virtual Reality (VR) a movie watched by hundreds of millions of people from all around the world. Virtual Reality has been around for a long time, and there have been many failed attempts at making it a success. For example, Nintendo released the Virtual Boy in 1995, but it was discontinued just 3 short years later due to poor response from the public. Since then, VR has been on a hiatus for nearly two decades until Facebook decided to give it another shot. Virtual reality has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until recent years that its ability to entertain has gamed the attention of millions of people. This technology is beginning to make its way into our daily lives, and this opens a door in which very few have trod. We’re seeing the implementation of virtual reality in medical settings, military training settings, as well as a variety of entertainment-related fields. Metaverse is a parallel universe to ours and currently exists in the form of a blockchain. In Metaverse, one can own unique identities (avatars) and create or edit the content on the blockchain for eternity. Metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform that allows users to create their own Avatars and explore different virtual worlds. This is made possible through revolutionary blockchain technology, where all items regarding the Avatar and its movement (gait, rendering of 3D objects, animation) are recorded onto the blockchain ledger. The use of decentralized servers will ensure that all items are securely stored away from hackers and bogus sellers, whilst providing everything to the user at no cost. If you would like to have that type of system at your home, we can help to upgrade your computer, give you a proper setup, or if you already have a VR headset that needs repair, we Phone And Computer Plantation are here to offer our best services possible.

Directions for Plantation, FL Location

We Phone And Computer Plantation offer repair services at your location in Plantation. It is very easy to reach us out, best way is to get an appointment on our Plantation location website by simply following our repair tunnel. You may also simply give us a call and we will help you over the phone as well. Our Plantation technicians may not exist at the location since we go to our customers’ locations all day long. If you are coming from; North I95 to us; Take FL-842 W/W Broward Blvd to SW 84th Ave in Plantation, Head south on I-95 S, Take exit 27 for FL-842/Broward Blvd toward Downtown, Keep right at the fork and merge onto FL-842 W/W Broward Blvd, Pass by Checkers (on the right in 0.6 mi), Continue on SW 84th Ave, Turn left onto SW 84th Ave, Turn right onto SW 2nd St, Turn right, Turn left we will be on the right.

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