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Your device is in safe hands with us. We Computer Repair in Davie are committed to quickly fixing your device. Our quickest laptop repairs are done within an hour, typically within a couple of hours. You won’t find a better place to repair your broken apple macbook. We listen to the needs of our customers and we answer them accordingly. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Leigha A. | Davie

Computer Screen Repair in Davie


Computer Repair in Davie First Review Image2.17.2021 Verified

I had my computer screen repaired in Davie, and I’m so glad I did. They are fast, affordable, and professional. It took less than 10 minutes, and my computer is working better than ever! Thank You so much

Judy J. | Davie

Computer Battery Replacement in Davie


Computer Repair in Davie Second Review Image3.10.2020 Verified

I have worked with to replace my laptops batteries. Both times they have provided excellent service, at a very fair price. They are very responsive and really care about their customers. I highly recommend them for any laptop repair needs in Davie!

Amar A. | Davie

Computer Repair in Davie


Computer Repair in Davie Third Review Image12.10.2019 Verified

I have known Ken for more than 2 years now. I have seen him work with computers and laptops and he is very well versed in that field. Not only has he fixed my computer problems in Davie, but has also given me advice on how to keep my machine running smoothly. He also gives me advice on what programs and updates to install and not to install (the bad ones). He is always available when I need him, even if it’s at the spur of the moment.

Computer Repair in Davie

The Best Computer Repair in Davie

We are a computer repair shop in Davie that offers same day the most affordable and professional Computer Repair in Davie, Apple MacBook Repair, and Microsoft Windows Laptop Repair services at your location. Get an appointment today. Troubleshooting is all we do. We’re not in the business of selling you new computers or trying to get you to download documents or install software on a machine in your office while we uninstall software on your home computer. We just fix them. We can repair almost all laptop brands like Dell, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, IBM Lenovo, and any other laptop brands within a few hours at your home or place of business. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who have years of experience in this industry and have fixed thousands of laptops for our satisfied customers throughout the United States and Canada. Our service areas include – Same Day Onsite Computer Repair Services for all major Brands Nationwide – Apple MacBook Service & Repair – Desktop Computer Repair in Davie – Laptop Repair Services – Data Recovery Services – iPhone Repair Services – iPad Repair Services – Microsoft Windows PC & Laptop Repairs.

Computer Screen Replacements in Davie

Computer Screen Replacements in Davie Image

As a laptop repair company, we provide quality onsite services that include computer virus removal, laptop screen repair, and many other services. Get a same day appointment for macbook screen repair in Davie today! Our technicians are highly trained in all areas of laptop repair. Tired of paying for expensive repair shops and not getting your computer back for days or even weeks. We attempt to correct the problem over the phone but if we cannot fix it immediately, we will dispatch an expert to your location to handle the issue. We have been fixing computers since 2006 and have gained a lot of knowledge in this field. We are committed to giving you the service that you deserve. We provide quick, reliable, and affordable LCD screen repair services for all Apple MacBook models. Our certified technicians will repair your laptop screen at your home or office. Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot perform walk-in repairs. Service availability varies by location. Please call ahead to confirm service availability. Same day laptop screen repair in Davie services are available. What is LCD Screen Repair? LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and is an advanced technology that uses a combination of crystals and light to display images on a computer monitor or television screen. While this technology is considered to be advanced, it can still break down over time. When this happens, it is necessary to have your screen repaired as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you do not lose any data or have any interruptions with the use of your computer or television monitor. We offer same day computer screen repair in Davie at your location. computer screen repair in davie, Professional Computer Screen Repair in Davie, Apple MacBook LCD Screen Repair, and Microsoft Windows Laptop LCD Screen Repair Services at Your Location. We are a local computer repair shop that provides same day service for all major brands of laptops and computers. If your laptop is under warranty and has a cracked or broken screen we will replace it for free. If your laptop is out of warranty, we will provide you with a very affordable quote and if you decide to have us fix your laptop screen, we will be out to your home or business the same day.

Computer Water Damage Repair in Davie

Computer Water Damage Repair in Davie Image

Water damage repair is one of the most common issues with electronics. Any liquid that comes in contact with an electronic device, such as a laptop computer or an iPhone, will cause irreversible damage if left unchecked. The reason for this is simply because water conducts electricity like no other liquid can. When you place your laptop in a bathtub, the water comes into contact with all of the circuit boards and other electrical components. It then proceeds to conduct electricity through them, causing immediate damage. MacBook and Windows Laptop Computer Water Damage Repair in Davie services. If you have recently been affected by water damage, our team at MacBook and Windows Laptop Computer Water Damage Repair in Davie can help you restore your device back to working condition as quickly as possible. We have fixed thousands of computers caused by various sources of water damage throughout the years and we understand what it takes to get your device functioning properly again. Trying to repair your device yourself? We understand that some people may want to attempt to fix their MacBook or Windows Laptop Computer Water Damage Repair in Davie themselves before bringing it in for professional service. This is not recommended. Most people do not have the proper tools needed for repairs and attempting to open up your computer only makes things worse, as you risk doing more harm than good. computer repair shop in davie, We perform a quick assessment of your device to determine the best way to proceed with the MacBook and Windows Laptop Computer Water Damage Repair. We provide a free quote on-site and pay for all parts, labor, and travel expenses. Troubleshooting is also provided in your home or office. Tablet water damage repair in Davie We are available anytime, 365 days per year to get your machine working like new again. We repair all types of water damage including: — Liquid spilled into your laptop – coffee, soda, juice, beer, etc. — Spilled liquid on the keyboard – coffee, soda, juice, beer, etc. — Submerged in water or liquid – bathtub, toilet, sink — Dropped in the swimming pool or beach.

Computer Battery Replacements in Davie

Computer Battery Replacements in Davie Image

If you are looking for a reliable Apple computer repair service then look no further. We have been providing computer repair services to the South Florida area for over 15 years. Computer battery replacement in Davie Our goal is to provide you and your Apple computer with the best service available. With our mission statement of providing quality, professional, and timely service to our customers, we can guarantee you will be happy with our level of service. Our MacBook and Windows Laptop Computer Battery Replacement in Davie services include 1. Basic hardware diagnostics: We run a few tests on your laptop to see if there are any other problems that may be contributing to the issue. This can help us determine whether or not it is a battery problem. 2. Remove and replace the battery: Once we determine it is a battery problem we will remove the old battery, replace it with a brand new one in most cases and then test your computer to ensure all is working properly before returning it to you. 3. Conditioning: If your new battery doesn’t seem to be holding its charge as long as it used to, it may be time for conditioning. Computer battery replacement in Davie This process involves running your battery completely down until all power is gone from the battery and then charging fully without interruption overnight at least three times in a row so that your battery gets fully expanded and ready to use. computer battery replacement in davie, Have you ever been to the Apple Store and paid a ridiculous fee for an iPhone battery replacement because you were ”out of warranty”? Are you tired of tracking down your old computer model just to find out they don’t make that battery anymore? I know your pain. Computer battery replacement in Davie As someone who has bought two MacBook Pro laptops over the years, I have learned the importance of finding a good place to take care of a computer and its needs.

Computer Charging Port Replacements in Davie

Computer Charging Port Replacements in Davie Image

The most common reason for a laptop computer not charging is that the charging port has failed. Computer charging port replacement in Davie This can be due to physical damage, such as liquid contact or dropping the laptop. It can also be due to general wear and tear from daily use. A variety of conditions can lead to a broken charging port on a laptop computer. These conditions include Physical damage The most common cause of a broken charging port is physical damage. Computer charging port replacement in Davie If the cable was moved or bent at an angle, eventually the pins inside would break or bend out of place. Wear and tear Normally, the prongs on the end of the charging cable bend slightly after being inserted into the charging port multiple times. Each time they are bent, they become less sturdy and more prone to breaking if they are bent in any other direction. Computer charging port replacement in Davie This problem can be compounded if a device is dropped while being charged, causing even more stress on the pins in the charging port. Trying to force a wire with too large of diameter into a port that is too small will also break the internal pins in most cases. Improper installation Incorrectly installing an additional battery or improper use of an external battery pack can also damage your laptop’s charging ports. computer repair near me in davie, We always try to provide our customers with quality repair services at reasonable prices. Our Laptop Computer Charging Port Replacement in Davie service offers the same day service for your laptop. We can get your computer up and running in no time. We are a professional repair shop that offers the best services at an affordable rate.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Computer Repair in Davie

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Computer Repair in Davie

We have experienced staff that can answer your questions and provides great advice. Stop by today or book online with an appointment scheduled at a time that works great for you. We are a repair shop that offers professional Computer Repair in Davie, Microsoft Windows Laptop Repair, and Apple MacBook Repair services on the same day. Get an appointment today at our website. Are you having issues with your computer? Do you have a problem with your internet browser? Is your portable device not working as it should be? Don’t worry because you can always rely on our top-notch Computer Repair, Apple MacBook Repair, and Microsoft Windows Laptop Repair services.

Mobile Computer Repair in Davie

We are a repair shop that provides same-day and total care services for all types of computers, printers, televisions, and surveillance systems in addition to Apple MacBook and Microsoft Windows Laptop Repair. Our team of dedicated professionals possesses over 15+ years of experience repairing electronics to ensure every need is met on time, every time. Need a computer repair in Davie, MacBook, or laptop repair? We offer our services at an unbeatable price and some of the best in the business.

Laptop Repair in Davie

Our technicians are trained to offer the most affordable and high-quality computer repair in Davie services in your area. We stand by our name, offering the fastest Computer Repair services at locations near you. Don’t let a broken computer slow you down, get it repaired today! No need to spend more time cleaning things up than you spent breaking them. We can fix your Windows Laptop, Apple MacBook, or Microsoft Surface Pro within a day.

Computer Repair Near Me in Davie

Computer Repair Near Me in Davie

Here are some tips for backing up everything on your computer: Pick an external storage device. You can use any USB-compatible storage device for backing up your computers, such as a flash drive or external hard drive. It doesn’t have to be big — just enough space to hold the data from your internal storage. (For example, if you have 2 GB of music on your computer, you’ll need an external drive that covers everything you may need in that computer backup process. Want to save time & money? Not sure where to turn for reliable laptop repair, computer repair services, and upgrades? Call now to set up an appointment. Let our trained technicians repair your computer in the comfort of your home or office. Avoid the hassle of taking your computer to the store and waiting for days for a simple repair. We are a family-owned and operated computer repair in Davie offering personalized service for your peace of mind.

7 Days Open Computer Repair Shop in Davie

Avoid the hustle and bustle of driving around town looking for a Computer Repair in Davie shop. Just call us or fill out our online form. Whatever your need, we can fix your computer for you. Our team of technicians works on all major brands Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Toshiba. When you come to us with a problem we make sure that you are our number one priority, we do not want to take your money and give you substandard service.

Computer Repair Shop in Davie

SAME DAY SERVICE! We are a repair service in South Florida that offers same day services to any and all of your computer problems. If you’re having problems with your laptop, desktop, or any other device, we can help. We serve at your location and offer the most affordable and professional Computer, Apple MacBook, and Microsoft Windows Laptop Repair services. Troubled with computer viruses, can’t connect to Wi-Fi, desktop freezes, or hard drive failure? Get your computer back on track by calling our computer repair in Davie shop to fix your computer. We specialize in Apple MacBook repair and Microsoft Windows laptop repair. Call us for same day service at your location.

Most Common Computer Repairs in Davie

When you want to hire the most affordable and efficient computer repair in Davie, come to us. We believe in honesty, integrity, and most of all professionalism in every aspect of our work. You will not be misled by pushy sales tactics or hidden fees. Our computer repair in Davie team of certified technicians provides the most affordable, and professional computer repair in Davie town. Our mission is to help you fix your computer issues without you ever having to leave your house or business. Let us help you today! find laptop screen repair in davie

MacBook Screen Repair in Davie

MacBook Screen Repair in Davie

You know that sinking feeling that comes when you realize your screen is broken? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Apple MacBook Screen Repair problems are pretty common. Many people are hesitant to do anything about messes like these because they think it will take a ton of time and money to get it back in the state you need it in. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We offer same day service, and some of our repair options only take fifteen minutes to complete! Forget paying the high cost of the Apple MacBook Screen Repair in Davie, if you bring your screen repair into our shop. We are a professional laptop screen repair shop. We are offering same-day service, including all weekend and holiday appointments.

macbook screen repair in davie

Laptop Screen Repair in Davie

Laptop Screen Repair in Davie

Whether you’ve cracked the screen of your laptop, dropped it, or simply find that your LCD monitor has gone black and white — no one wants to be forced to live without their computer. Yet this is exactly what so many consumers have experienced when seeking laptop screen repair. There are countless companies offering a variety of solutions for your laptop repair needs. We hope we can become your go to resource for Microsoft Windows Laptop Screen Repair in Davie.

laptop screen repair in davie

Computer Memory Replacement in Davie

Computer Memory Replacement in Davie

You’ve got a Mac, but you can’t get more done faster. Though it’s not your fault. Your computer has a problem that you don’t know how to solve and you can’t afford to take it in to see the expensive repair people. We’re the solution. Computer Memory Replacement in Davie You were told that your computer needs memory upgrades to fix its slow performance. I can make that happen for you today. We’re a repair shop offering memory replacement for Apple MacBook, iMac, and Windows Laptop computers. Get an appointment today.

computer memory replacement in davie

Keyboard Replacement in Davie

Keyboard Replacement in Davie

You don’t have to contact your friend to send you a picture of a ticket. Just take a picture of it from the app and we will get it fixed on the next business day. It would cost the same or less as calling your friend for the ticket and paying for a stamp to mail it to us. Our techs are fully trained, professional and provide quality repairs of Apple MacBooks and Microsoft Laptops. Keyboard Replacement in Davie We can replace your laptop keyboard with HP Laptops, Dell Laptops, Macbook Air Laptops, Macbook Pro, Sony Vaio Laptops, Acer Aspire Series, and more. The cost to fix a keyboard is surprisingly affordable and inexpensive.

keyboard replacement in davie

Harddisk Drive Replacement in Davie

Harddisk Drive Replacement in Davie

If you are looking for a Hard disk drive replacement in Davie for laptops and MacBooks, you have come to the right website. At, we guarantee the quality of our work and that we can deliver the right service at a professionally reasonable cost. You can always depend on us whether you want to fix Apple hard disks or Windows drive. Our professional and efficient computer experts are well-experienced in the industry and they can solve even your complex repairs within no time.

harddisk drive replacement in davie

Water Damage Repair for Computers in Davie

Water Damage Repair for Computers in Davie

Don’t just let your laptop die. If you have liquid damage in your local, we are here to help to repair it. Water Damage Repair for Computers in Davie We understand that a liquid damaged computer seems all but lost, but with our water damage repair service we can get your device back in working order and save as much of your data as possible. You find yourself in need of water damage repair due to your dishwasher leaking on your computer, or a drunk friend spilling their drink on your workstation. In either case, chances are, you’re in a little panic looking for someone who can repair your water-damaged computer the same day.

water damage repair for computers in davie