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A successful company is one that does whatever it can to satisfy its customers. We never rest on our laurels and are always doing our best to improve our iPhone XR Other Repairs service. Not only will your iPhone be functioning like new, but you’ll help shape the future of the Phone and Computer. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Gideon A. | Aventura

iPhone XR Other Repairs


iPhone XR Other Repairs First Review Image3.23.2021 Verified

I didn’t know what was the issue with my iPhone XR I had reception on and off constantly. It was really bothering me that sometimes it is gone and I don’t know until someone reaches me until I check it out. It was my reception signal antenna that comes with the charging port circuit that was broken. Thanks to phoneandcomputer that they were able to replace same day at my place.

Nikolas L. | Miami Gardens

iPhone XR Speaker Replacement


iPhone XR Other Repairs Second Review Image10.4.2020 Verified

I got something stuck into the speakers of my iPhone XR and needed to replace the speakers. It was causing some buzzy strange noise whenever someone calls me or I listen to music. They could hear me well but I couldn’t hear anything good. iPhone XR Speaker Replacement was the solution to my problem, thank you

Andi A. | North Miami Beach

iPhone XR Button Replacement


iPhone XR Other Repairs Third Review Image6.4.2019 Verified

I am so pleased with the service I received from these folks. They were very prompt and professional, they do a great job of explaining the pricing and options. And my iPhone XR power button works perfectly. Would definitely use them again!

iPhone XR Other Repairs

The Best iPhone XR Other Repairs

We are Apple products specialized iPhone XR repair shop. We offer camera, microphone, speaker replacement, as well as many other types of repairs. We are committed to excellence by providing the highest quality of service at competitive prices. We can fix the iPhone XR touch screen, auto-focus, microphone, speaker, and camera parts. You can get a free quote before we start the service for you! We replace your broken parts with premium quality brand-new parts. We also complete necessary repairs such as dock connector replacements and much more. Our customer service is the best among the competitors, and we can assure you that our work is high quality and fast. Problems with the quality of your iPhone XR’s sound? Your iPhone can’t playback sound or take pictures? With PhoneAndComputer, the problems are solved! We offer convenient services to fix all iPhone problems including camera, microphone, and speaker. Are you tired of looking at the blurred images you shot with your iPhone? Our services ensure that you will see crystal clear images on your screen!

iPhone XR Less Common Repairs

iPhone XR Less Common Repairs Image

We guarantee professional services tailored to your needs. Our prices are affordable too! If you want to enjoy fast, safe and efficient service, contact us now! iPhone XR’ problems? We’re here to help. Whether your iPhone’s screen won’t turn on, the battery has stopped holding a charge or you’d like to upgrade any of your iPhone’s components, we’ll take care of it. We specialize in repairing broken cameras, microphones, speakers, and more. We fix broken or damaged iPhones including out-of-warranty repairs for a fraction of the replacement cost. Our services include iPhone screen repair, home button repair, camera lens repair service, and other parts replacement. We do small iPhone XR repairs at your location, and we send out larger repairs for customers nationally. If you are having trouble using your iPhone XR’s camera, front facing camera, or the built-in microphone, or maybe you just need a new dock connector or digital signal processor, then bring it into our store for a free estimate. We usually have most parts in stock and will have your iPhone working like new within one business day. iphone xr other repairs, We can also replace the iPhone’s internal speakers to give you better call quality during all of your phone conversations. We are a repair shop that offers iPhone XR camera replacement services for all models of Apple iPhones. We are one of the leading shops to offer these services, often within the same day, and with the highest quality parts.

iPhone XR Camera Replacements

iPhone XR Camera Replacements Image

Losing your beloved iPhone XR camera can be devastating. We’re here to help give it new life through our iPhone XR camera replacement services. Whether your camera is having issues or needs upgraded to make pictures brighter, our team of experienced watchmakers can fix it or replace it for you. Quality services at honest rates are what we pride ourselves on as a family-owned business. Established in 2006, we’re factory authorized to replace iPhone XR cameras. If your iPhone camera is not working as it should, we’ll be happy to diagnose and repair your device caused by an accident. Our phone technicians are adept at fixing iPhones of all varieties, including the oldest iPhones and newest model iPhones and Apple devices. We also offer tips on how to care for your phone and help you learn more about what accessories are available for your device. Use your cellphone camera as a tool to capture memorable moments and create lasting memories by hiring our iPhone camera replacement service. We can replace broken cameras on iPhones with ease, and ensure that both you and your device remain protected from harmful elements. iphone xr repair locations, Help Mom crosses the street safely with a new camera lens, or help Grandma take photos of her grandbabies with a new one. If you have accident-prone friends and family, we can put your mind at ease by keeping their devices protected and functional. When your iPhone Logic Board (Mainboard) fails, it’s game over. Are you planning on spending hundreds of dollars to replace it? That sounds like a bad deal. Do you want to save money instead? We help you minimize the cost of smartphone repair services. We will go through your phone to diagnose the issue and provide an affordable iPhone logic board repair service. The best thing you can do is act now! Call us now so we can tell you how much your repair costs will be. When your iPhone starts acting up, don’t you hate it? Not only is the phone useless but it’s expensive to repair. Most repair shops in the US that offer iPhone XR motherboard repair services will charge you like there is no tomorrow! We know you don’t want to shell out a lot of money for iPhone motherboard repair, let alone wait for weeks or even months for the service to be done.

iPhone XR Microphone Replacement

iPhone XR Microphone Replacement Image

We are a very experienced iPhone repair shop that specializes in iPhone XR microphone replacement services. Our team of certified technicians is here to help you get your iPhone up and running again! Our technicians provide fast and quality services. Here, we devote our skills to the iPhone XR microphone replacement service at a reasonable price. We carry a full stock of spare parts, therefore, our waiting time is short. With an outstanding service attitude and a great reputation, we strive to give perfect customer satisfaction even though there are others who claim they can do it better. We have been offering the best performance at the most reasonable price for years. You will find all of your questions regarding iPhone XR microphone replacement services answered here. We are the best iPhone microphone replacement, service provider. Our experts have been working with iPhones for past years and can help you fix your devices easily. If your microphone is not working, your phone is irritatingly quiet. iphone xr microphone repair, There could be several reasons why your iPhone’s microphone stops working: poor connection, water damage, broken device, and the device has stopped working. Our repair shop offers iPhone microphone replacement services. We will repair and replace the broken parts with a guarantee for functioning properly again. We guarantee quality work and we guarantee customer satisfaction. A new, trendy phone with no headphone jack? Your current headphones don’t work. Totally incompatible with the next generation of phones. And they don’t fit in your favorite old case. Forget about dongles. iPhones are wireless friendly, but dongles are not. They are cumbersome and easily misplaced. And that nag you carry around with you everywhere? The one that reminds you to keep your dongle safely in place? It won’t provide the reminders you need when it comes to keeping track of your dongle! We offer iPhone XR microphone replacement services for all devices, models, and generations, whether the microphone is on or off, onboard or external.

iPhone XR Speaker Replacement

iPhone XR Speaker Replacement Image

You must have wondered what the solution is to the speaker problem on your iPhone. Most people do not know where to search for iPhone XR repair services or how much they should expect to pay. We offer a wide range of services that can solve your problems on the iPhone, including speaker replacement, home button repair, screen replacement, charging port repair, and many more. If you are looking for an affordable iPhone repair service, then go on with us. We offer free pick up & delivery services, so it would be burden-free for you to send us your iPhone XR with our professionals. If you want us to fix a problem with your phone, we will do it for you! One of the most frustrating parts about owning an iPhone is getting a broken speaker. Once you experience the annoyance of listening to music only on the right side because the left ear speaker is unresponsive — you do not want to repeat that mistake. The issue tends to affect iPhones and other Apple products, and it is becoming so common that repair shops even offer iPhone XR speaker replacements. iphone xr repair near me, Whether you look for a local repair shop or an online store that delivers nationwide — we’ve got you covered with iPhone speaker replacement services for all makes and models at competitive prices. You need to get your phone fixed fast! Guess what, our team of experts can do just that for you. We offer affordable and reliable iPhone motherboard repair services so your smartphone won’t torture you any longer. iPhone short-circuiting is common with iPhones. The motherboard is most often faulty in iPhones that have been dropped or damaged somehow. If your iPhone’s board is fried, it can cost a lot of money to get Apple to replace it. We offer professional, high-quality iPhone XR motherboard repair services, which are ideal for iPhone users who wish to save money and get their devices repaired quickly.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone XR Repairs at Your Location

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone XR Repairs at Your Location

We specialize in all iPhone XR repairs including iPhone XR Speaker, Microphone, Wi-Fi and Reception Antenna Repair, and many other iPhone XR repair Services at your location. We offer a quick, affordable, and professional repair service for all iPhone problems including speaker, microphone, wi-fi, and reception antenna repair. All repairs are carried out at your location and a free assessment of a repair estimate is provided to you upon request. Let us fix your iPhone or iPad’s speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi, and reception antenna while you wait. Our experienced technicians offer a full range of repair services–and we’re happy to diagnose more complicated issues on some iPhones and iPads that Apple Stores cannot. We provide a more affordable alternative to the Apple Store for all of your iPhone XR and iPad repair needs.

Mobile iPhone XR Other Repairs Services

If your iPhone XR’s speaker, microphone, wi-fi, or reception are not working, no need to worry. Just give us a call to get your problem fixed. We are trained professionals in repairing iPhones. Our repair services are speedy, reliable, and safe as we use only the highest quality parts and tools. Our shop fixes all iPhone XR issues at your place. Our services include broken home buttons, mute/ speaker/ volume buttons, reception, and network problems, phone software issues, water damage, water damage leaks, and screen breaks. Irrespective of the make and model of the phone, we provide original quality services.

Apple iPhone XR Camera, Speaker, WiFi & Other Repairs

We repair All Major iPhone XR Problems at Your Home/Office/Residence. Our iPhone XR Repair Workshop is designed to give you the Best Repair Services. Our highly experienced staff repairs all iPhone problems quickly and efficiently. We can replace any part of your iPhone’s Display, Battery, Speaker, Rear Camera, etc. very quickly. Our professionals are ready to provide the best repair service for your iPhone XR at your location, with our portable repair kit. We can save you both time and money.

iPhone XR Other Repairs Near Me

iPhone XR Other Repairs Near Me

Our technicians have over 15+ years of experience in iPhone XR repair. Our services include but are not limited to: fixing cracked screens, replacing screen displays, repairing water damage, camera lens removal and replacement, iPhone XR Speaker Repair Service, Microphone Repair Service, Wi-Fi or WLAN Repair Service, and the best reception Antenna Fixing Service in FL. Want to fix a broken iPhone speaker, microphone, wi-fi, or reception going? Look no further after a few minutes on the internet you will discover a variety of companies offering a wide range of repair services. The truth is that they are not all equal and no automated machine can replace a trained hand in terms of speed and quality. At PhoneAndComputer we have been in the business for over the years and our technicians have fixed well beyond 150,000 devices.

7 Days Open iPhone XR Other Repairs Shop

The expensive and lengthy process of going to a repair center to have your iPhone XR issues resolved. We provide an easy, convenient and affordable way to fix problems with your iPhone or iPad. We come to your location to make the most professional iPhone XR Speaker, Microphone, Wi-Fi, and Reception Antenna Repair Services available. When your iPhone XR speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi, or reception antenna stops working, your smartphone turns into a paperweight. Can’t make calls, play games and listen to music and surf the internet and check email? Not fun. We have the most experienced and professional iPhone XR repair experts in town. We provide very affordable and reliable services at your location.

iPhone XR Other Repairs Shop at Your Location

Your iPhone XR speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi, or reception antenna stop working? And you’ve had it with all this ‘get a new device’ talk. Why get a new one when you can simply get yours repaired? We can repair your damaged iPhone XR parts and restore your iPhone XR to working order again. At prices, you can afford it! Broken iPhone XR? Let our experienced technicians repair it for you. You can have full confidence that your device will be repaired properly and at a competitive price. If you want to improve a broken iPhone XR, iPad, or iPod Touch, you should come to us to solve all problems from a speaker, microphone, or Wi-Fi antenna. Don’t worry about the quality. We guarantee our quality 100%.

Most Common iPhone XR Repairs

Finding a reliable iPhone XR repair store is hard. In today’s day and age, most individuals like to stay connected with the use of their Smartphones. It is important that your phone is working at all times, with no major issues. Most people choose to ignore the issue with their smartphones until it gets too big of an issue. Then, you would have to rush to the nearest Apple store, or local repair shop before they close. You would need to spend hours with your Smartphones trying to reach what they call the Genius Bar; only to be told that you need to make an appointment for them to fix it…for a price. Save both time and money by looking online for ‘iPhone XR Repair Deals’ near you. You will be able to find shops that offer very competitive prices, but most of them are also of cheap quality. We offer the best price-performance possible. We are not the cheapest on purpose! We offer the best price for asked quality iPhone XR repair. find iphone xr repair services near me

iPhone XR Screen Repair

iPhone XR Screen Repair

Warning to iPhone XR owners: Dropping your phone is a bad idea. It’s a problem you didn’t ask for! Your iPhone is a deeply personal thing, and it makes a huge difference knowing it’s been repaired by professionals with decades of experience in its repair. If your iPhone XR has been dropped or cracked then we have the solution for you. We can fix your phone professionally at your location. In just 1 hour our certified technicians will have your phone looking as good as new!

iphone xr screen repair

iPhone XR Battery Replacement

iPhone XR Battery Replacement

We are a repair shop that offers the most affordable and professional iPhone XR Battery Replacement Services at your location. If you’re looking to upgrade your device battery, you’ve come to the right place. We offer years of experience in the iPhone XR service business and it shows… not only with our word-of-mouth clientele but also with our 5 star Google reviews! We provide the best iPhone XR Battery Replacement Services at your location. Our technicians are experts when it comes to solving your Smartphone Battery Problems effectively and efficiently. You can visit our website to get details regarding our available services.

iphone xr battery replacement

iPhone XR Charging Port Repair

iPhone XR Charging Port Repair

iPhones are one of the most popular and widely used Smartphone devices around the world. They come with outstanding features and applications that make them user-friendly while offering a unique platform for communication and entertainment. We are the most affordable and professional iPhone XR Charging Port Replacement Services at your location. We make it easy to get your iPhone XR charging port repaired with our mail-in service if you are out of our dispatch locations.

iphone xr charging port repair

iPhone XR Back Glass Repair

iPhone XR Back Glass Repair

The glass on iPhones is fragile, allowing for many accidents. And though these accidents are rarely fatal to the screen itself, they can be quite costly to repair or replace. Now you don’t have to live with these problems again. Our iPhone XR Back Glass Repair Services are reasonably priced to help save you money. If your iPhone XR’s back glass is cracked or damaged, you know how frustrating it can be to live without it. Having an iPhone XR with a broken or cracked back glass can be devastating. We fix the problem by providing you with mobile back glass replacement services for iPhones (and other mobile devices) quickly and at your location.

iphone xr back glass repair

iPhone XR Water Damage Repair

iPhone XR Water Damage Repair

Water Damage should not be taken lightly and can be a very expensive problem, if not dealt with correctly. We can help you save money by offering the most affordable water damage repair solution. In most cases, our customers pay only a fraction of the cost for repairing the iPhone XR, regardless of error(s) found. Water damage can be a troublesome problem as it can result in many hidden pitfalls. The sooner you consult the iPhone XR Water Damage Repair services, the better for your iPhone XR.

iphone xr water damage repair

iPhone XR Diagnostic Service

iPhone XR Diagnostic Service

If you’re looking for a friendly, convenient, and professional iPhone XR diagnostics service, look no further! We offer the fastest repair service at the best price. We also provide you with a detailed report of your device’s conditions, so you can make an informed decision regarding any further repair work it requires. Are you tired of paying pricey repair fees for your iPhone XR? Looking for a better solution that won’t hurt your bank account? Then we’ve got what you need – an easy and affordable diagnostic service that provides you with a brand-new and guaranteed fast solution.

iphone xr repair near me