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A successful company is one that does whatever it can to satisfy its customers. We never rest on our laurels and are always doing our best to improve our iPhone XR Battery Replacement service. Not only will your iPhone be functioning like new, but you’ll help shape the future of the Phone and Computer. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Jada B. | Cooper City

iPhone XR Battery Replacement


iPhone XR Battery Replacement First Review Image1.18.2021 Verified

I really appreciated the speediness of your iPhone XR Battery Replacement service, something that I believe is often overlooked when dealing with other companies. Having an iPhone is essential to my life, and the only problem I’ve ever had with it is battery life. So when I found out about your company I was thrilled! You were affordable, fast, and friendly. You made my day.

Aniya A. | Pembroke Pines

iPhone XR Extend Battery Life Service


iPhone XR Battery Replacement Second Review Image2.9.2020 Verified

The guys were awesome! I am so impressed with their professionalism, positive attitude, and excellent work. They were honest about the cost of the iPhone XR Extend Battery Life Service before doing it. I would highly recommend their battery repair to anyone who has an issue with their iphone. Thank you for making my iphone awesome again!

Asia M. | Hollywood

iPhone XR Premium Battery Replacement


iPhone XR Battery Replacement Third Review Image11.9.2019 Verified

I was in a panic when my iPhone XR stopped holding a charge even though I have been always used original chargers and all. I had heard about these guys from a friend and decided to give them a try. They were able to fix it the same day! They were super friendly and helpful and didn’t charge me such huge numbers. I got a premium grade battery replacement for my iPhone XR and that was a much better choice by paying some slight difference of payment.

iPhone XR Battery Replacement

The Best iPhone XR Battery Replacement

We are a repair shop that offers iPhone XR Battery Replacement. We have been repairing iPhones for years and will get your phone back up and running in no time! Welcome to Affordable Phone Repair, we are a repair shop that provides the best service you can find in your local town. We strive for customer satisfaction and will continue to upgrade our services as technology continues to move forward. You may think that you need to go out and buy a new phone when your battery is dead or even worse after your phone has been in a major accident. That is not always the case! We replace batteries, and we offer several other services in our store. Our trained technicians diagnose faulty phones and diagnose issues with screen cracks and more in a timely manner at a reasonable price! Making sure that we only use the best parts on the market is important to us. We come to you and replace your iPhone XR battery at your location, and we would love to help you today! Your iPhone XR battery is something that every day drains and dies, and it can be really annoying.

iPhone XR Battery Replacements

iPhone XR Battery Replacements Image

It is frustrating to wait for the battery to run out before we can charge it again. You are looking at ways of resolving this issue because you are tired of visiting the repair shop every month. We are an Apple iPhone repair shop that offers an iPhone XR Battery Replacement service with top-quality batteries at competitive prices. Did you know that your iPhone contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery? The average full charge of your iPhone’s rechargeable battery should last about 8 hours, but sometimes the battery life of your iPhone XR may get shorter than expected. If this is the case, then we can get your phone back up and running in no time. In a city always on the go, you could find yourself with a dead phone battery at any given moment! We come to you and replace your iPhone XR battery at your desired location. Making sure that we only use the best parts on the market is important to us. Come to us for all your battery problems, our trained technicians will diagnose issues with cracked screens and more in a timely manner. iphone xr battery replacement, We would love to help you today! You may think that your dead phone is trash, but we can fix it for you right away! That’s right—we come to you. We replace your iPhone XR battery, diagnose all minor problems to make sure that your phone will last for years, and our pricing is competitive to other iPhone repair shops.

iPhone XR Premium Battery Repair

iPhone XR Premium Battery Repair Image

Don’t throw your phone away! Give us a call today or schedule your repair appointment now. You are always on the go, busy with work, entertainment, or family commitments. Life is short! Too short to be without your smartphone. At some point, you will have to deal with a dying battery. What if your battery dies when you are running late for an important meeting? You will need to scramble last minute to find a car charger, or worse yet, make an emergency trip back home to get your charger before you head out again. We offer a same-day turnaround on most iPhone XR Battery Replacement services in your town. We can drive to you and change your iPhone XR battery for you within an hour of your call – often much faster! Our technicians are passionate about their work, and they will make sure that your device is up to date. You no longer need to go out and buy a brand new phone. We are here to help you with your iPhone XR battery issues, cracked screens, and any other repair needs you may have. We are mobile, so we come to you! Call us today to learn more! iphone xr repair locations, When it comes to your device, you always want a reliable and affordable option. Our technicians come to you and replace the battery on your iPhone XR at a great price. You don’t need to replace your phone if you’ve got a minor issue such as a broken screen or the battery is depleting quickly. We repair all iPhone models.

iPhone XR Bad Battery Replacement

iPhone XR Bad Battery Replacement Image

We replace iPhone XR batteries and also do screen repair! Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to help you out with your issues. Please give us a call today and we can schedule an appointment with you. One day, suddenly your iPhone stops accepting a charge. This is an issue with the battery, which can be fixed with a battery replacement. Without regular iPhone XR battery replacement, iPhone’s internal circuitry will shut down permanently leaving you to buy an entirely new phone – or pay more for repairs on top of the already sky-high purchase price. Keep up on your battery replacement to keep your phone functioning at its best. We’re here to help maintain your battery life with professional iPhone XR service. We offer both same-day and time slot appointments, so you never have to miss work, school, or anything else! We use only the highest quality replacement parts on the market. Our expert technicians can nicely replace bad batteries, giving your phone a second lease on life. You found out that your battery was not lasting the entire day. iphone xr bad battery replacement, Well… don’t worry because we can help! We can come to your house or business and replace iPhone XR batteries for you. Our well-trained professionals can diagnose any other issues with your screen like cracks and faster and efficiently. We use only the best parts on the market to make sure your phone works better than ever.

iPhone XR Professional Battery Repair Service

iPhone XR Professional Battery Repair Service Image

You can avoid any unnecessary replacement costs and downtime with our battery replacement service. We make changing your iPhone XR’s battery easy and hassle-free! Our experienced technicians can diagnose your faulty or broken phone and replace your battery in as little as 30 minutes! With our superior after-sale customer service, you can always count on us for help when you need it most. We come to you at home or work, and we use only the highest quality parts, ensuring that your phone is in safe hands. You may think that you need to go out and buy a new phone when your battery is dead or even worse after your phone has been in a major accident. That is not always the case! We replace batteries, and we offer several other services in our store. Our trained technicians diagnose faulty phones and diagnose issues with screen cracks and more promptly at a reasonable price! It’s a major hassle to wait in a long line, hence a wait time of over a week for a repair. We have solved this issue by fixing iPhone XR battery problems within 1 hour on the same day! We have 100+ five-star reviews – it works! And we offer iPhone screen repairs with some additional discounts when you add on the iPhone XR battery replacement service. iphone xr repair near me, We aim to provide you with iPhone repair services that are fair and affordable, just come down to our iPhone repair shop with your damaged iPhone and we will provide you the service you need in less than one hour. Please feel free to call us or message us if you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you! If you want to repair your iPhone XR battery it is important to use a trusted repair shop. People order many times new replacement iPhone batteries directly from Amazon or eBay and try to repair themselves which can end up damaging the logic board of the phone and that is not good for you or your phone. What do we offer? A complete iPhone XR battery replacement service including detailed instructions, chemical cleaning of your charging port and carefully calibrating your phone after installation of new replacement iPhone battery. We also provide you with some warranty of our battery replacement service.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone XR Battery Replacements

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone XR Battery Replacements

Battery depletion is something that we can’t avoid or predict. If you’re like me, you definitely hate it when your beloved iPhones’ batteries deplete before ending a busy day. Then, there’s the iPhone XR battery replacement issue. The services cost way too much and you’ll need to send your devices to third-party repair shops or sometimes directly to Apple itself. It can take days before you can get an appointment and once it’s done, you expect price quotes that will break your wallet. That’s why we’re here to help! We guarantee that we will bring positive change and resolution to our customers by offering the most affordable and professional iPhone XR battery replacement services at your location.

Mobile iPhone XR Battery Replacement Services

If I can’t repair it, nobody can! Or so you thought. This is just one of the myths that iPhone owners believed before they found us. Thankfully, once you’ve tried our repair services, you know better. Battery Replacement Service for iPhone XR in your location, call us to set up an appointment. Replacing your battery is easy when you have someone with experience doing it for you. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure quality results.

Apple iPhone XR Battery Replacements

Save time and money by taking care of your iPhone XR’s battery problem today. Skipping the process of repairing your iPhone can affect not only your professional life but also your personal one. It can be awkward to delay or cancel a meeting or other arrangements just because you don’t know how long it will take for you to attend another one, right? Experience the convenience we offer by just sending us a text message and we help you replace the battery on the spot.

iPhone XR Battery Replacement Near Me

iPhone XR Battery Replacement Near Me

As PhoneAndComputer we offer very affordable prices for iPhone XR battery replacement at your location. Our Wide Variety of Replacement Batteries for iPhone includes 20% to 40% more battery life than the original Apple branded iPhone XR Battery. You can place your order online or call our customer service. Our iPhone XR Battery Replacement Services are very fast and hassle-free, unlike other services that will send your phone off for a couple of weeks before you get it back and we strive to provide the best customer service and support. We can replace the battery on all models of the iPhones at your location same day. Get your appointment today and schedule a technician on this page using the form above.

7 Days Open iPhone XR Battery Replacement Shop

Why would you need an iPhone XR battery replacement? The most common reason might be the unexpected shutdowns and issues with your phone’s software including a slow charging time. To have a faulty iPhone battery replaced, you may have to reach a certified Apple center whether it’s an emergency or not. Some centers will even charge a high cost for this service. We are making the iPhone battery replacement services more affordable for everyone by offering no-extra charge FREE on-site service.

iPhone XR Battery Replacement Shop at Your Location

Getting a new iPhone every year because the battery only works for a few hours. How many phones has your business already gone through this year? Reduce your phone bill and save the planet at the same time – which is considerably cheaper than purchasing a new iPhone XR every few months. Missing calls, sending texts on time, and increasing the battery time up to 50%. Want to know more about not having to always carry a charger for your iPhone? If you need a new or better battery for an iPhone XR, then we can replace that. Have a look at the problems you may be facing.

Most Common iPhone XR Repairs

Your iPhone has taken a beating and through the cracked screen, you can barely use your iPhone XR. If there’s one thing you really hate, it’s the thought of having to buy another iPhone. You love your iPhone XR, so why should you have to think about getting another one? We offer the most affordable and professional iPhone XR Repair Services at your location. Having cracked the glass on your iPhone XR? We can replace your glass panel in just 30 minutes without replacing the whole screen, saving you hundreds of dollars! find iphone xr battery replacement near me

iPhone XR Screen Repair

iPhone XR Screen Repair

Your iPhone screen has a crack. You feel lost. Who do you call? You have to find a reliable iPhone XR screen repair shop, or it can be a nightmare. At our store, you don’t need to worry about where the closest iPhone screen repair place is. We come to you, so wherever you are in town, we have got this covered for you. Plus, you receive personal attention from our friendly staff who is trained in customer service and technology. We offer a free quote and quick service at a low price guaranteed.

iphone xr screen repair

iPhone XR Battery Replacement

iPhone XR Battery Replacement

You don’t need to visit a shop to get your iPhone XR battery replaced. We offer a same-day service that’s faster and more convenient than most shops. Choose the discount that is perfect for your budget and schedule, then stay at home as we come to you! Whether you have suffered a drop that affected the functionality of your device or it just stopped working, our technicians are ready to provide you with fast, affordable iPhone XR battery replacement services.

iphone xr battery replacement

iPhone XR Charging Port Repair

iPhone XR Charging Port Repair

A faulty charging port is a common issue with all the iPhones and it annoys a lot. The problem can come from time to time even with a new iPhone XR. We won’t take your device for no reason. Before touching your baby, we would check out the health of your device first to make sure the charging port replacement is needed. And we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, if there are still issues with your device, you can bring it back again, no questions asked!

iphone xr charging port repair

iPhone XR Back Glass Repair

iPhone XR Back Glass Repair

Our Techs specialize in iPhone XR repair and we will replace your broken glass and use adhesive to replace the glass and seal everything back together. The process only takes about 10-15 minutes and it’s a fraction of the cost compared to getting your phone replaced. Whether it has been dropped from a height, run over by a car or truck, or simply broken in your bag at the airport here at PhoneAndComputer we can fix it! We offer free quotes on all repair work so there is no risk to you! We understand you might feel uncomfortable sending your iPhone XR away for repair so we can come to you. We offer repairs at your business, job site, home, school…anywhere!

iphone xr back glass repair

iPhone XR Water Damage Repair

iPhone XR Water Damage Repair

After dropping your iPhone XR into water or any other liquid, you can do an immediate water damage repair to save your iPhone before it gets damaged. The solution for this problem is to take action at the first moment possible. Our team of experts will immediately begin to remove the water from the affected area and will start drying out the Apple iPhone XR to prevent further damage and we will start this process as soon as you contact us, so there is no need for any delay and panic whatsoever.

iphone xr water damage repair

iPhone XR Diagnostic Service

iPhone XR Diagnostic Service

iPhone XR diagnostic services, if not conducted correctly, can cause undue damage to your phone and make it worse than before. MacBook and iPhone XR repairs and diagnostics cost the same price, and since we offer them locally, we make sure we do both as professionally as we can. Our techs take an average of 30 minutes to find the problem and complete a research report. In order to diagnose issues, the techs will need to verify that no water or liquid has been spilled into the device. We use professional equipment from our shop for diagnostics.

iphone xr repair near me