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Dawson K. | Pembroke Pines

iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair


iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repair First Review Image4.22.2021 Verified

I was searching for a reliable company to replace my broken iPad charging port. After reading many online reviews, I decided to get my iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair. The company was very professional. The price was reasonable, too. I would definitely recommend doing business with

Kasen C. | Hollywood

iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Replacement


iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repair Second Review Image9.5.2020 Verified

I like to keep my electronics in tip top shape, and I hate it when they need to be repaired. Plus, I’m rather busy and didn’t have the time to take the iPad in to a shop and wait for it to get fixed. The phone and guys came out to my home, and they were great! The tech was friendly and happy – he seemed happy that he got another chance to save another precious Apple product! He was able to replace the charging port at his shop, so they picked my iPad PRO 9.7” up and dropped it off back to me.

Thalia Y. | Miramar

iPad PRO 9.7” not Charging Repair


iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repair Third Review Image7.5.2019 Verified

I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. I got tired of my iPad PRO 9.7” not charging. I called the company that made it, they told me to take it to an Apple Store. They told me they’d replace it for as cost of a new ipad! That’s absolutely ridiculous! No way! So, I found this place on Google. They said they could do it much cheaper!! But I would need to wait anyway. I called them up and they were so nice and helpful.

iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repair

The Best iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair

The charging port of your iPad has broken. This renders the device useless. Are you going to buy a new iPad? Well, it might not be worth it. You see, a repair shop that offers an iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service can fix the charging port. They know how a charging port works and what caused the damage to your device. All you have to do is bring in your iPad and they will offer you a quote on the phone. If you find the price acceptable, they will fix it at a place convenient for you. Many of our customers say that they’ve been looking for a good iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service for a while now. There are many out there, but many of them are not right for me. If you have a similar problem and are looking to get something fixed, then look no further! Charging Port Replacement Service is where you can get the help you need to get your device working again. In addition to being fast and inexpensive, the service offers speedy delivery (within 24 hours) and a great price. Pay up to $199 to Apple to replace your iPad charging port. Actually, the real pain is the thought of having to pay to get it replaced. No need to contact Apple or waste your precious time searching for a legit repair shop. We’re here 365 days a year. With no hidden charges on all the work we do, you can trust that we’ll fix your iPad PRO 9.7” charging port in no time.

iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repairs

iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repairs Image

Breaking something is not nice. But it happens while you are trying to fix something else. Luckily, it’s easy with our iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service. Get the problem fixed without losing your shirt with this iPad service. Get help repairing your broken iPad PRO 9.7” charging port with our iPad battery replacement service. Now with a satisfaction guarantee! Are you tired of buying iPad batteries online and having them break or losing power when you need them most? Well, now is your chance to get a top quality replacement charger port at an unbeatable price. The Apple iPad Charging Port Replacement Service offers the highest-quality replacement batteries at unbeatable prices. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art equipment and testing procedures to ensure every charger we supply is of the highest quality. Having your iPad charging port damaged is highly frustrating. Why live with the hassle when you can have the service carried out for you? Contact us when your iPad PRO 9.7” is not charging when it should when it is losing power too quickly when you are having trouble connecting it to your computer or any other technical issue in relation to its charging port. We carry out Apple repairs in various locations throughout Florida. ipad pro 9.7” charging port repair, The iPad PRO 9.7” charging port is an essential component of your electronic device. It is responsible for charging and discharging your iPad’s battery. The problem is, these ports can become damaged due to the wear and tear of everyday use. This causes them to become inefficient at charging your battery and can potentially lead to damage in your device. Fortunately, there are companies that can help you replace your charging port with a new one that is more resistant to wear and tear.

iPad PRO 9.7” not Charging Repair

iPad PRO 9.7'' not Charging Repair Image

Broken charging ports on iPad are the most common issue. It is a known fact that they don’t have a removable battery, so if the charging port isn’t working, the tablet needs to be repaired or replaced. Your iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service provider. iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service is a service that provides a fast, convenient and reliable way to get your device charged quickly. It’s like having your own personal assistant to take care of any issues or problems that may arise with your device. Whether you need a replacement port or want to improve the way your device charges, this service can get the job done. You probably have already realized by now that a cracked port makes charging your iPad much more difficult. This isn’t just inconvenient. Fixing the damage can cost you a substantial amount of money when you take your iPad into the repair shop. Your iPad PRO 9.7” charging port is waiting for rescue by an experienced professional. You can get it repaired in one day, in most cases, at the lowest possible price available in the online market. Contact our support team for a consultation today! ipad pro 9.7” repair locations, Are you tired of trying to keep your iPad PRO 9.7” charging at all times? Are you tired of struggling with complex charging cables? Then it’s time to turn to us and let our trained professionals replace your port. Our department specializes in quick and reliable repairs that will ensure your iPad is running smoothly at all times. Whether you need a charging port replaced or repaired because of accidental damage or wear and tear, we have got you covered. Call today or stop by our store for a free quote!

iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Replacement

iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Replacement Image

If you have an iPad, sooner or later the charging port of your iPad will get worn out and you will need a charging port fix. This is a very common issue with newer iPad models. The timing of the charging port problem is when you need your iPad the most – when you are on the road. You may be unable to charge it when you need it. You can’t use your iPad PRO 9.7” if the battery is dead and if no way to charge it. What if we can help? What if we can repair your broken charging port in your home or in-store with no worries? What if we can offer support for all our customers? Our specialized in-house trained technicians and in-store repair service will help you whenever and wherever you need it, whether it is at your home or office. The iPad PRO 9.7” charging port is one of the most problematic areas of the iPad. Having a charger port issue can be very frustrating and, in some instances, may even result in loss of data or damage to your device. There is, however, good news. At phoneandcomputer, we offer a cost-effective solution to iPad PRO 9.7” charging port related problems. ipad pro 9.7” charging port replacement, We specialize in replacing batteries for Apple products including the iPad and iPhone. If only the charging port on your iPad is damaged, the nightmare begins. You may need to be without your valuable device for days or even weeks. You will no longer have to concern yourself with the possibilities of getting your valuable device in for repair when it’s in our hands. This repair shop in your local town offers repair services like iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement within hours, not days or weeks.

iPad PRO 9.7” Power Port Repair

iPad PRO 9.7'' Power Port Repair Image

Everyone knows that the iPad PRO 9.7” batteries drain pretty fast. And if it’s not your child that’s draining the battery you’re probably mad at Apple for making a device you can’t even open to repair itself. Not only is the iPad hard to open, but if you do manage to open it, replacing the charging port can sometimes be tricky, requiring replacement joints and other hardware fixes. Not fun! Forget worrying about a cracked screen or a dead battery for a second – why not just get the charging port replaced? At phoneandcomputer, we have qualified engineers who can fix all charging ports – even those that have been damaged by water – and have them working again quickly and easily. Not only do we replace all broken parts, but we clean out any corrosion from the port which helps prevent future damages. The iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service is one of the most convenient services one can ask for. This type of service provides customers with easy and quick access to power for their iPads. The iPad charging port is usually located in the back of the device, but in some cases, it can be located elsewhere. ipad pro 9.7” repair near me, When the battery is fully charged it automatically shuts off and begins recharging itself. This can prevent the device from overheating or overloading, which can result in permanent damage to the iPad. Your iPad is dropped in water. And you think “oh, no!”. But you own an iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service. You know help is near. However, what to do when the iPad charging port is damaged? Do it yourself? Sure, you can try but will the service be as good as if someone with experience and equipment had done it? Other repair shops may be more expensive and they still might not fix the problem. Get great value for money with a complete iPad PRO 9.7” charging port replacement service that not only offers competitive rates but also uses only leading technology to make your device like new again.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repairs

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repairs

Our company offers Apple iPad PRO 9.7” not Charging Repair and Charging Port Replacement Service at your location. Our technicians visit you to diagnose and fix your issue in no time. Our service is cost-effective and efficient, your device will be repaired within 24 hours. Our Apple iPad not Charging Repair & Charging Port Replacement Service is available nationwide. Our repair professionals are trained and ready to help you with all your Apple iPad Repair needs. Visit our website or call us today! Our Certified Apple iPad not Charging/charging Port Repair/replacement Technicians in our lab replace the damaged charging port with a brand new one. We have tested it many times to be sure there will be no further issues when you receive it back from us.

Mobile iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair Services

Our Apple iPad PRO 9.7” not Charging Repair and all other services like broken screen repair, battery issues, and more, we will fix them the same day. We provide quality repair service for your devices. Our iPad not Charging Repair Services are available even if Apple Store said there is no way to repair your iPad, or your device is not covered by Apple Warranty. We can offer you Full Repair Service. Our technicians can fix any charging problems with your devices. Call Now for more details.

Apple iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repairs

Our specialists will expertly repair your charging port and carefully solder the broken pieces together. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. The number one issue with the Apple iPad PRO 9.7” that we are seeing at our parts store for this device is the charging port. When the port is broken or malfunctioning, the device will show an Apple symbol next to a lightning bolt indicating that it is either plugged into power, but not charging, or will not even charge at all.

iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repair Near Me

iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair Near Me

Conditions such as not charging issues and charging port replacement need to be examined and diagnosed by a professional technician like us. We have the expertise to handle all the Apple iPad repairs and have a very good reputation for providing quality service. We always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with the service we offer. Apple iPad not Charging problems are quite common. This is the first step towards charging your iPad. Or, you might need to replace the battery, if it has worn down. Once we solve the problem, your device should be fully functional again. We are mobile repair technicians with over 15+ years of experience. Our team will come to your location and fix your iPad PRO 9.7” not charging issue with a reasonable fee.

7 Days Open iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair Shop

The biggest problem related to the Apple iPad tablet is not the charging issue. If your iPad PRO 9.7” charging port is not working then it would be irritating to charge your iPad battery. However, there are a few ways that can help you handle this issue easily. One of the best ways is to take the help of experienced professionals who offer Apple iPad not Charging Repair service at reasonable rates. Don’t pay for Apple iPad not Charging Repair & Charging Port Replacement Service any longer. Call us or simply fill the form above to get help. No more paying for people who charge you several times more for the same repair. Come to us and save your hard-earned money. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who knows how to solve all kind of problems related to the charging port of the Apple iPad. We provide an instant solution for your apple device. We treat all kinds of models including Wi-Fi issues, hard drive issues, LCD issues, and much more related to Apple iPad tablets.

iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair Shop at Your Location

iPad is power limited, however, still it is very inconvenient when you experience this issue. When the iPad will not charge, it is annoying at best; at worst, it can interfere with our daily workflow. Can your iPad charge while plugged in? If the answer is YES then I would like to recommend that you schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians to accurately diagnose your charging issue. After all, there could be more to your iPad charging problem than meets the eye. At, we take pride in offering you a hassle-free estimate procedure where we establish the problem and cost prior to quoting a price for labor and parts. Once we’ve determined that your iPad PRO 9.7” not charging originates from a faulty component then we’ll immediately move on to Charging Port Replacement Service or Charging Board.

Most Common iPad PRO 9.7” Repairs

We are the premier Apple iPad PRO 9.7” repair shop in your area. We also provide free pickup and delivery. Schedule your iPad PRO 9.7” repair with us or simply bring your device into our store during normal business hours. Our certified technicians will quickly diagnose, assess, and service your device. And you can rest assured knowing that we use only high-quality parts to guarantee the best possible repair every time. Our goal is to offer the best service, most efficient service, and most convenient service in terms of Apple iPad PRO 9.7” Repair. find ipad pro 9.7” charging port replacement near me

iPad PRO 9.7” Screen Repair

iPad PRO 9.7'' Screen Repair

Find a repair shop close to your location? Call up to book an appointment, wait for them to call you back, run into the repair shop only to be told they can’t repair your device that day? All of this takes time away from your day-to-day life. Why waste time on this? Go on with what you need to do. We come directly to you and get your device repaired. We come and fix your Apple iPad PRO 9.7” broken screen at your location.

ipad pro 9.7” screen repair

iPad PRO 9.7” Battery Replacement

iPad PRO 9.7'' Battery Replacement

Let us know when it is convenient for your schedule and we will come to you. Our technician will diagnose the issue and provide a quote for the repair. Service includes shipping costs back to you after we perform the repair and collect payment from you. We’re a leading Apple iPad PRO 9.7” Battery Replacement Service Shop. If you need any kind of repair for your Apple devices or iPhones, we can do it at your location. We offer FREE pick-up and delivery. Above all, we always make sure our customers get the best service and care, and we stand behind our work.

ipad pro 9.7” battery replacement

iPad PRO 9.7” Charging Port Repair

iPad PRO 9.7'' Charging Port Repair

When the charging port discharges, preventing your iPad from charging, you lose complete access to all the features of your tablet for a period between 3 and 4 hours. You have lots of videos, games, apps, music and even work to deal with. When the iPad charging port is defective or broken, a wholesaler will charge a significant amount of money to replace it because it has taken them a great deal of time and effort. We take good care of our clients by sending a technician to their location for an Apple iPad PRO 9.7” charging port repair at a considerable price reduction.

ipad pro 9.7” charging port repair

iPad PRO 9.7” Water Damage Repair

iPad PRO 9.7'' Water Damage Repair

There are many reasons that can lead to iPad PRO 9.7” water damage. From washing your clothes to just dropping your device on the ground, it is very common for people to accidentally drop their devices into water. This is one of the most expensive damages you could ever face. In such a situation, the best thing you can do is contact us for the Apple iPad Water Damage Repair service. If your iPad is getting wet, then the water could damage the circuits that are inside the iPad. The best solution to get rid of the water before it damages your iPad is to dry it out, usually with rice. If you’ve already got your iPad PRO 9.7” wet (and I hope you didn’t) then just give us a call we got a much better professional with no risky ways to clean the water out of your iPad.

ipad pro 9.7” water damage repair

iPad PRO 9.7” Diagnostic Service

iPad PRO 9.7'' Diagnostic Service

If lightning strikes or someone’s curious paws happen upon your iPad PRO 9.7”, you can rely on our experts to repair the device and return it to you quickly. And we’ll do our best to keep costs reasonable – a bargain for a small price! We use high quality parts and every repair comes with a warranty. Waiting around for a repair is a thing of the past. Our mission is to provide a quick and professional repair service for your devices in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

ipad pro 9.7” diagnostic service

iPad PRO 9.7” Other Repairs

iPad PRO 9.7'' Other Repairs

Selling an iPad the worst product to the worst possible customer, Apple products are more of a curse than a blessing. Having an iPad that is out of warranty and broke is probably the worst thing that can happen to any Apple user. Replacement for this device is more expensive than many other devices and it is neither sold outside of Apple Store or official stores nor can be replaced by local repair companies. The answer to all these issues – we offer you the best and fastest Apple iPad PRO 9.7” Repair Service at your location.

ipad pro 9.7” repair near me