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iPhone Repair in Sunrise is a fast growing, family owned and operated business in, Florida. We offer same day repairs within hours of a quick turnaround service for all your iPhone repairs. Our technicians have been professionally trained to take care of all issues for any iPhones. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Darryl J. | Sunrise

iPhone Screen Repair in Sunrise


iPhone Repair in Sunrise First Review Image8.18.2020 Verified

These guys are great! I needed my iPhone screen fixed on Saturday for work and they were able to come out within 30 minutes to my place in Sunrise. The price was very affordable (and much cheaper than the Apple Store) and I didn’t have to leave my house! They text you with updates on when they will be at your location. They are very professional, friendly, and I would highly recommend them!

Viola L. | Sunrise

iPhone Battery Replacement in Sunrise


iPhone Repair in Sunrise Second Review Image8.19.2019 Verified

I was so happy with the friendly, professional service I received. I had my iPhone battery repaired at Phone and Computer Sunrise. The technician was very knowledgeable and the repair only took 30 minutes. The cost was also very reasonable. I highly recommend this company!

Darien G. | Sunrise

iPhone Repair in Sunrise


iPhone Repair in Sunrise Third Review Image5.9.2021 Verified

I would like to say that I had a great experience with my service of iPhone Repair in Sunrise. I was skeptical about calling them because it seemed too good to be true (and I am very picky). But the guy who answered the phone was super nice and professional and the BEST part of all is that it only took 15 minutes to get my iPhone fixed!

iPhone Repair in Sunrise

The Best iPhone Repair in Sunrise

There are many reasons why you might want to get your iPhone repair in Sunrise. You’ve dropped your phone and the screen is cracked, or perhaps you spilled some water on it. Perhaps it’s not charging properly, or maybe the buttons aren’t working properly. And then of course you have to decide which company to use for your Apple iPhone repair in Sunrise because let’s face it, those expensive smartphones aren’t cheap! We understand that choosing a repair shop might be difficult because there are many options out on the web. That is why we have made this site as easy to use as possible in order for us to help you choose us! Simply press our ‘Book an Appointment with Us Now’ button after reading through our website and we will put you through directly to one of our technicians will reach you out. Your iPhone is broken and you want to get it fixed. You’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to get your iPhone repaired that doesn’t take all day but you don’t know what to do. Now you have come to the right place. Our experienced technology experts are ready to help, We offer the best and most professional Apple iPhone Repair in Sunrise and our prices are unbeatable.

iPhone Screen Replacements in Sunrise

iPhone Screen Replacements in Sunrise Image

Most of the time, you can repair your iPhone screen. We carry high-quality parts that are compatible with any Apple iPhone model. Our experienced technicians will test your iPhone screen to confirm the repair before they proceed. Each screen replacement comes with a warranty. Trouble in finding a reliable and affordable phone repair shop? That’s where we come in. We are an Apple iPhone screen repair shop in Sunrise that offers same day the most affordable and professional Apple iPhone LCD or OLED Screen Repair services at your location. Get an appointment today! We do not compromise on quality and service for our customers’ convenience. Our team of certified technicians will always repair your device at their designated locations depending on their availability. All our parts are sourced from trusted suppliers such as MobileSentrix, Samsung, LG, and IBM electronic components. Each iPhone screen replacement in Sunrise comes with a warranty period. Why Choose Us? We are committed to providing you with the best experience when it comes to fixing your device flawlessly while ensuring that you have sufficient knowledge about the services we offer. We take pride in providing top-notch customer support that is prompt and very helpful during the whole process of repairing your device or any queries you have regarding our services. We offer same day Apple iPhone screen repair in Sunrise at your location. iphone screen repair in sunrise, Your iPhone’s screen stops responding to touch. It just goes blank! You can’t make calls, you can’t use your touch ID, you cannot unlock your phone. It’s very frustrating, and you don’t know how to fix it. We can fix your iPhone right away at the best price in town! All our iPhone screen repair in Sunrise are backed by a warranty.

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Sunrise

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Sunrise Image

There’s a reason why Apple is synonymous with smartphones. iPhone water damage repair in Sunrise Its products are sleek, powerful, and reliable. If you’ve ever spilled water on an iPhone, then you know that these qualities are not always true. However, if you’re lucky enough to have an Apple Care+ plan or still have your original receipt, then we can help! At Phone&Computer, our Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Sunrise services include Water damage inspection – We’ll thoroughly inspect your device to determine the extent of the damage and whether or not your iPhone can be repaired. Precision water removal – We’ll use a special tool called a ‘pump’ to remove all of the excess moisture from your phone. This is essential for preventing permanent corrosion damage. Cleaning out the corrosion – Once we’ve cleaned out all of the moisture from your device, we’ll use a special UV light to disinfect it. iPhone water damage repair in Sunrise This kills any microorganisms that may have caused the corrosion in the first place. Replacement parts installation – If your device needs new parts in order to be restored to its proper working condition, then we’ll replace them with high-quality OEM components that were made specifically for your model of iPhone. After any necessary repairs are completed our technicians will run extensive tests to make your Apple iPhone work stable as brand new. iphone repair shop in sunrise, If you choose to move forward with the repair, we will provide you with a time frame for when it will be completed and set up an appointment at a time that works best for you. When our experienced technicians arrive, they will do an initial inspection of your device so that all of the information for the repair is accurate. Once your device has been repaired, we will test it out to ensure that everything is working properly before handing it over to you so that there are no surprises with your Apple iPhone water damage repair in Sunrise services.

iPhone Battery Replacements in Sunrise

iPhone Battery Replacements in Sunrise Image

Apple is giving out free battery replacements to the iPhone or later models. The company said that it was slowing down the processor in order to preserve the battery life. iPhone battery replacement in Sunrise This is not a general recall and only affects those who have experienced this issue. T-Mobile and Sprint customers are not eligible for this program as they are already being compensated by Apple. Apple will replace your old battery with a new one at its retail stores, Apple Authorized Service Providers, or mail it to you. If you decide to get a replacement in-store you will have to wait for an appointment. iPhone battery replacement in Sunrise You can also contact Apple support online and schedule service at home or work. If for some reason your iPhone needs to be repaired before the battery is replaced, Apple will do it at no extra cost. If you are one of those who are not eligible we are here to help you out at an affordable price. Our Certified Technicians are trained and tested for cell phone repair. iPhone battery replacement in Sunrise We only use OEM parts to make sure we repair your device properly the first time. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cracked screen, water damage, or a broken power button, we have the right tools to get your devices working. iphone battery replacement in sunrise, Your iPhone battery drains at the wrong place and at the wrong time. And then, because you’re desperate, you charge it even when you don’t need it to be charged. This can degrade your iPhone battery and shorten its useful life. To avoid these situations and get your iPhone to work better every day, we recommend you to use our same day Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Sunrise service. We have top technicians who have years of experience with all kinds of iPhones, and always get the job done in minimal time possible.

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Sunrise

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Sunrise Image

We are an Apple iPhone Repair shop that provides all our customers with the best quality, quickest turnaround time, and most affordable service to get your Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Sunrise issues resolved. We know that you are looking for professional repair services to get it fixed as fast and as convenient as possible. To achieve this goal, we offer free pickup and delivery services for our customers who live in the South Florida area. Trying to find an iPhone Repair shop that you can trust with your Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Sunrise needs is not always easy. With so many options out there it’s hard to know what shop will actually be able to fix your issue the first time around. That is why at Fix My Phone you will receive not only the best customer service but also professional work done by experienced technicians. iPhone charging port replacement in Sunrise We do not make a habit of trying to sell you a new device every time you bring it in for a repair or upgrade. Our staff has years of experience with all of the different Apple devices on the market which allows us to provide top notch quality repairs and upgrades on nearly any model of Apple iPhone available today. No matter what kind of Apple device you have, we can fix it! iphone repair near me in sunrise, You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to get your Apple iPhone Charging Port Replaced. We do the job right and you pay less. Here, at our repair shop, we are proud to be a company with certified and professional mechanics who can offer you an affordable solution to fix your device. iPhone charging port replacement in Sunrise We know how expensive replacing the battery of your Apple iPhone can be, so our goal is for you to feel comfortable when you come in for service. Choose us for all repairs – we only use high-quality materials and parts, we can work on your Apple iPhone on the same day you call.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Sunrise

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Sunrise

You dropped your new iPhone in the toilet! That’s not all; you break it every other time it touches the floor. How many times have you wondered how much it costs to repair your Apple iPhone? We have asked and people said that they don’t even bother. It’s expensive to repair a phone – some might say more expensive to replace. The average repair price for an iPhone ranges from $100 to – 250 dollars. The average cost of a new iPhone is over 600 dollars. iPhone repair in Sunrise contact our Apple Repair technicians now! With our well-trained and experienced staff of experts, customers can rest easy knowing that their device will be given proper care, repairs, and treated with care. For your convenience, our tech carries parts in stock for all repair requests, even hard-to-find parts.

Mobile iPhone Repair in Sunrise

You only have one chance to make the best first impression since it’s the first thing people notice when they meet you. iPhone repair in Sunrise Therefore, why not have your device look brand new again? We will fix any damaged screen or water damage on your iPhone so that you can carry on with your day without any concerns about people staring at your broken phone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an iPhone or another Apple device we fix them all for a low price.

Apple iPhone Repair in Sunrise

Our technicians are specialized in iPhone, iPad, and iMac Repairs. They can fix any issue from a cracked screen to water damage repair services even if it’s no longer under warranty. We will have your device up and running like new again the next day. Damaging your phone? Not a pleasant experience. iPhone repair in Sunrise Getting it repaired shouldn’t be a chore, especially when you have work to do. Don’t panic, just book an appointment with us today.

iPhone Repair Near Me in Sunrise

iPhone Repair Near Me in Sunrise

Damaged screen, water damage, and other issues might prevent you from enjoying your phone. Suddenly, one day your magnificent machine stops working as it used to. You can hear it… and see it… but not respond to its touch. You know what a fuss this normally causes – in person and online. iPhone repair in Sunrise And that’s precisely why we invented our service for you. Within hours after you submit your information on our appointment system, you’ll be able to receive a visit from one of our highly skilled repair specialists at your location. We understand that consumers rely heavily on their phones. Being always connected is often expected in today’s fast-paced world. Our team of experts will replace the battery or screen in your device within 30 to 45 minutes.

7 Days Open iPhone Repair Shop in Sunrise

Did you drop your iPhone while using it and now the screen is cracked? Now, what are you going to do? Well, if you have an Apple iPhone and you’re looking for a place to get it repaired then we are here to help. We offer quality services at affordable prices. At APPLE IPHONE REPAIR in Sunrise our technicians are who will provide quality service at affordable prices. Why pay more for something that can be less expensive. APPLE IPHONE REPAIR has been around for 15+ years and has been serving many satisfied customers in that time. So put your trust in us and we will put it in your hands.

iPhone Repair Shop in Sunrise

Broken screen, water damage, battery replacement, and more. Is your iPhone damaged? Don’t worry. iPhone repair in Sunrise Our techs are ready to get your phone in tip-top shape again. We offer a huge variety of repair services for all models of iPhones and iPads, including refurbishing and restoring with the best parts available. We also replace screens, charge batteries, fix broken buttons, and much more. We accept all major credit cards.

Most Common iPhone Repairs in Sunrise

The one thing you would love to do today is to fix your iPhone since you have time! iPhone Repair in Sunrise And the only thing making it hard for you to do this is the high cost of repairing your phone. Our trained professionals can help you with Apple iPhone repair in Sunrise at your location. Our repair service prices are same day, affordable and professional. Get an appointment today. A clean and cheerful iPhone Repair shop in Sunrise South FL has a team of certified technicians who work fast. They will give your iPhone prompt repair that lasts long with high quality replacement parts. find iphone screen replacement in sunrise

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Sunrise

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Sunrise

The life span of your iPhone would be compromised by using it over a period. It’s difficult to get hold of a good iPhone 8 Plus repair in Sunrise South FL. Whether you want your iPhone 8 Plus unlocked or repaired, you need to visit the Apple Store. We are an iPhone 8 Plus repair in Sunrise where you can get fast, affordable, and expert repairs at your doorstep. We deliver great quality services to our customers. Accidentally drop your iPhone 8 Plus down the stairs or in a lake? Water damage doesn’t just happen with swimming pools. You don’t need to get it repaired at the Apple store downtown or replace your iPhone entirely. iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Sunrise We repair smartphones including iPhones and iPads, on the spot – right where you are.

iphone 8 plus repair in sunrise

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Sunrise

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Sunrise

Busted iPhone 7 Plus means you can’t go online, play games, or enjoy your favorite Instagram and Snapchats. It also means that it’s time for a new one if you can’t have it repaired. Apple devices may be expensive but getting an iPhone 7 Plus repair in Sunrise isn’t. Doing the repairs yourself can cost you more! Don’t spend money on getting another device when you can fix yours fast, the right way, and without losing your data. Now you don’t need to make a big deal out of your busted iPhone 7 Plus. Phone&Computer provides both quality service and competitive prices.

iphone 7 plus repair in sunrise

iPhone XR Repair in Sunrise

iPhone XR Repair in Sunrise

Having to ship your device for an iPhone XR Repair. You have to make time, go to the shop, and then hope it gets fixed in a timely manner. You know that experience, don’t you? It’s a hell until you get your phone back. And it always costs more than you think. Any broken screen repair is 100% guaranteed. If there’s any scratch, dented corner, or any other problem we cannot perform the iPhone XR repairs as promised. We never charge extra money even if the cost of parts or labor goes up after the customers approve the estimate. Our technicians are highly trained and professional to handle any kind of problems with your iPhone XR Repair in Sunrise, iPad, or Mac. All our devices are backed by a warranty from defects related to parts and labor. All our techs are certified by Apple making them qualified to fix anything.

iphone xr repair in sunrise

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Sunrise

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Sunrise

A cracked iPhone’s glass. No one seemed to be willing to help fix it other than Apple itself. Of course, taking Apple’s advice would mean sitting at their ship for hours, not knowing whether you will go home with a working phone or disappointingly waste $200 on a brand-new device that would be on its way as soon as the store receives your broken phone. Apple iPhone Screen Repair in SunriseTry us before going for the expensive option. We help people fix their phones in the minimum time and cost possible.

apple iphone screen repair in sunrise

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Sunrise

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Sunrise

Your iPhone battery is dying fast. At least, you feel it’s doing so. A handful of these quick changes will get you up to speed again! The cause could be a few things… It could all be a placebo effect, but our phones have so much more to do these days that the battery takes a lot of strain. There are several options out there for your Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Sunriseneeds. Be sure to read on for more details about what we can do for you!

apple iphone battery replacement in sunrise

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Sunrise

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Sunrise

Water damage is one of the worst things to happen to your iPhone. iPhones are expensive and the price you pay for water damage repair is way too high for most people. Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair services at affordable rates – yet only using top quality parts that have been tested thoroughly. We are reliable professionals working day and night to provide you with the highest standard of Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Sunrise in your area. Our repair facility carries premium-grade parts designed to offer excellent protection and performance to your iPhone.

apple iphone water damage repair in sunrise