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We come to you 7 days a week! We offer mobile repair services at your location in Pompano Beach. We the ”Phone and Computer Pompano Beach” here to offer the most affordable, professional, and best services possible. Our most common services are Cell phone repairs such as; Apple iPhone repair and Samsung Galaxy repair. Computer repairs such as; Apple MacBook repair and Microsoft Windows computer repair (laptop or desktop). Tablet repairs such as; Apple iPad, Android tablets, or Microsoft Surface tablets. You may see how we got our name as ”Phone and Computer Pompano Beach. We have online, instant pre-pricing for our services. Just select the device and service you need using our website (menu at above or devices by below) and you may see prices and simply schedule a technician using our easy and fast online appointment system. It is FREE to get an appointment. We don’t charge any extra for coming to your location. Our closest dispatch location will respond to you within minutes. Thank you for your interest in our services and welcome to our family-owned business where you will find a friendly technician and a loyal shop who fulfill your needs.

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Phone and Computer Pompano Beach

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2900 W Sample Rd
Pompano Beach, FL 33073

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(954) 995-8417

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7 Days a Week | 8am to 9pm

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Phone and Computer Pompano Beach is the place you need to save somewhere in your contacts. We offer 5-star electronics repair services. You may also leave your feedback if you are one of our precious customers. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Maryjane Y. | Pompano Beach

iPhone Repair


iPhone Repair in Pompano Beach Review Image5.7.2021 Verified

I’ve been looking for a new iPhone screen replacement service in Pompano Beach for a while now, and finally found one that I can trust! I was running late for work, so I called them to my workplace. The price was more than fair, and he cleaned up my phone so it looked brand new. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back if I ever need such services.

Howard M. | Pompano Beach

iPad Repair


iPad Repair in Pompano Beach Review Image1.20.2020 Verified

We have been using the Phone and Computer Pompano Beach for the last 3 months and are quite happy with the overall experience. We had an iPad that needed to be repaired, and they have done an excellent job on it. The price paid was reasonable, considering what they did to my iPad. I would definitely recommend those guys in Pompano Beach.

Jovanni A. | Pompano Beach

Computer Repair


Computer Repair in Pompano Beach Review Image10.17.2019 Verified

My laptop computer was a mess and I was worried about losing all my information on it; such as my images, videos, files, documents, etc. A technician from Phone and Computer Pompano Beach helped me to save all my data out of it before we install a new operating system on my laptop. They offered me such a great fair price. He was the one already offering me to save my data before he starts doing his job. That’s the one I’m talking about professionalism and knowing your job!

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Phone and Computer Pompano Beach FL

We the ”Phone and Computer Pompano Beach” offer Same Day Repair Services at your location, we come to your place the same day and fix at your location within minutes, this is the most convenient service ever possible in Pompano Beach. Phone and Computer Pompano Beach Do you know the best part of it? There is NO EXTRA FEE for a mobile repair service at your location. Rather our prices are even much better than almost all of the electronics repair shops in Pompano Beach.

Cell Phone Repair in Pompano Beach

Do you have a cracked screen or are you experiencing a problem with your phone, we can help repair most cell phone issues! Cell phone issues we can fix include but aren’t limited to Cracked screens (some models), water damage, battery, camera, and/or microphone malfunctions. We repair smartphones including iPhones and Samsung smartphones. Convenient cell phone repair in Pompano Beach is available to you with us. We will remove any cracked screen and replace the LCD display as well as digitizer in order to help restore your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or other smartphones. At our repair shop, we know that on-the-go consumers rely heavily on their cell phones and tablets. Whether it’s for work or play, there’s never a convenient time for your device to conk out while you are trying to conduct business, play games, or just have fun.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Have you broken your Samsung Galaxy? Are you worried about being without a mobile device till it gets repaired? Do you have no idea how to find the nearest Samsung Galaxy repair shop for your broken Samsung smartphone? You might have already heard about our Samsung Galaxy repair services, but aren’t sure if we’re the best option for you. If you’re looking for a nearby and honest Samsung Galaxy repair shop in Pompano Beach, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer same day repairs with a customer-oriented approach, so whether your screen is cracked or your touch screen isn’t functioning properly, we can help. We offer same day repairs or next-business-day repairs in most cases, so give us a call today to get your mobile device back in your hands.

iPhone Repair in Pompano Beach

Not sure if you should get your iPhone fixed? It’s easy to stay up-to-date with us. We have same day service available at all our locations across the country. Our phone repairs are performed by professional Apple Certified Technicians who know what they’re doing and can be done at your location for convenience. We are a Apple iPhone repair shop in Pompano Beach which we repair iPhones on the same day with an appointment. Our professional will come to you at your location to ensure that your phone will be repaired in no time and most affordable manner. When you schedule today, our professional will be at your doorstep with all tools to help repair the screen in 45 minutes. Call us now and get a free quote or simply keep browsing on our website and schedule your appointment by yourself in minutes and see the prices easily on our webpage.

iPad Repair in Pompano Beach

You might have a broken or an iPad that does not charge anymore, your iPad screen is dim and you really need it fixed. Your friend has told you about on-site Apple iPad repair but you are anxious if they will be able to get it fixed under warranty and how much you will pay. We only provide same day services at your location. With no service calls fee and we do fix broken iPads in any condition. Now all this is simple as booking through our website simple and fast appointment system. Apple iPad repair in Pompano Beach Every Apple iPad user wants to protect their device. But accidents happen… You’ve been careless and the screen is cracked or you’ve dropped it in water. Don’t panic! We can repair your tablet on the same day, at your office.

Computer Repair in Pompano Beach

We are a competent computer repair store in Pompano Beach FL servicing all of your needs for PC issues. We locate the problem areas and repair or replace faulty parts to restore your computer’s performance. You will enjoy our friendly and professional services throughout FL. In a world where technological innovations are becoming increasingly dominant, sometimes the best solution is to let the professionals handle it. When it comes to computers, they can be your best asset in both work and personal life, but they can also present a unique set of problems that you may be unable to solve without outside assistance. That’s where we come in. Get a same day appointment today.

Microsoft Windows Desktop & Laptop Repair

When you own a business and if you are responsible for operating your company’s computers, it is critical for you to ensure that they are in good shape. Along with this, your computers should be secured from any disaster or loss. In fact, the best way to keep your computers protected is by making use of a managed IT service provider. They can provide support when you need it and have your data backed up so even if something catastrophic happens (e.g., fire at your office) you won’t lose anything! Did your computer crash? Microsoft Windows desktop and laptop repair in Pompano Beach Do you need someone to remove viruses from your computer, fix a broken keyboard or install a new wireless network card? If you live in the greater south FL area and are experiencing computer problems.

MacBook Repair in Pompano Beach

Having to send your laptop for its repair is inconvenient, expensive, and puts a strain on your working day. Sitting around waiting can be very frustrating. You’re not the only one. Apple MacBooks are great but they can use repairs at times. We offer quality repair service in a speedy manner. Do you want a budget repair quote fast? Would you prefer to have your repair done in the comfort of your living room? Imagine getting the guarantee of having work done by an expert technician at an affordable price. You can even sit and watch while your computer is being repaired! We at our service understand how stressful the thought of Mac repair can be. We’ll get you back to work or school as soon as possible so you can get your life back on track. At On-Site MacBook repair, we want to approach the same day and next day booking for Apple MacBook repairs in Pompano Beach. We guarantee all of our MacBook Repairs that we provide, from a cracked screen to data restoration.

Apple Computers & iMac Repair

Have you been looking for a place that offers affordable and professional Apple Computers & iMac repair in Pompano Beach at your location? Well, look no further than PhoneandComputer. We pride ourselves on offering same-day service, a very affordable price, and most importantly professional service. This may be your last stop before you decide to buy a new one. We understand how pivotal, and expensive your iMac is to you. Luckily, whatever the problem with your iMac maybe, we can fix it quickly and economically. Our team of Apple specialists is here to help, whether the problem is with hardware or software. Everything in a modern household can be run through Apple computers. With time, there will always come a day when you need some repair on your computer system. We can fix all your Apple computer problems at one convenient location or at any place that is suitable for you, within your area. Giving us a call today is the best way to prevent tomorrow’s computer problems.

Creative Mobile Apps for iPhone and Galaxy

App Store for Apple users or Google Play Store for Galaxy Android users are just getting better every day. We can find many apps for free or at affordable prices. I would like to say something different within this content actually. The term, the word is ”partial advantage”. This is what I use to describe those apps. One of them for example, Snapchat… I know most grown users may not be a big fan of it… But did you try to edit an image or video with it? Snapchat internal editor is very advanced! They got gorgeous filters, easy to insert an image on an image or a video. Easy to cut the scenes and the best part is all free! You don’t need to pay for an app to get those features of an editor yet still need to get better at it. These types of practices I call partial advantage! You don’t use the app itself but you use the tools in it or the editor functions in it. We all know Spotify, but very few heard of YouTube Music and I personally think it is more affordable and offers a better music library. Adobe Scan; yes it is an App from Adobe very itself. Did you know they offer a free service with a cloud document support connects to your free adobe account that you can scan anything and simply upload it there to use on any device or a Windows computer? There are lots of unnecessary apps we install and forget too. We Phone And Computer Pompano Beach can help you to backup and restore or remove those apps, clean your iPhone or Galaxy smartphones. Our technicians know what app for what and have the best tools to work on your phones. We have third-party tools to manage your phones.

Directions for Pompano Beach, FL Location

We Phone And Computer Pompano Beach offer repair services at your location in Pompano Beach. It is very easy to reach us out, best way is to get an appointment on our Pompano Beach location website by simply following our repair tunnel. You may also simply give us a call and we will help you over the phone as well. Our Pompano Beach technicians may not exist at the location since we go to our customers’ locations all day long. If you are coming from; North Florida’s Turnpike to South; Head south on Florida’s Turnpike, Take exit 69 to merge onto FL-834 E/W Sample Rd, Turn right onto NW 29th Ave we will be on the right. South I95 to West Sample Road; Head northeast on I-95 N, Take exit 39 for FL-834 W, Use any lane to turn slightly left onto FL-834 W/W Sample Rd, Pass by IHOP (on the right in 0.7 mi), Turn left onto NW 29th Ave we will be on the right.

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