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You dropped your iPhone in the pool again. We’re here to help. We can replace your screen or give your iPhone a fresh start with our data recovery service. We offer same day iPhone Repair in Miami, we carry the screens, battery, and all the parts in stock with us so we don’t have to wait for the part to arrive, so you always get the help you need right away. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Gilberto T. | Miami

iPhone Screen Repair in Miami


iPhone Repair in Miami First Review Image4.23.2020 Verified

I have been living in Miami for a couple of years now, and I love to be here. All is good except the traffic and the parking spaces! I got my iPhone screen fixed and the techs were very friendly and knowledgeable, and they did a great job. An added bonus is that they can fix almost anything with your iPhone, from the most simple fix to the more complicated ones. I will be going back to them as often as I need iPhone screen repairs.

Sidney J. | Miami

iPhone Battery Replacement in Miami


iPhone Repair in Miami Second Review Image1.14.2019 Verified

It was a Sunday and I left my iPhone at home. I was driving to a church service and my iphone died before I could get there. Nobody carrys a spare battery any more, so I took it to a repair shop in Miami. The technician replaced my battery in less than 20 minutes and it cost me under $100.

Roderick H. | Miami

iPhone Repair in Miami


iPhone Repair in Miami Third Review Image3.4.2021 Verified

I accidentally dropped my iphone and the screen cracked. This iphone repair shop in Miami did an amazing job at fixing my iphone and their customer service was great. They reached out to me right away, and the repair only took 30 minutes. I’m very happy with the results and will definitely be using this company again!

iPhone Repair in Miami

The Best iPhone Repair in Miami

Getting your iPhone repaired can be a hassle. Furthermore, technicians give you long wait times and expensive solutions for cracked screens, water damage, and much more. No longer do you have to be without your phone. You can bring it to our shop, located near you, and we will get to repair it fast! We repair all models of iPhone in Miami, including the very latest iPhone models and all other older models as well. On the other hand, other shops might leave your screen shattered or flood your phone with liquid in order to fix the cracks. We never do this. We provide quality repairs on phones, iPads, and more! Make an appointment today! iPhone is one of the most desired Smartphones today in the world and most of people buy it at a higher price. But that doesn’t mean an end-user should not have an option to repair it or to make some upgrades with the help of professionals. You can have your iPhone repaired in Miami and on your way in as little as half-day (depending on the damage). Our goal is to make every single day, every minute, count for each and every customer! We offer same day iPhone repair in Miami no matter where you are located. All repairs come with a warranty and a friendly smile! Call us today.

iPhone Screen Replacements in Miami

iPhone Screen Replacements in Miami Image

If your iPhone’s screen is cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged or broken, you might not think of fixing it at first until you start seeing little bits of colored glass stuck in your finger every time you try to use your phone. However, once you do decide to fix the phone, it is likely too late and a real hassle getting it to anyone who can fix it and finding their store hours and getting there. Same day iphone screen repair in Miami services are available. Let us take the pain out of this for you by making a booking for the very next available slot for the nearest repair shop (there are many iPhone screens that we can fix on-site, including iPhone screen repair). Get a same day appointment for iphone screen repair in Miami today! We will then call you 15 minutes before your appointment so that you know where to come and when. Having to go through the trouble of having the phone shipped off-site or find the hour of getting to go to the repair shop. Getting an appointment for two weeks from now isn’t necessarily bad in itself. However, what if you wanted it repaired sooner than that? Now with us, you can get in touch with us and set up a time for us to come to your location so that you won’t have to waste any time going to our repair shop. We offer same day Apple iPhone screen repair in Miami at your location. iphone screen repair in miami, Our iPhone screen repair in Miami services include LCD Screen Repair – LCD replacement – Digitizer Touch Screen Repair. We offer same day service for all Apple iPhone repairs. All our certified technicians are Apple Certified and have been repairing Apple products for years. We do not charge extra labor just because you live out of town or in the neighboring towns.

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Miami

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Miami Image

Nothing can bight more than water damage in your Apple iPhone costing you thousands of dollars to repair unless you get your Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Miami as soon as possible. Thousands of Apple iPhone users are usually not able to have their phones fixed due to the high fee that warranty or insurance deduct by default. Our services are meant to help you with your loss. We are here right now to help you with your Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Miami and take it back to normal. Whether you do business online or run a brick-and-mortar store, water damage can be catastrophic to your electronics. The first thing that we do is get an appointment scheduled for you at your home or office. iPhone water damage repair in Miami We understand that your time is valuable and you want to get this repair done as soon as possible. Once we assess the damage, we will provide you with a price range so that you know how much it will cost to repair before we start any work on your device. We do not charge any upfront costs because we don’t believe in them. Our repairs are completely free of charge if we cannot fix the device. Getting a call from your customer that they have just dropped their iPhone into a pool is nerve-wracking. No one wants to deal with a wet phone! We are here to help! Do not hesitate! Call the experts at Phone&Computer.com. iphone repair shop in miami, You probably think your iPhone is damaged and needs to be repaired. More than likely, you don’t know exactly what’s causing the problem. It could be something simple like a home button that’s sticking. But your phone is most likely still under warranty, so you should contact Apple before spending another dime on repairs or a new device. iPhone water damage repair in Miami We specialize in water damage repair services – but we also fix screen damage and perform general maintenance on all Apple iPhones. Our team develops a diagnosis right away, provides you with an accurate quote, and delivers exceptional customer service in the heart of South Florida. Book now to get the best service at our affordable pricing.

iPhone Battery Replacements in Miami

iPhone Battery Replacements in Miami Image

The batteries are very expensive and even more when you have to replace them. Very inconvenient and time-consuming especially for the demanding people out there. These are our same day Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Miami services that we provide at your location and an affordable price. When it comes to repairing your apple iPhone at a new location, PhoneandComputer.com is the trusted name that serves as your one-stop replacement solution for any iPhone battery problem you may have. You can trust us with your valuable technology – from the simplest screen repair to replacing water or cracked screen, or simply refreshing your device, we handle all the repairs for you. iPhone battery replacement in Miami Your Apple iPhone battery isn’t holding a charge? It’s the worst. In today’s fast-paced world, our devices are our lifeline. Finding yourself with a dead phone is akin to having a paperweight in your pocket. And most places take days to get back to you -or worse, tell you it can’t be repaired. Get an iPhone battery replaced by the expert technicians at our shop today. We offer same-day service and repairs at your location or office. iPhone battery replacement in Miami Yes, even Saturdays! For just $$$, we can get that dead battery working again so you can get on with life again. iphone battery replacement in miami, The iPhone is a marvel of technology. But no matter how brilliant the phone, it can run down and its battery won’t power it up. If your iPhone battery is draining fast, it will become a nuisance and a chore to charge it every day. Battery replacement is not only a sensible option, but it’s also affordable. Our qualified technicians understand the importance of the good performance of your phone components, that’s why we are willing to repair your iPhone and all other versions on the same day at an affordable price. iPhone battery replacement in Miami We have been serving our customers for more than 15+ years now with high-quality repair services. Schedule an appointment online with us, get amazing deals on repairs done on your smartphones or tablets and get them repaired in your location or ours – you save time and money!

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Miami

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Miami Image

iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Miami is one of the most common repairs and can be a very expensive one if you try a DIY approach. The charging port repair is a solution for those who have damaged their Apple iPhone Charging Port adapters. The issue may occur after dropping the device or there may not be any visible damage to the charger. The cost of the repair is much more than what we charge our clients. Our iPhone charger replacement service at your location is available, 7 days a week. iPhone charging port replacement in Miami We will fix your phone and do all maintenance checks as well. You are going to enjoy your new iPhone with us. Broken charging port (a.k.a lightning connector) on your expensive smartphone? Losing the ability to charge your iPhone is pain and being seen with visible wires hanging out of your phone is even worse. Fix broken charging port at an affordable price, fast & at home! iPhone charging port replacement in Miami We can fix it while you wait or guarantee the next day’s service. Our technicians come to where you live for your convenience. It’s as simple as that! iphone repair near me in miami, Need Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Miami services? We offer same-day, competitively priced repairs on any generation of iPhone. Don’t go to the Apple Store and wait for months. Get it fixed today at a fraction of the price. With us you can enjoy 7 days a week efficient service without wait times, have our certified technicians come to your home or office, help you make an appointment, and give advice on any repair question that you might have.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Miami

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Miami

We specialize in iPhone repair. Whether you have a broken screen, damaged LCD, or need a battery replacement, we can help you. We offer premium quality iPhone repair in Miami services at unbeatable prices. Our technicians are knowledgeable and friendly and they take pride in their work. We will diagnose and fix your device in no time and we offer same day services at your location. Our team of professionals is here to offer the most affordable and professional iPhone repair service in the industry. We are open 7 days a week, which means that you can get your device fixed at a time that’s convenient for your schedule. Our techs have over 15+ years of experience in all iPhone repairs.

Mobile iPhone Repair in Miami

Need your iPhone repaired? We fix it the same day – wherever and whenever you need. Want to get your iPhone repaired tomorrow? Done that too. Why wait? Repairing a smartphone can be a pain and expensive. iPhone repair in Miami at your doorstep or the repair shop of your choice. You dropped your beloved iPhone, created a small crack on the screen, the display froze or it’s just not working properly. iPad has lost its control and you don’t know what to do? Trust us with your gadget.

Apple iPhone Repair in Miami

Tired of waiting so many days to get your cracked or damaged iPhone repaired? Not to mention the high price charged by some companies? You’re busy but your Apple iPhone is not so well. But the repair costs could be more than the phone’s value. Don’t let the minor scratches and dents on your Apple iPhone stop you in your tracks. We have affordable Apple iPhone Repair in Miami that deliver precise and smooth fixes to your smart mobile device.

iPhone Repair Near Me in Miami

iPhone Repair Near Me in Miami

Clock the time wasted in searching for a reliable service provider. Hope you didn’t forget your laptop at home! We offer same day services on all iPhone repairs. Unlike others, we send one of our experts to your location! Save your time and money, visit us today. You just bought an iPhone yesterday but really want to enjoy it today! If you got that Apple iPhone Repair in Miami urge, our same day service will help you get your iPhone back as good as new in no time. Get your appointment scheduled and we’ll take care of the rest. Your tech-enthusiast partner or child has broken the screen of their beloved iPhone. And now you’re stuck. Taking it to a repair store means a trip across town where you’ll probably have to book it in. There is also the expense of getting it repaired – and that could take four days! Thanks to our Express Repair service, we can come to your location and fix any Apple iPhone. We’ll even do it while you wait so no waiting around in waiting rooms.

7 Days Open iPhone Repair Shop in Miami

Broke your iPhone? Time to trash it and forget all about it? Save yourself some money. Then get back to living. Don’t trash your phone. If you live anywhere near a major city or town, there are tons of repair shops around – and we know why you have a hard time choosing which one to turn to. You don’t have time to read through review after review and compare their services, prices, schedules. iPhone repair in Miami And let’s not even think about the level of customer service they provide. We provide the most honest and professional repair experience in town. Our job is simple: to fix your device at the best price possible, in the fastest way possible, with the least amount of hassle possible, so you can enjoy your phone again and worry less about a thing!

iPhone Repair Shop in Miami

Need to restore your iPhone. (And does your iTunes backup still work? And can you remember the security code for that old SIM card?) Our expert engineers are industry-trained specialists in providing service and hardware solutions for Apple products. They are able to repair any issue on your iPhone, including hard drive failure, unable to activate or being stuck in recovery mode, water damage, etc. You can put your trust in our Apple iPhone repair in Miami professionality.

Most Common iPhone Repairs in Miami

Out of warranty iPhone repairs come with a high premium price. One that’s just not worth it if you’re on a budget. Smartphone repairs are supposed to save time and money. Yet, they’re hardly both. Just give us a call to set up your repair. iPhone Repair in Miami We make appointments that are convenient for you – not only to make life easier but also so we can take the most time possible on your repair, giving you the best service at the best price! Going seeking for your mobile phone to the Apple store is not only a waste of your precious time but also, can be costly. iPhone Repair in Miami Select our trustworthy, quick, and efficient mobile phone repair service without having to head down to the Apple store. Choose between mail-in or appointment services. iPhone Repair in Miami Get all guaranteed repairs done by professionals. All at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. find iphone screen replacement in miami

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Miami

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Miami

Buying a new iPhone 8 Plus can be costly and getting it repaired is even more expensive. Don’t throw away your money and buy a new phone. Not when you can get your existing phone fixed. We are one of the most trusted Apple iPhone 8 Plus repair in Miami shops in the country. Our expert technicians have been trained to provide exceptional repair services using premium quality parts – at a fraction of cost. We are available seven days a week.

iphone 8 plus repair in miami

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Miami

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Miami

Looking for a cheap, same-day, Apple iPhone 7 Plus repair service that you can trust? Hiring a shady technician to get iPhone 7 Plus repaired in Miami seems like the best option. Our technicians are among the most trusted in the industry because we stand by our work and we have customers spreading positive reviews all over the web. We’re here is to change the way you think about mobile phone repair services. We’ve got everything under control! Book an appointment today with us.

iphone 7 plus repair in miami

iPhone XR Repair in Miami

iPhone XR Repair in Miami

Finding a phone repair shop in your area that has a good reputation can be a major pain. So, you know your iPhone is worth a lot and you just want it repaired quickly and easily so you can enjoy it as new again! When it comes to repairing iPhone XR screens, we are the best Apple iPhone XR repair in Miami shop in our area. We can replace iPhone XR glass screens. Damaged your iPhone XR? Need to find a repair shop? Having an iPhone is such a blessing, you wouldn’t want it to get damaged. We appreciate our customers and their trust in us, which is why we only use original parts from Apple. Trust us with your phone, get in touch and you won’t regret it!

iphone xr repair in miami

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Miami

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Miami

Frustration. Broken iPhones are frustrating to use and annoying to deal with. The iPhone glass is only made of a thin sheet of glass! The slightest bump or drop can leave your phone shattered into a dozen pieces. Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Miami This means that if you’re like most people, your phone has been dropped at least once. And let’s face it, not everyone is as skilled in handling delicate electronics or knows how to repair broken Apple iPhone screens. We can help! Our fully trained staff will come to you and perform the screen repair on-site. From replacing the broken screen to fitting the front panel, we’ve got you covered. Your iPhone will look brand new when we finish. Our price is unbeatable and our service top-notch. Call us now to learn more!

apple iphone screen repair in miami

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Miami

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Miami

Your iPhone battery is busted and you’re looking to save some cash by replacing it yourself or maybe paying even less. The problem is, you don’t know where to find decent battery replacement services that offer same day service. And if you don’t want to go crazy looking for the cheapest replacements, why not just get it done at our repair shop? You have an Apple iPhone, but you’re the one who’s trying to replace the batteries. Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Miami That has to stop. Want a convenient way to ensure that you never have to worry about your iPhone battery dying again? Getting a new battery is just a service call away. Call us and get it done today!

apple iphone battery replacement in miami

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Miami

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Miami

Any water damage has a very high risk of permanently damaging your iPhone, which is why you should never attempt to open your iPhone device. Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Miami We fix the problem, not the symptoms by placing your iPhone in an environment that does not have moisture present and uses a proprietary process for drying out your iPhone. This protects the failure prone hardware inside that still tends to function despite what it looks like on the surface.

apple iphone water damage repair in miami