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Our dispatch location for iPhone Repair in Coral Springs is well-known for offering outstanding customer service and great repair services. Our team is always available to help with any problem, so don’t fret if your device is broken or if it hasn’t been fixed in a timely fashion–we are here to help. We strive to offer our customers the best service because we are confident in our ability to fix issues quickly and efficiently. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Cassie G. | Coral Springs

iPhone Screen Repair in Coral Springs


iPhone Repair in Coral Springs First Review Image2.21.2020 Verified

Oh no…my iPhone slipped out of my hand and fell on the ground. We’ve all been there, right? I was devastated, but after calling these guys phone and computer Coral Springs I was assured that they could fix my iphone screen. They were friendly and professional, and fixed it within an hour! The iphone looks brand new again!!!

Nalani K. | Coral Springs

iPhone Battery Replacement in Coral Springs


iPhone Repair in Coral Springs Second Review Image11.16.2019 Verified

My iPhone’s battery was swollen and I needed a replacement, so I found the iPhone Battery Repair service Coral Springs on Groupon. The service did a great job and got my phone back to normal. Thank you very much.

Laniyah C. | Coral Springs

iPhone Repair in Coral Springs


iPhone Repair in Coral Springs Third Review Image1.6.2021 Verified

My daughter dropped her iPhone, so I decided to get it fixed. I took it to the Apple store near Coral Springs, and they told me that the screen would cost $200 to replace, and that if they couldn’t get the parts in, it would be $300. So I started researching local iphone repair shops near Coral Springs, and came across this great local business. They did a great job fixing my daughter’s iPhone for $70!

iPhone Repair in Coral Springs

The Best iPhone Repair in Coral Springs

iPhones are expensive and nobody wants to see them broken. But if your iPhone gets dropped or gets damaged by spilled liquid, whatever the problem is, you need to get a professional repair. Our professional experts will get your phone back in working condition quickly and repair any issue as well as any manufacturer defects. We are ready for same-day appointments on all our iPhone repairs in Coral Springs, with industry-leading warranties on all parts and services. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars purchasing a new Apple iPhone when you can get your iPhone repaired. Disappointed by service providers who say that they provide same-day repairs but delay the services? Having your iPhone repaired is one of the biggest pains. Finding a service provider that is close to you, waiting endlessly while they make repairs, paying overpriced repair fees, and having to send your phone in for several days. Losing faith in humanity? We can relate. If you have ever found yourself in the store line waiting for an hour, a day or even three-plus weeks only to be told that your repair is going to be back-ordered for an equally equivalent amount of time and then… not even find out when, much less if it comes in, you know what it feels like to have your faith in humanity tested. Sometimes it’s best just to leave it untouched (it won’t anyway). Get fast and affordable iPhone repair in Coral Springs without the hassle at Apple Repair Phone&Computer Coral Springs by just getting an easy appointment.

iPhone Screen Replacements in Coral Springs

iPhone Screen Replacements in Coral Springs Image

Getting an iPhone screen repaired can be an expensive and lengthy experience. Get a same day appointment for iphone screen repair in Coral Springs today! You could either pay to send it away or go to a local service center and wait a while before getting your mobile device back. It’s either that or risk buying a cheaper imitation as a temporary fix. Now you can get your iPhone screen fixed by professionals locally within 1 hour without compromising on the quality or the Apple experience of your device. One expert service, same-day nationwide! We come to you and we provide high-quality parts and a 100% guarantee on all of our repairs. Book now to avoid disappointment! Having your phone repaired is not always easy. Our mission is to have your phone working right and looking good as new in a timely manner. We keep that mission at the forefront. Same day iphone screen repair in Coral Springs services are available. By using a combination of skill, experience, and technology, our repair experts are able to fix 95% of iPhone and iPhone Plus screen repairs within hours. Shattered your Apple iPhone’s screen? Don’t let the high price get to you. In most cases, we have what you need on-site and it can be fixed in just 30 minutes. Save time and money by making an appointment today for your iPhone screen repair. We offer same day Apple iPhone screen repair in Coral Springs at your location. iphone screen repair in coral springs, Apple phones are the best and most expensive smartphones around, yet they break the most easily. iPhone screen repair in Coral Springs Poor build quality on their handsets means more and more iPhone screens are breaking every day. Do you know that Apple iPhone has an amazing Retina display? There is no better way to experience the millions of colors, pixels, and a resolution of 1136 x 640 than on an iPhone.

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Coral Springs

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Coral Springs Image

Are you having trouble with your water damaged Apple iPhone device? Don’t worry, Water Damaged Phone Repair is here to help. We have been fixing iPhones since they first came out and we can help you. Trying to troubleshoot your water damaged device on your own is a big mistake. iPhone water damage repair in Coral Springs It’s a potentially dangerous process and will void the warranty on your phone if done incorrectly. There are special procedures that must be followed when repairing water damaged devices. Our certified technicians will diagnose the problem, get the part ordered, and repair your device in no time! Our staff has over 15+ years of experience in this industry and all our repairs come with a warranty. iPhone water damage repair in Coral Springs If your iPhone has been submerged in water, you should turn it off and remove the battery as quickly as possible. Once you have done this, you should then remove the SIM card, memory card, and any other removable parts of the iPhone. The next step is to dry the iPhone with a soft absorbent cloth to avoid damage. iPhone water damage repair in Coral Springs You should then place the device into a bowl of uncooked rice and leave it overnight. This will help to remove any moisture that is left inside your device. iphone repair shop in coral springs, For years people were buying dry boxes, drying their phones, and hoping for a fix. Sometimes it worked… sometimes it didn’t. People were wasting money on products that they had no guarantee would fix their problem. And if they damaged their phones worse, or even broke it… iPhone water damage repair in Coral Springs well, then they were at a loss – literally. That no longer needs to happen thanks to our own mighty proprietary solution. Our leak detection equipment and our process will identify the water damage in your iPhone before you have to open up your device and find the damage.

iPhone Battery Replacements in Coral Springs

iPhone Battery Replacements in Coral Springs Image

The moment your iPhone battery starts to lose its capacity is a frustrating one. You begin to feel like you are always connected, yet never actually connected to your phone. The Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Coral Springs is an affordable and effective way to get a new battery in your phone while also improving its overall performance. Let’s take a look at how this replacement service can help you with your iPhone battery needs. How the Battery Replacement Service Works is the Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Coral Springs service offers professional battery replacement services for the Apple iPhone at all of our locations across South Florida. Our technicians will start by examining your iPhone to determine the source of the problem. If the issue is a result of a faulty or dead battery, we will then remove the old battery and replace it with a brand new one. Once this process is complete, we will run several tests on your device to ensure that it is working properly before sending it back to you. Why Choose Us. There are plenty of reasons why choosing us as your Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Coral Springs service provider makes sense: Same Day Service – We understand that getting a replacement battery for your iPhone is important so that you can get back to using your device right away. iphone battery replacement in coral springs, Revealed, last year, since September 2015 all iPhone 6S and later units are throttled back to reduce random shutdowns related to degraded batteries. But it does not extend their iPhone’s lifespan. In 2017 Apple admitted to intentionally slowing down iPhones with older batteries. So you feel like you were cheated. And now you can’t help thinking your iPhone 6 or later model is bereft of power. The battery easily drains and can cause your phone to shut down while in the middle of something important like a Skype conference or an online game or file transfer over Bluetooth. You have been struggling with a slow-down iPhone for a long time? We know how annoying it is when your new fancy phone slows down anchor your expectations. iPhone battery replacement in Coral Springs Therefore we offer same day repairs on various types of iOS issues and battery needs.

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Coral Springs

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Coral Springs Image

The latest versions of the iPhone have a glass back and are sealed with firm glue. iPhone charging port replacement in Coral Springs If you break your phone and need to replace the charging port, that’s not something we can do here. You’ll need to bring it to a repair shop that has specialized equipment. Troubleshooting the charging port on an iPhone or later models sometimes requires the use of specialized tools. Apple’s repair guides outline a process for testing and replacing the Lightning port, but it’s best left to professional technicians to avoid damaging your device. The most affordable way to get this done is by visiting an Apple store location or calling for support from an authorized technician. The first step in troubleshooting your iPhone’s charging port is to try another charger and cable. If you’re using a third-party charger or cable, try using one that came with the iPhone or iPad originally. iPhone charging port replacement in Coral Springs If you have another cable you’ve used successfully in the past, try that as well. iPhone charging port replacement in Coral Springs If you’re plugging in your device to charge or sync and it gets stuck, unplug it immediately and check for any damage to the connector surrounding pins on the Lightning port itself. You can also use an ohmmeter to check for resistance across all five pins. iphone repair near me in coral springs, Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Coral Springs services usually take days and leave your iPhone without a proper interface. We fix charging ports on-site to get the job done right while you wait using genuine parts and tools. We are an Apple iPhone repair service provider with a quick response team with experienced technicians. We deal with any MacBook, iPhone, or iPad that needs repair.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Coral Springs

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Coral Springs

Most people are hyper-critical of their mobile devices and thus they worry a lot when it comes to any kind of repair work. This can be seen in the huge numbers of negative feedbacks on comparison websites, where people have experienced a shaky experience with a third party repair service before. We have attempted to bring down all repair fears associated with your device to zero by combining our experience with advanced diagnostic types of equipment, swift repairs, and highly sophisticated logistics so that you get your iPhone repaired at the most affordable rates on the day itself. We guarantee you access to top quality Apple iPhone Repair in Coral Springs service at very low prices. Arriving at your doorstep at home or work, we will diagnose and fix your device issue within 30 minutes. Walk-ins are always welcome! Find a provider that can fix your iPhone in just one visit and your local area. That’s right! We come to you. With one simple call, we can schedule an appointment at a time and place convenient for you so you don’t have to waste time going from store to store trying to find the best service at the cheapest price.

Mobile iPhone Repair in Coral Springs

Our services are available to all customers in the South FL area and the surrounding tri-state region. iPhone repair in Coral Springs We use only genuine OEM parts and accessories, so you can rely on our work to last. In addition, we provide free diagnostic services for customers who aren’t sure about the problem with their device. And if any part needs replacement during a repair, we’ll let you know before proceeding further so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. To schedule an appointment or ask questions about our services, contact us today!

Apple iPhone Repair in Coral Springs

Broken iPhone; iPhone not charging; Cracked screen; Water damaged phone; iPhone won’t turn on; Not working properly. iPhone Repair in Coral Springs is the leading provider of cell phone repair services in your area. Same Day Fix! We pick up and deliver, at no extra charge. Trust the most affordable, dependable, and professional service in your area. Don’t deal with a cell phone repair shop that doesn’t offer a warranty on their repairs! We stand behind our workmanship and customer service.

iPhone Repair Near Me in Coral Springs

iPhone Repair Near Me in Coral Springs

Apple iPhone Repair Specialists. Providing Apple repairs in a timely manner to your location. iPhone repair in Coral Springs We have access to factory-authorized parts for all makes of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. We use them all the time and you can trust us to repair your device right the first time we see it. Trying to find an Apple repair service that offers same day and at your home/office? We are a mobile repair shop that comes out to you. How do we do this? Well, we service our customers and they come back week after week. They get the best customer service they can find, they get honesty and integrity, and they get the most affordable options in town. Our technicians are trained in-house by certified engineers with years of experience. They know how to fix all kinds of Apple devices so you get it fixed correctly the first time around.

7 Days Open iPhone Repair Shop in Coral Springs

Smartphone dealerships rip you off. Picking up that phone and dialing into their automated system wastes all your time and gets you nowhere. Apple iPhone Repair in Coral Springs is making things simpler, faster, and easier by offering same day repair services in the most convenient way possible. That’s right – you can now get your phone repaired at your location! We are everywhere within the area to bring you this amazing service.

iPhone Repair Shop in Coral Springs

Finding a professional iPhone screen replacement shop that you can trust with a convenient location schedule an appointment and show up. If you are tired of looking for a professional iPhone Repair in Coral Springs, then Apple iPhone Repair is the right place. We provide same day service, cheap prices, and guaranteed satisfaction! Why would you look any further? Stop wasting time looking for a cheap iPhone repair company. Call now and get your device fixed the same day by one of our expert technicians.

Most Common iPhone Repairs in Coral Springs

Your iPhone’s power button stopped working. Or maybe the screen became unresponsive. iPhone Repair in Coral Springs Maybe the email app isn’t working. And everything happens just before you leave to catch the plane to your friend’s wedding in Vegas! We have a team of professionals who are available 7 days a week to fix any iPhone issues that you might face. Our iPhone Repair in Coral Springs services include LCD replacement, battery replacement, charging port repair, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and more. We charge a flat rate for all services and can get your job done the same day or the next day at your location. iPhone Repair in Coral Springs If there are parts that need to be ordered, our time will not start until we receive the parts to ensure you don’t wait around on us when we could have started sooner with the correct parts in hand. find iphone screen replacement in coral springs

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Coral Springs

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Coral Springs

iPhone 8 Plus Repair was always a complicated and costly affair. Our services are affordable and professional. We provide same day services at your location, saving you time and money. We replace your iPhone 8 Plus glass, LCD, battery, speaker, and home button using premium-grade materials such as OEM Glass, LCDs, and Screens. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your Apple iPhone 8 Plus repaired in Coral Springs without hassle.

iphone 8 plus repair in coral springs

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Coral Springs

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Coral Springs

Trying to replace a broken iPhone 7 Plus screen is stressful and frustrating. Fixing your cracked screen at a repair shop or using a DIY kit can cost you time and money, not to mention the frustration of having to be without your phone. We understand that you value your time and want to get back up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why our professional iPhone 7 Plus repair in Coral Springs technicians come directly to you, traveling the shortest possible distance in their own vehicles. With us, you don’t need to hunt down the closest repair shop or waste time waiting for an iPhone 7 Plus screen or other components to arrive at a local store, only to then have it installed incorrectly.

iphone 7 plus repair in coral springs

iPhone XR Repair in Coral Springs

iPhone XR Repair in Coral Springs

Your iPhone is your best friend. But one day you drop it and your heartbreaks. Before you know it, you are an Apple customer service rep, the agent tells you: ”it’s going to break the bank to fix this…” The words ”we have a repair center” flash before your eyes and you hang up with a sigh of relief. You call us, we answer the phone (really!) and give you an appointment at a convenient time. You arrive at our repair center and you get amazing customer service as well as having a friendly technician inform you exactly how long it will take till your device is fixed. If your screen is cracked or shattered, or if your battery has run out of juice, come to our iPhone XR repair center. We offer speedy iPhone XR repairs in Coral Springs at prices much better than our competitors.

iphone xr repair in coral springs

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Coral Springs

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Coral Springs

Calling a repair shop and sitting for hours to get your iPhone screen repaired. Or worse, dropping off your phone only to come back later in the day to find it will cost you an arm and a leg. Don’t bother with that headache any longer. Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Coral Springs We can fix it on the spot at a more affordable price and within an hour. It is easy to get an appointment using our website, free and instant!

apple iphone screen repair in coral springs

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Coral Springs

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Coral Springs

The most important app on your phone is about to transform into your worst nightmare. Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Coral Springs You’re tired and frustrated, you have been waiting at the Apple store for hours now. You have a long way back home and you really need your smartphone. This is when we come in to solve your problem. Avoid going through the hassle of having to wait for ages at an Apple Store because you need a battery replacement for your iPhone or iPad. We are here to help you get it done! Start by giving us a call today!

apple iphone battery replacement in coral springs

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Coral Springs

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Coral Springs

Water damage can be devastating. It makes your iPhone unusable when the water dries up and your iPhone stops working properly. If you are seeking a cost-effective way to repair your iPhone then you are at the right place. We offer same-day service and pay for the repair upfront so you do not have to worry about paying an outrageous amount of money to get your iPhone repaired. Getting a professional service from our Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Coral Springs shop is essential in order to prevent further damage to your device and also to avoid spending too much on repairs.

apple iphone water damage repair in coral springs