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It’s time to get your iPhone fixed by experienced and efficient professionals. We offer iPhone Repair in Aventura at reasonable prices and efficient services so you can get your iPhone fixed fast and back to normal. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Ashton M. | Aventura

iPhone Screen Repair in Aventura


iPhone Repair in Aventura First Review Image10.4.2020 Verified

I had my Iphone screen replaced in Aventura. The technician who came to my apartment was very friendly, the price was extremely reasonable, and replacing the screen took only 30 minutes. I will take all of my electronics to them when they need repair.

Rebeca N. | Aventura

iPhone Battery Replacement in Aventura


iPhone Repair in Aventura Second Review Image6.4.2019 Verified

I just wanted to thank you guys for fixing my iPhone’s battery on a Saturday afternoon in Aventura. It was a huge help and time saver! If anyone of my friends or family has a problem with their phone I’ll definitely send them your way.

Karli K. | Aventura

iPhone Repair in Aventura


iPhone Repair in Aventura Third Review Image3.23.2021 Verified

I was looking for a new iphone repair business in Aventura for my iPhone, and I found this awesome company on the internet. I wanted to give them a shot and see what they can do with my phone. And they did an awesome job! I’m very happy with the service I got!

iPhone Repair in Aventura

The Best iPhone Repair in Aventura

We fix many Apple iPhones on the spot. We repair iPhone liquid damage, charging ports, cracked LCDs, and many other iPhone problems. We can fix your phone right away so you won’t have to wait. We also provide same-day service and next-day repair services in some cases. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about all things iPhone-related. The trouble with your camera not working? No problem! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you out. We offer free diagnostics, so you don’t have to pay for something that we can’t fix or isn’t broken. That way, you know exactly what’s wrong before you pay for the repair. If your camera is broken, it’s much easier to find a solution and a price. You’ll love the way we do business! At Phone&Computer Aventura, we strive to offer the best possible solution for your Apple iPhone repair in Aventura. Our repair specialists are trained to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We have been fixing Apple products for many years now and have developed a reputation for great service in our area. We offer same day Apple iPhone repair in Aventura at your location.

iPhone Screen Replacements in Aventura

iPhone Screen Replacements in Aventura Image

We have the best prices for Apple iPhone screen repair and replacement, check out our website to get your screen fixed today. Get a same day appointment for iphone screen repair in Aventura today! We are a mobile repair service and we come to you! Get a free quote today. If your Apple iPhone is suffering from a cracked or shattered screen, you may be tempted to go online and purchase one of the many inexpensive parts that are available. Same day iphone screen repair in Aventura services are available. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a quick and easy repair when it comes to an iPhone. The only way to ensure that your device is properly repaired is to visit a trusted technician who specializes in iPhone repairs. There are several key issues that you’re likely to encounter when trying to replace the screen on your phone, including At PhoneAndComputer, we offer the most affordable rates on all of our repairs, and we provide same-day service so you won’t have to wait around for your device. In addition, we provide a walk-in service so you never have to worry about scheduling an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. We offer same day Apple iPhone screen repair in Aventura at your location. iphone screen repair in aventura, Dropped your beloved iPhone and damaged the screen? Can’t afford a new one? Apple Repairs are a quality mobile repair service for all of your mobile needs. iPhone screen repair in Aventura Our certified technicians come directly to you for all your phone repair needs. We offer you the most cost-effective solutions to get your phone back to you in tip-top shape; same-day service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura

iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura Image

The Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura is something that is quite common and everyone who owns an iPhone knows that. However, repairing a damaged Apple iPhone is not a cheap thing to do and many people tend to think twice if it’s actually worth fixing or not. You can purchase insurance for your phone from any of the main carriers or with any of the Apple retailers. It may cost you some money but it depends on how much you want or needs to repair or replace your phone, as well as if you have coverage with your carrier of choice. Which will end up saving you lots of money in the end and all in one package! You can now get all the parts that need replacing in just one package so take care of all your Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura problems at once. Losing your phone is never a good thing but the pain of water damaging your iPhone is what can make this a nightmare. The iPhone is slippery to hold, so you might find yourself dropping it in a puddle or spilling your morning coffee all over it. No matter how careful you are, it always seems to happen at the worst possible time when it matters most. Sounds like you need an Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura. We are here to help you and provide you with exceptional and professional service done in one day at your location. iphone repair shop in aventura, Your iPhone is drenched with water or liquid and you want to get rid of it by destroying it completely. You will never be able to check your email or any other purpose with the gadget anymore. The most effective way on the market is to send the Apple iPhone for repair to a professional Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura company. They are referred to fix broken devices much faster than usual and make the device as good as new again!

iPhone Battery Replacements in Aventura

iPhone Battery Replacements in Aventura Image

For all your Apple iPhone battery replacement in Aventura needs, you can count on us. We are an experienced repair shop that specializes in a variety of services for all iPhone models and brands. Whether you need your battery replaced or have other general issues with your phone, we can help. iPhone battery replacement in Aventura We care about the quality of our work and strive to provide excellent customer service. We are a local repair shop, which means we do not require you to mail in your device or send us pictures of the problem before we assess your device. We come to you at any location within the South Florida area and fix your device right then and there. We also work with all different kinds of budgets and offer affordable pricing. Let our highly trained technicians help resolve any problems that you may be having with your phone today! If we don’t fix it, we will give you a FREE Diagnostic Fee Credit towards any future repairs! iPhone battery replacement in Aventura You might have tried the warranty, but they won’t fix your iPhone. What should you do? Maybe you have considered buying a new phone but…!… that’s just not an option right now. Getting it replaced seems like the obvious answer. iphone battery replacement in aventura, Getting the best deal and purchasing a new battery for your iPhone can be frustrating. You have to find the right company that’s affordable, professional, and of high quality. There are many companies offering cheap prices but end up charging you more than you expected in the end. iPhone battery replacement in Aventura Other repair shops will make you wait a long period of time just to get an appointment at their location.

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Aventura

iPhone Charging Port Replacements in Aventura Image

Your iPhone’s charging port on your home button is not working? We fix it while you wait. Have the same issue with your iPhone’s charging port on the home button? If so, we can fix it at our repair shop today. Are you in need of Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Aventura services, but don’t want to take a day off and travel downtown or to other locations just to get it fixed? Our repair shop is located in your city and offers same-day servicing. We also have an appointment-based system so others don’t have to struggle to find a location and get their Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacements done at once. No more stressful days just running around from one repair shop to another. Overpriced and painful overcharged for iPhone charging port replacement in Aventura by the Apple Service Center. Had enough of paying so much to the Apple Service Center or other for your iPhone charging port replacement in Aventura and repair services? You are at the right place if you have been looking for affordable, efficient, and fast iPhone Charging Port Replacement services by an experienced technician. iphone repair near me in aventura, If your Apple iPhone charging port is broken you likely have no sound coming out of your speaker or the ability to charge your phone without having a wobbly charge cable. Here at Phone&Computer, we pride ourselves on providing the fastest, most reliable Apple iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Aventura the business. We ensure all work is done professionally and in a timely manner so that you can get back to using your iPhone without any hassle. We provide same day repair service for all Apple devices, including iPad’s, iPod’s and MacBook computers!

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Aventura

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone Repair in Aventura

Cracked screen on your iPhone? Water damage that has stopped your iPhone from working? Speaking of iPhones, there will be one common thing you have thought if you’re using this phone – ”It gets damaged easily!” As time flies, a broken phone can get in the way of business calls and meetings. iPhone repair in Aventura This is why a large number of people are afraid to bring their precious mobile devices into frequent contact with water or to public places. At this repair shop, we repair all types of damages on your Apple iPhone including cracked screens, water damage, and a battery that has stopped working. If your iPhone is damaged, accident fixed or it’s just not working like you want we can help. Our professional and highly qualified experts do the work for you with excellence that you will appreciate in no time. Saving up for an expensive trip to a big city to visit a specialized repair shop? That doesn’t make sense anymore! Get your iPhone repaired in the comfort of your home with us!

Mobile iPhone Repair in Aventura

Apple is the most valued brand in the world and its devices are highly expensive. This means that people are willing to spend a little more to get their device repaired professionally. There’s only a handful of repairers who can cater to this demand and hence, we’re here! We are not just Apple iPhone repair in Aventura specialists. Apart from that, we also offer professional mobile phone repair for all makes and models. Stop letting your device collect dust on the shelf and give us a call now!

Apple iPhone Repair in Aventura

Thank you for looking us up! We offer professional iPhone repair services at your residence or office. This way you don’t have to wait days for the problem to be solved and that too without having to leave your premises. With us, you can get an appointment on the same day. Look, we understand how important it is to have quick access to iPhone repair in Aventura without having to leave our home or office premises. Time is money and can’t afford either of them being wasted on getting your phone repaired at the store or getting a visit from a repairer.

iPhone Repair Near Me in Aventura

iPhone Repair Near Me in Aventura

Wrecked your iPhone? Do you need an iPhone repair in Aventura? The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular Smartphones in the world today. Even though it’s a very reliable phone, sometimes accidents happen and can cause damage to your phone. Damaged your prized possession? Forgot where you put it? Drop it somewhere? Seriously, a phone is a fragile thing to handle. We use our phones more than 20 hours a day, we watch enough films and play enough games to kill it. Get dust inside or drop it in the water? Even if your screen is cracked or shattered, we have repair options available depending on the damage. You can also bring it to us and get a free quote for repairs before you commit. We accept all major insurance companies, so bringing your device there doesn’t void your warranty either.

7 Days Open iPhone Repair Shop in Aventura

Replacing your iPhone is expensive. You’ve heard horror stories of people replacing their screen only to find out it was the wrong screen and they have to pay again. Time is money! Get the repair at a more convenient time than the next business day. iPhone repair in Aventura A lot of other businesses take their time with repairs, making you wait in line if you want to get a repair done. We can fix various Apple devices, ranging from MacBooks to iPads and iPhones. Our experts can perform software and hardware repairs on all Apple smartphones ― that too at extremely affordable rates. Got a device in your hand that isn’t working? Rest easy ― it’s never too late for an Apple repair. Call us today and get it fixed before the sunsets!

iPhone Repair Shop in Aventura

Your iPhone refuses to obey your commands and you desperately need it fixed. If there is an app that keeps crashing or freezing, uninstall it from your device, restart your iPhone, and then reinstall the app. If no apps are freezing or crashing after restarting your device, visit Apple’s website to see if there are any known issues with the latest version of iOS software. The only thing you can think of doing is getting a new one but they are so expensive. Stop worrying because we can fix it. Apple iPhone Repair in Aventura by experts who know how to get the job done right the first time.

Most Common iPhone Repairs in Aventura

Losing your iPhone is upsetting. It’s also expensive – to replace, or repair. iPhone Repair in Aventura Because you need it for work… and play. Or maybe you’re not an iPhone owner, but know someone who would be distraught if they broke it. We make things right. We fix broken iPhone screens in just 30 minutes. iPhone Repair in Aventura Ask us about our next-day repair options. Being charged $50 for each 5-minute repair visit, or over $200 in total for a repair that should cost only $99 is unacceptable. We get it. No one deserves to be ripped off, especially when talking about their iPhone. At Apple iPhone Repair in Aventura we treat your phone like our own. This means charging a fair price that covers all the required repairs and a reasonable profit margin. Get your phone repaired by professionals who care at the most reasonable price in town. find iphone screen replacement in aventura

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Aventura

iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Aventura

You use your phone to work, play and stay connected. And because you rely on it so much, you never want to be without it. But when your iPhone 8 Plus can’t hold a charge any longer or the screen cracks, having a convenient and local repair service can make all the difference. iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Aventura Book an appointment with us right now and we’ll make sure your iPhone 8 Plus working like new again in no time – at a price that won’t make you cringe.

iphone 8 plus repair in aventura

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Aventura

iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Aventura

My iPhone screen is cracked and needs to be replaced? Can I trust this repair shop to do a professional job? Same problem – different day. No longer can we just take our phone to the mall, drop it off and sit back and relax while it gets repaired. Next thing you know 3-5 days later they call you back only to tell you to come to pick up your phone where it was left in worse condition than before! We offer same day affordable iPhone 7 Plus Repair in Aventura at your location. We use premium-grade iPhone 7 Plus replacement parts so your phone is never out of service for long.

iphone 7 plus repair in aventura

iPhone XR Repair in Aventura

iPhone XR Repair in Aventura

With today’s busy lifestyles, a cracked or shattered iPhone XR breaks your flow. A cracked phone not only affects your lifestyle but also drains your wallet especially if you don’t have the budget for a costly iPhone XR repair in Aventura. Our experienced technicians will ensure your iPhone XR is quickly back in action using premium-grade replacement parts. Be one of our satisfied customers who have benefited from our reliable and affordable services and find out how we achieve customer satisfaction.

iphone xr repair in aventura

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Aventura

Apple iPhone Screen Repair in Aventura

Accidentally dropping and breaking the screen of your beloved phone. The screen is smashed and being touched makes shards of glass fall off. Not only did you drop your phone, but you are now left with a phone that has a cracked screen. You do not want to go back to using that old Blackberry or Samsung flip phone that your dad bought and never got around to using again after the first week. We have the most affordable and professional iPhone Screen Repair in Aventura at your location.

apple iphone screen repair in aventura

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Aventura

Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Aventura

Apple iPhone has a terrible battery life unfortunately sometimes. It’s the one thing that seems to get worse over time. The true cause is that your battery needs replacing. You really can repair your battery. We offer same day services at an affordable operational cost. Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Aventura You have to take your precious phone to Apple, wait for hours, and pay for an arm and a leg. Our team will come to you, saving you time and making sure that you don’t stress about getting your phone fixed. With us, you can get the battery replacement done with same day service. Also, we offer a wide range of iPhone repairs at affordable rates.

apple iphone battery replacement in aventura

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura

Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura

Our customers are often left frustrated and angry when their phones get water damaged without any warning. This isn’t fair. We understand the same frustration, anger, and often a sense of helplessness that customers go through when their phone gets water damaged. Apple iPhone Water Damage Repair in Aventura It’s time to stop feeling helpless. We have experienced the same frustration felt by our customers and we decided to take action. We know our stuff inside out so you don’t have to spend hours searching for answers online. We offer free quotes on all services within just a few minutes of booking your appointment. Be sure that you will get the best prices possible. Our technicians also come backed with a warranty on all parts used in repairing your device so that you can say goodbye to scams, shops, and poor workmanship with us in tow!

apple iphone water damage repair in aventura