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A successful company is one that does whatever it can to satisfy its customers. We never rest on our laurels and are always doing our best to improve our iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair service. Not only will your iPhone be functioning like new, but you’ll help shape the future of the Phone and Computer. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Frank A. | Sunrise

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair


iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair First Review Image1.18.2021 Verified

I had a refurbished iPhone 5S purchased from I used it with no issues at all for some quiet time already until I dropped it into the saltwater. I always thought that phones should be durable to the water, at least for a few seconds??? I talked with the technician from this repair shop and Yes I was right! But the most important detail was; if an iPhone has been refurbished that means, they open the display and remove the tapes around the frame which helps to isolate water…! So I won’t be buying a refurbished iPhone ever again! You never know what surprise may acquire. They cleaned the iPhone 5S and replaced the battery as well. It was working back again… thank you so much

Irene R. | Lauderdale Lakes

iPhone 5S any Liquid Cleaning Service


iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Second Review Image2.9.2020 Verified

THE BEST SERVICE EVER!! I had taken my iPhone 5S to a couple different places and they all gave me the runaround. I was very skeptical about trying this website but it worked out great. The iphone was fixed in one day and was way cheaper than what the other places would have charged me. I would definitely recommend using PhoneandComputer!

Angeline A. | Oakland Park

iPhone 5S Water Removal Service


iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Third Review Image11.9.2019 Verified

Upon finding that I had caused water damage to my iPhone 5S, I quickly searched for a place that could help. After finding this repair shop, I called and was able to get an appointment the next day. The technician who helped me was friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about water damaged iphones. He even recommended a case to keep my iphone safe in the future! The turn around time for my repair was amazing…I received my phone back in same day!

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair

The Best iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair

You just realize that there’s water damage in your iPhone. Then you go on the internet, call a few places to ask about a water-damage repair for an iPhone. Most of the time, you either get a ”too expensive” or a ”they don’t do this type of repair” how does it feel? We have the most advanced iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Machine in the market, using advanced technologies. Do you have a damaged iPhone 5S with water damage? Is your phone not working anymore? We can help! We offer quick, expert iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs in all the FL. Our friendly technicians will come to you so you don’t have to travel. This saves you time and hassle! We also offer free diagnostics after a water damage service. Water damage to your iPhone can cause permanent damage. If your iPhone is wet, do not power it on. If your iPhone is turned on after water damage, you might see an image on the screen or hear a sound where no image should be. You might see additional symptoms if water damage has occurred. The battery would be the first one need to disconnect from the device for any possible further damage.

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs Image

In today’s society, phones are an extension of our personalities. When they break or become damaged in some way, we can feel lost or disconnected from the world around us. This is why we offer a number of iPhone 5S water damage repairs for those who have accidentally immersed their devices in a pool, sink, or toilet. We have been performing these repairs since the first generation of the iPhone was released and have come to be known as top-notch professionals in the field. Water damage can occur to you through no fault of your own! Accidents do happen and we can help. We perform iPhone 5S water damage repairs as well as other cell phone brands and models. If you need your iPhone repaired, don’t wait! Contact us for more information now. iPhone water damage repairs – No Problem! While replacing your iPhone may seem like the only option, get it repaired instead! Our technicians can quickly and easily resolve water damage, saving you money and time. We offer free diagnostics and free estimates on iPhone 5S water damage repairs. We know how it feels to be without your phone. Our team of qualified professionals will get your iPhone running like new again in no time. iphone 5s water damage repair, We repair all iPhone models. Water damage is unfortunately common with cell phones. Don’t pay $700 for a new phone. We can repair your iPhone in most cases and have it looking new again for a fraction of the cost. Our technicians perform all work in-house, reducing your wait time. Accidentally drop your iPhone 5S in water? It’s scary! You could lose all of your photos, contacts, and music. If you do happen to splash your iPhone with water, don’t worry. Don’t panic. We repair it! Our expert technicians are on hand to fix your phone, leaving you snatching back that breath you almost cut off. With the most affordable water damage repairs in town, our job is to get you up and running again as quickly as possible with minimal fuss. Any one of our team members can be trusted to work on your iPhone.

iPhone 5S Liquid Cleaning Service

iPhone 5S Liquid Cleaning Service Image

If your iPhone 5S has been exposed to liquid in any capacity, the first thing you should do is power your iPhone off by holding down the slide to power off the switch for a few seconds until the phone completely powers down. Your next step will be removing as much excess moisture as possible by gently wiping it away with a dry cloth. The only way to fix water-damaged phones is to take them in for repair. Be sure to contact our iPhone 5S water damage repair shop immediately so we can get started on repairing your phone when you are ready. Accidentally dropping your expensive device in water can be catastrophic. You know the feeling. Not only are you concerned about the damage to your latest investment, but you are also worried about how much this will cost to repair. The answer is simple with iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair. We specialize in water related issues, making sure that no matter what water has done to your iPhone, it can be returned back to normality properly in no time at all. We are available 7 days a week. iphone 5s repair locations, We’re here to put your mind at ease with our specially designed process for iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair. We can get rid of that nasty water and then get on with repairing any damages that may have occurred after the phone hit the floor. We can also fix any issues occurring due to faulty charging ports or cameras so you’ll be able to use your phone again.

iPhone 5S Same Day Water Removal Service

iPhone 5S Same Day Water Removal Service Image

We have been operating in this field for years and have managed to get a step ahead of the competition through hard work, long hours, and continuously upgrading our knowledge and skills. We can fix it! If you have any problems with your iPhone 5S water damage repair just head over to the scheduling form above and get started today. In the unfortunate situation that your phone was dropped in water is when we can be of service. If you have a phone with a liquid damage issue, we can fix water damage and save your phone from being a paperweight. We can do full iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs, charging ports, batteries, and more. Did the unfortunate dive in the pool? Or maybe your little rascal decided to drink water from the bathtub? With 3-4 million iPhones sold each week, it’s no surprise that water damage is one of the main mobile phone issues. Get yourself an appointment at our repair shop and get your phone fixed! We work with all models of Apple iPhones, and all other Apple devices such as iPad, iWatch, MacBook and other mobile devices. iphone 5s same day water removal service, The repair costs are affordable compared to purchasing a new device. When water damages your iPhone 5S, the advice you get from friends is ”change the device or throw it away”. This can cost quite a bit, and you really want to repair it. If your iPhone 5S is damaged by water, we can repair it for you. We specialize in water damage restorations and we do it for a very reasonable price.

iPhone 5S Water Free Service

iPhone 5S Water Free Service Image

We have the right skill and equipment for this job. Somehow you’ve dropped the important tool that you use to run your small business into the water. We can help you breathe new life into your iPhone. Our technicians are trained and experienced in providing quick service for iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair. The best part is it will cost significantly less than buying a new phone. Bring your phone to us today! We can restore your i phone to look and work like it did when you first bought it. Contact us today if your iPhone is damaged by water, or schedule an appointment on our website and learn more about our services. Don’t end up with a broken phone because of water damage! Come to us for iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair. Bring your phone to us, and we’ll remove the moisture and replace any damaged parts so your phone looks and works like new. We offer personalized service, competitive pricing, and professional technicians. If you drop an iPhone in water, it’s dead. Plain and simple. Not So Fast! The most important moment is how the water got in it? If the battery connection is the first place where water touches then you are in luck! The circuits will be safe by disabling the electricity from the battery. We’d be lying if we said only a few people have ever dropped an iPhone 5S in water. It happens all the time, yet there are no reliable 100% guaranteed solutions to fix water-damaged iPhones. Learn more about our iPhone Water Damage Repair service that can save your phone from being just one more statistic. When your iPhone 5S fall in water or some liquid, there’s a good chance that it will be damaged. iphone 5s repair near me, Many people assume that an Apple Device, such as a MacBook, can’t be repaired by someone other than Apple. But our experienced phone repair service specialists can fix any problem that your device may have. Whether you have water containing devices or liquid containing devices you can trust our experienced technicians to get things done right and at a great price. Our technicians get the job done quickly and effectively. It doesn’t matter what type of liquid damaged device you have whether it is from water, coffee, or juice we have you covered. Nowadays it is not so hard to find yourself in need of iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair. Whether you use your phone at home or in an office setting, it is always best to be warned in advance. Water damage repair may not be covered by your warranty, because damage due to liquid damage is not covered under Apple’s standard one-year support plan. We understand that you probably don’t have the time to go searching around for a repair shop that can handle iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs in your area. When you are handed a bill for several hundred dollars after something like this happens, it’s really hard to get over the month with other regular basis payments. That is why we offer the best and affordable water damage repair services for Apple iPhones. While most companies are trying to sell you a brand new phone, we are here to make your iPhone 5S whole again. We are the same company that Apple uses when they can’t repair your phone in-store. Our highly trained technicians specialize in all types of iPhone 5S repairs, including Water Damage Repair.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs

iPhone was broken due to water damage? Don’t panic! Since 2006, we have helped over 1 million people recover from water damage by providing our iPhone 5S Water Damage Cleaning and Repair Services. We are available 7 days a week and will come to your location the same day. If you notice your iPhone 5S is having a strange smell or not functioning properly after it has been in contact with water, you should immediately turn off your iPhone 5S at first. Bring your device to us before turning on your iPhone. This is quite immediate as it may lead to permanent damage to your device if you don’t act right away. Our skilled technicians can also do a thorough inspection of all ports and internal components of your device.

Mobile iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Services

You may have accidentally dropped your iPhone 5S in water, covered it in sunscreen, or used a cleaning solution. It could be that your children mishandled your phone while you were at work or otherwise distracted. You will need iPhone 5S Water Damage Cleaning and Repair Services to fix the damage caused to your phone for it to work again. With our professional iPhone 5S Water Damage Cleaning and Repair team to get the job done right the first time. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Apple iPhone 5S Water Damage Repairs

Apple iPhones are costly, so it is difficult to repair or replace them. Our repair services are more affordable than buying a new iPhone. Water damage upsets our daily routine. One of these things is being caught in the rain with your cell phone in your pocket. We offer onsite iPhone 5S Repair Services which allow us to inspect and test your phone. If your device’s Liquid Damage Indicator fails the test, then we are able to perform a full iPhone 5S Water Damage Cleaning, making it as good as new!

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Near Me

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Near Me

Do you have an iPhone in need of Water Damage Cleaning and Repair? Chances are, you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to find an iPhone 5S Water Damage Cleaning and Repair Service. There is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to water damage repair shops. Before you go plunk down your hard-earned money on a solution that may or may not deliver, call us first! We offer affordable and professional iPhone 5S water damage removal, our hassle-free, step-by-step instructional guide will ensure your iPhone 5S works like new again. With one of our repair kits, you will be able to repair the water damage yourself at home. Our iPhone repair kits can be used for various models of iPhones.

7 Days Open iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Shop

Damaged iPhone 5S, iPod, iPad, and Macs resulting from water damage is a common occurrence. Even the most careful person can ruin their electronic device after dropping it into a sink, pool, or toilet. Repairing your damaged iPhone 5S or other Apple product can be an expensive and time-consuming process. We provide a solution to the most common problem with your Apple products – water damage! We can help you to save money and time – especially if you have a busy schedule – by bringing our repair shop directly to your location!

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair Shop at Your Location

Did you know that iPhone 5S water damage can cause permanent hardware damages and now you have to buy a new expensive iPhone 5S? And why do we charge less than other repair shops? We don’t like long waiting lines or sending people home without getting their devices repaired. All we care about is you and your device. We want to solve your problem, we want to repair your iPhone 5S with quality parts and we want to make sure everything goes right – the first time!

Most Common iPhone 5S Repairs

There are many Repair Shops that charge high rates, especially if your iPhone 5S is damaged. We can offer affordable rates because our service does not involve replacing the screen, which is the most expensive part of the iPhone 5S. If you need a New Battery or Charging Port repaired call us to set up an appointment at your convenience. Having to just throw your iPhone 5S away when the screen breaks. Having to go to the mall or old repair shops, which overcharge you for unnecessary parts, or take half a day off work, or waiting for days… We come to you at your location. Our experts will fix your phone in no time while you wait and don’t leave until it’s good as new. find iphone 5s water damage repair near me

iPhone 5S Screen Repair

iPhone 5S Screen Repair

Calling around for the best price ̶ knowing that the lowest price usually means the least professional is frustrating especially when you might be without your phone for a few days. And then there’s the question of whether or not everyone using online glass repair services is getting quality work done at fair prices. We’re an honest, local company offering classic screen repairs, and we guarantee both your complete satisfaction and your iPhone’s safety and longevity. And we’ll come to you – which means no more wasted time behind a desk at a shop or dealing with traffic and parking to get your iPhone 5S screen repaired.

iphone 5s screen repair

iPhone 5S Battery Replacement

iPhone 5S Battery Replacement

Nowadays iPhones are basically smartphones for many people. They’re used to listening to music, playing games, using FaceTime and Skype, reading email, scheduling meetings… the list goes on. Due to all this, iPhone 5S batteries can drain fast. Don’t let your phone become a brick. Let us replace your iPhone 5S battery at an affordable price! The most common problems with Apple iPhone are related to the battery. iPhone 5S’s internal battery has a rating of 1000mAh, which gives it a pretty long life span as compared to other smartphones.

iphone 5s battery replacement

iPhone 5S Charging Port Repair

iPhone 5S Charging Port Repair

We are service providers of iPhone 5S Repair, founded by an experienced team of Apple technicians, Android Experts, Tablet Techs, Computer Service Professionals. Is your iPhone 5S charging port broken? We can fix it for you quickly and with minimal downtime. Our services are available for all brands of mobile devices and reliable laptops. We use genuine parts and we offer same-day services for broken iPhones.

iphone 5s charging port repair

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair

iPhone 5S Water Damage Repair

If your iPhone 5S Back Glass is broken, cracked, or shattered, you might need Back Glass Repair. Back glass is the outer protective layer of the phone’s body which protects the phone from scratches or damages. Although it can be replaced with a new one, you will save money if you only need the back glass repaired. The good thing about having your iPhone 5S repaired at our shop is that we are professional in what we do so you won’t have to face any problems. Our expert technicians will help you assess the extent of the damage and how much it will cost so you can know if you want to go through with the repairs.

iphone 5s water damage repair

iPhone 5S Diagnostic Service

iPhone 5S Diagnostic Service

Is your iPhone 5S water or liquid damaged? Don’t panic! Our qualified technicians can get your device running like new again. Liquid damage can be extremely stressful and time-consuming since you may need to take time off work, repair the device yourself or rely on others to do it for you. Why go through all of that when our location service is fast, efficient, and affordable? You’ve got liquid damage, and unsalvageable iPhone 5S, broken screen. And now you’re out of pocket and on the hunt for a quick way to fix the problem. We offer the most affordable, reliable, and professional iPhone 5S Water Damage Cleaning and Repair Services.

iphone 5s diagnostic service

iPhone 5S Other Repairs

iPhone 5S Other Repairs

When you need iPhone 5S diagnostics, the only option is to take your device to an official Apple repair shop and wait for hours before you can get your smartphone back. You either pick it up or pay extra for delivery, both of which require you to stay at home and miss on some of the things you had planned on that day. With us, we understand your pain. We aim to make your experience as convenient as possible. Leave it with us and we will pick it up from your apartment, place of work, etc. We will provide a 30-minute online diagnostics report on some issues free of charge if required.

iphone 5s repair near me