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Ruth D. | Aventura

iPhone 11 Screen Repair


iPhone 11 Screen Repair First Review Image4.20.2021 Verified

I accidentally cracked my iPhone 11 screen and needed a quick repair. I searched online and found a few places that quoted me between $150-$200 for the repair. After some research, I decided to go with this service because it was one of the few places that was open on a Sunday at 11am when my phone fell apart. I was able to get an appointment for 4pm the same day and they had my phone repaired in 20 minutes.

Addisyn A. | Miami Gardens

iPhone 11 LCD Screen Replacement


iPhone 11 Screen Repair Second Review Image7.7.2020 Verified

I had my iPhone 11 LCD screen repaired at the apple store and it took over an hour. I was so glad to find this place, because not only was it about $10 cheaper, but they also completed the repair in less than 20 minutes!

Shaun R. | North Miami Beach

iPhone 11 Display Replacement


iPhone 11 Screen Repair Third Review Image9.7.2019 Verified

I was looking for a place to fix my cracked screen display for my iPhone 11 and I found them and was very happy with their service and price. I had called several places and this was the best price and they were able to fix my phone that same day. The staff was also very friendly and knowledgeable.

iPhone 11 Screen Repair

The Best iPhone 11 Screen Repair

We are a repair shop that offers iPhone 11 Screen Repair services at your location. We offer same day service for most parts that are in stock, and next day service for any part ordered. You may find the appointment form above or please call us to schedule an appointment. We offer same day repairs. We are a smartphone repair shop that provides iPhone 11 screen repair services at your location. iPhone 11 screen repair is an affordable way to keep your beloved devices around longer. We have been working on smartphones for years and can help you with any problem you have with your devices whether it is a cracked screen (iPhone and Android), or if the LCD needs to be swapped out. We provide iPhone 11 Screen Repair Services at your location. Our professional technicians specialize in all kinds of iPhone repairs and replacements. We offer same day screen repairs and replacements. As a repair shop in Florida, we offer the highest quality in the market and the fastest turnaround in town. We can screen repair the iPhone in 30 minutes and fix the iPad in less than one hour. We also do computer repair and offer a complimentary delivery service!

iPhone 11 Screen Replacements

iPhone 11 Screen Replacements Image

iPhone 11 screen repair At Phone And Computer, we are dedicated to providing quality service with a fast turnaround. We service all brands of cell phones, tablets, iPhones, and smartphones. We fix broken glass for all brands. For iPhone 11 screen repairs, repairs can be done in our shop or you can visit us at our dispatch locations in the heart of your local town. Repairing your devices is always done quickly but accurately. Sometimes when you drop your phone, you break the screen. Our technicians can repair your screen in 90 minutes or less, and we will come to your location. Our clients love us. The iPhone 11 is one of the most innovative smartphones that offer stunning graphics, video capability, and exceptional sound to deliver an entertainment experience like no other. The iPhone offers an exemplary camera to take photos quickly and easily. However, accidents happen and your valuable phone could be damaged if dropped or broken. Our screen repair will restore it back to its brand new form so you can get on with your everyday life. iphone 11 screen repair, Apple is a large company that protects its profits at all costs. They hold almost a monopoly on the smartphone market and price-fix for not only their own hardware but the accessories as well. It’s gotten to the point where consumers are paying more for their devices than they’re receiving from selling them back as refurbished models even after it’s been damaged! Our state-of-the-art screen replacement technology provides repairs for most Smartphone devices. Learn more about how we can provide you with affordable and professional iPhone 11 screen repair services at your location by just simply calling us or even better go ahead and schedule a technician now. You can use our fast and easy online scheduling form to get a technician at your place today. You may pay online using your CC or you may also pay after we fix your iPhone at your place by cash.

iPhone 11 LCD Screen Repair

iPhone 11 LCD Screen Repair Image

Getting a new phone can be really costly and at other times, you’ll only need the screen repaired, either because you dropped it or if your iPhone 11 is cracked. Then you might be wondering how much this repair will cost or whether you can even afford it. You’ll start stressing about the family fight that may ensue because of this issue. We want to save you all the headaches and costs, so we offer professional iPhone 11 screen repair services that are affordable and super easy to set up – we come to your location and fix your phone in just hours. Damages to your iPhone 11 screen can be a very expensive bill. No matter if it’s an accident or not, you still have to pay. We provide professional phone screen repair services in FL at the best price. Do you have a broken iPhone 11? Don’t worry! We can help you out with affordable and professional iPhone 11 screen repair services at your place! Would you like to increase your customer loyalty? Do you want to keep both the new and old customers happy? Our services focus on increasing customer retention while improving customer experience. We achieve this by providing a cheaper alternative for repairs that is only a fraction of the price of purchasing a new iPhone. iPhone 11 screen repair service, we will come to your location and complete the repairs in a short amount of time. Our professional technicians are fast and will offer mobile phone repair solutions to fix your cracked iPhone 11 screen, replace screen assembly or camera immediately if you call us now. iphone 11 repair locations, iPhone 11 screen repair is a nightmare. Not only did it make my hair turn grey, but it did a lot of stress to me and the entire family. With iPhone 11 screen repair costing several hundred dollars, you have to have the guts to get the work done. Our mobile iPhone repair service offers fast, affordable mobile screen repair services at your doorstep.

iPhone 11 Glass & LCD Replacement

iPhone 11 Glass & LCD Replacement Image

Let me stop you right before you got an Apple store. You’re paying too much for an iPhone 11 screen repair. Your iPhone is broken and now you have to pay even more to fix it. How frustrating is that? You will find experienced professional services at an affordable rate with us. No one wants to spend time away from their family or friends, but if your iPhone 11 screen breaks, you’ve got to get it fixed! So why waste time getting bothered by broken phone screens when you can easily get them fixed in half an hour? iPhone 11 screen repair is available at ”Phone and Computer” in multiple convenient dispatch locations in the South Florida area. We offer hands-on service in our changing bays using only quality brand parts. After an accidental drop on the ground, your iPhone 11 screen got cracked or damaged. What can you do? Don’t panic, you don’t need to shell out thousands on a repair. Get in touch with iPhone 11 screen repair services that provide a high quality of service without damaging your budget. iphone 11 glass and lcd replacement, Damaged iPhone 11 screens can be a real pain in the pocket. And an ugly sight too! The damage to your mobile phone screen won’t cost you a fortune, but it’s still a painful inconvenience when your device is damaged. Our quick and efficient repair service is unmatched by any other phone repair company. We’re so confident in our repairs.

iPhone 11 Display Repair

iPhone 11 Display Repair Image

Scratches, cracks, or cracks on the screen of your iPhone 11 are nothing but a headache for you. Most of the time these issues create problems not only for you but also for your phone which you use every day. Now there is no need to worry about cracked screens anymore. We are at your service to help you with any issue related to the screen of your iPhones, iPads, or iPods even if it is an evening or weekend. We are a repair shop that offers the most affordable and professional iPhone 11 screen repair services at your location. Our professionals install it back to you as soon as possible. We have been repairing mobile devices for years. We are a repair shop located in your neighborhood, the area you feel comfortable with. We are here to serve you with an affordable phone repair service provider. With us, you get to choose the way you want us to fix your iPhone 11 screen– at our store or at your location, whichever is more convenient for you. Our team of technicians is highly trained and provides reliable services to keep our customers happy. iphone 11 repair near me, Since we repair screens right at your location, we can repair your iPhone 11 or iPad screen in just a few minutes. Don’t worry about booking an appointment and traveling to our shop. We come to you, and get the job done quickly. Our services include LCD/Digitizer, Rear glass, and battery replacement for iPhone. If you have any other iPhone models or any other Apple devices, please contact us so we can provide you with the services you need! We will get you looking beautiful again!

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone 11 Screen Repairs

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week iPhone 11 Screen Repairs

We are a repair shop that offers the most affordable and professional Apple iPhone 11 Screen Repair, LCD and OLED Screen Replacement Services at your location. We provide a variety of replacement parts on our website for customers who need to replace their own screens or may have already purchased a new device. If you would like to repair your broken iPhone 11 screen, we can make it easy for you. We will come to you with all necessary OEM parts, tools and repair guides. You just have to place an order online or call us. We will then schedule a time that’s convenient for you! After the repair, we will give back your device in perfect working condition! If you have any questions before starting the process of repairing your screen, feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you!

Mobile iPhone 11 Screen Repair Services

We are a repair shop that offers the most affordable and professional Apple iPhone 11 Screen Repair, LCD and OLED Screen Replacement Services at your location. Our iPhone 11 Screen Repair specialists are available seven days a week to help with any Apple iPhone repairs you may need. We offer screen replacement services such as broken screen repair, smashed screen repair, cracked screen repair and more. Professional experts come to you so there’s no need for you to travel or go through any hassle.

Apple iPhone 11 Screen Repairs

You have a cracked iPhone 11 screen and you’re in a dilemma of whether to replace or repair it. You could walk in to your local Phone&Computer and have the techs there do the job but it would cost you a lot more than if you did it yourself. Or you could just buy a new phone altogether. Either way, I’m here to help you fix that broken iPhone 11 screen by providing cheap iPhone 11 screen repair services wherever you are in FL.

iPhone 11 Screen Repair Near Me

iPhone 11 Screen Repair Near Me

It’s never enjoyable seeing your iPhone 11’s and iPad’s screen shatter into pieces. Well, it is if you like looking at broken glass screens on digital devices. Will the new iPhone still be the hottest phone of the new year? Probably. Will it get scratched easily? Probably… unless you get our repair service. We repair all iPhone & iPad models such as the iPhone, iPad, and we accept many other brands such as Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel. Let us save you time and money with our premium quality repairs and numerous packages so that any budget and screen size can be accommodated. We offer the most affordable and professional Apple iPhone 11 Screen Repair, LCD and OLED Screen Replacement Services in the local area.

7 Days Open iPhone 11 Screen Repair Shop

We offer the most affordable and professional iPhone 11 LCD/OLED repair, repair cracked iPhone 11 screens and replace the new LCD/OLED. We usually replace your iPhone 11 glass with a new one, but we can repair your existing screen back to its original functionality. We provide a wide selection of Apple iPhone parts to fix almost every issue. Whether it’s a broken screen, water damage or simply your power button needs to be replaced, we have the expertise and the parts to get you back in business at an affordable price.

iPhone 11 Screen Repair Shop at Your Location

Looking for the best iPhone screen repair shop near me? We are at your service! Get rid of those dark or cracked places on your phone, by getting it fixed by our professional technicians. Whether you’re in need for a front glass replacement service, or looking to fix any other issue, don’t go anywhere else, call us first! We are an iPhone 11 screen repair shop, offering quality iPhone 11 screen repair services at your doorstep. Our team of well-trained technicians offers the most affordable and reliable iPhone 11 screen repair services in your city. We deliver guaranteed results for all repair services. Contact us today.

Most Common iPhone 11 Repairs

Phone&Computer is an enterprise that offers the most affordable and professional Apple iPhone 11 Repair Services at your location. We are set up to fix all states of damaged iPhones. By using high-quality parts and the latest technology, we are able to provide you with amazing service at low prices. We are a mobile iPhone 11 Repair shop for the South Florida Area and surrounding cities. We offers professional and affordable service at your location. Whether you need your small iPhone issues repaired or want to upgrade its memory, we can help you out. find iphone 11 screen replacement near me

iPhone 11 Screen Repair

iPhone 11 Screen Repair

When it comes to Apple smartphone repair, there are lots of options for you to choose from. But not all can give you the satisfaction of excellent service. We offer high-quality iPhone 11 screen repair, LCD and OLED replacement services at your own home or office. Our mobile repair techs will come to you quick, efficient service that’s worth its price. That’s why our customers love us! A broken iPhone 11 screen is an extremely heartbreaking scenario.

iphone 11 screen repair

iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

A common issue with iPhone 11 users is the battery life. Our team at know all about this! New iPhone 11 battery replacements are essential to making your phone last longer. But not all places offer the best quality replacement batteries, with cheaper brands unable to keep up with the iPhone’s quick charge factor. We can help you with your iPhone 11 Battery Replacement needs! With our team of professionals, we provide the most professional phone services, including sales of accessories and mobile phones of various brands. At affordable rates, we strive to meet all your mobile repair requirements. From screen replacement to mobile chips repair, our team of expert technicians will perform any task for you on-site at your location!

iphone 11 battery replacement

iPhone 11 Charging Port Repair

iPhone 11 Charging Port Repair

iPhone 11 just doesn’t charge very well. You don’t need to worry about that anymore. You don’t have to just buy the latest iPhone. It may be cheaper, more reliable and less time consuming than shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new iPhone. Our experienced technicians are here to help you fix your broken iPhone 11 Charging Port at the most affordable price. You can depend on our fast and reliable services to fix your iPhone 11 Charging Port at your location.

iphone 11 charging port repair

iPhone 11 Back Glass Repair

iPhone 11 Back Glass Repair

Are you looking to get an iPhone 11 back glass replacement? You might know that with careful use, your iPhone won’t need iPhone 11 back glass replacement services. But accidents happen. Apple iPhone Screen repairs can vary with complexity, size of the screen and its location on the device. We are a new company who offers professional repairs at your location using quality parts. Our technicians are friendly and always on time.

iphone 11 back glass repair

iPhone 11 Water Damage Repair

iPhone 11 Water Damage Repair

In these hard times, it’s good to know there are people out there willing to help. Phone repair services have been growing in popularity lately, and it is a trend which will continue for a while because of the increase in cell phone use. In many cases, customers end up paying too much for a bad iPhone 11 water damage repair service. You dropped your iPhone 11 in Water? We hear this all the time. This is one of the most common ways people damage their iPhone. Any liquid can cause your iPhone to short circuit and stop working properly.

iphone 11 water damage repair

iPhone 11 Diagnostic Service

iPhone 11 Diagnostic Service

We are a team who are truly dedicated in offering the most efficient, reliable and affordable iPhone 11 diagnostic services in all parts of United States. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic hardware to provide the best possible assessment of your Apple device. Our highly trained staff will smoothly conduct diagnostic tests on your device at your location. We have achieved an enviable reputation for offering fast, convenient Apple iPhone 11 diagnostics at your location. Call us today!

iphone 11 repair near me