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We love what we do. So we share what we do… We record our daily repairs and share them on social media and on our blog page. We love technology so we spread that love everywhere we can. Videos, images, and articles we try to keep it rich as possible.

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Kimberly M. | Aventura

Repair Videos


Phone and Computer Repair Videos on BLOG Page Review Image09.06.2018 Verified

I’m not a big of a Facebook user but I saw their Facebook page with some of their daily repair videos. It was really interesting to watch, anyway. I didn’t know I would be one of their next customers. I later found my device repair video was also on youtube they published. I shared that video and saved it as a memory to watch it again sometime later. I hope I won’t need it to get it fixed again but hey you never know right 😆  I’m kind of joking though, I appreciate their help as well, they saved my phone and saved me buying a new one.

Barbara C. | Fort Lauderdale

Email Discount Coupon


Phone and Computer Email Discount Coupon on BLOG Page Review Image11.18.2019 Verified

I used their repair service to get my Samsung galaxy phone fixed like 2 years ago already. But I decided to write this review for now, after getting fixed my son’s iPhone 8 plus screen. I have received one of their Christmas emails with a discount coupon in it, applies for old customers who received that email, and was good for a month I remember so far. So I have scheduled a technician on this website, using that coupon code given to me by email and it worked!!! I have saved $50 bucks on that screen and battery replacement! I’m very happy to receive emails you guys send it to me and that last one with sponge bob on it was hilarious though 😂, cong to your designer!!!

Stacy N. | Boca Raton

Social Media


Phone and Computer Social Media BLOG Posts Review Image07.01.2020 Verified

I got a gaming laptop, an old desktop computer, an Apple iMac, an old MacBook, iPhone, and a Samsung galaxy tab! I wrote those all down not to show how I’m rich lol 😅 They HAVE FIXED all those for me!!!! Can you believe that 😅 I first broke my iPhone screen and along with the battery; So I found out that they also fix computers and tablets, even apple computers!! I’m one of their big fan on social media and all. I will call you guys even for my cleaning robot I guess if it stops working someday hahaha can I call you guys? I’m kind of serious though.