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Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines Repair Shop Location

7 Days a Week | 8am to 9pm

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We come to you 7 days a week! We offer mobile repair services at your location in Pembroke Pines. We the ”Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines” here to offer the most affordable, professional, and best services possible. Our most common services are Cell phone repairs such as; Apple iPhone repair and Samsung Galaxy repair. Computer repairs such as; Apple MacBook repair and Microsoft Windows computer repair (laptop or desktop). Tablet repairs such as; Apple iPad, Android tablets, or Microsoft Surface tablets. You may see how we got our name as ”Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines. We have online, instant pre-pricing for our services. Just select the device and service you need using our website (menu at above or devices by below) and you may see prices and simply schedule a technician using our easy and fast online appointment system. It is FREE to get an appointment. We don’t charge any extra for coming to your location. Our closest dispatch location will respond to you within minutes. Thank you for your interest in our services and welcome to our family-owned business where you will find a friendly technician and a loyal shop who fulfill your needs. We got many other dispatch locations where you can find them all on this phone and computer locations page. There was Windows Operating System even MSDOS before everything right! Yes, that is true. Apple computers are mostly well known as mackintosh computers for designers, movie editors. NOT because they offered better physical hardware conditions BUT softwares!!! I will be very honest on this section’s content and try not to hurt anyone who loves Windows or Apple. We are a computer repair company. Yes we know that you are aware of it and I’m not saying this for marketing purposes (that also would work though…) We know inside of the computers, their hardware, coolers, circuits, materials, etc. Apple MacBook and iMac computers are definitely well-made computers and offer much better hardware quality… Yes, you read that right. I said quality, not the PERFORMANCE… Apple computers are quality computers with great coolers, fans, magnetic resistants, circuits, solders, boards, isolation, dust filter, etc. I can keep going. Asus is a great VGA and motherboard company that is correct. But even they can’t reach to a level what Apple offers as the quality of a design and durability. It is enough with Apple I can hear all Windows lovers saying. Don’t take me wrong though I’m a Windows computer lover and owner as well… Let’s talk about Microsoft Windows Computers, desktops, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, etc. They are simply great customizable gadgets. You can have, install, upgrade, downgrade, edit anything on their hardware and software! Do you need more memory? You can have it. Do you need more space on your disk drive? Easy Peasy! Your RAM (memory) fried? No need to get the exact same brand etc. Let’s upgrade it with something alternative and better brand and Mhz possible in that time. You can see how we know the differences. It is time to speak we talk about the performance under this title. Windows computers are most definitely have the best speed possible. They offer a variety of options from AMD CPU processors to Intel or Nvidia to AMD Radeon VGA options. We may also help you to get a Hackintosh computer… It is an Apple MAC operating system installed on windows computer hardware that works! Simply to say, if you play games, keep playing on a Windows computer (not even laptops) if you work, study, design, edit video, use Apple MAC platforms and softwares to take advantage of their sustainable and stable platforms. It is my duty as the owner of the company who is writing this content here is also to mention about we fix any gaming computers Windows or Apple. If you need any repair, upgrade, replacement services at your location then don’t hesitate to reach our Phone And Computer Pembroke Pines dispatch location.

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Pembroke Pines, FL

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Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines FL

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Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines Repair Shop Location Name

Location Name

Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines

Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines Repair Shop Address

Dispatch Location Address

(Appointment Only)
1931 NW 150th Ave
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines Repair Shop Phone Number

Phone Number

(954) 995-8417

Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines Repair Shop Business Hours

Business Hours

7 Days a Week | 8am to 9pm

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Repair & Service Categories for Pembroke Pines

iPhone Repair in Pembroke Pines

iPhone Repair

The best iPhone repair in Pembroke Pines, FL affordable and reasonable, premium grade replacements and same day iPhone repair at your place 7 days a week. We come to you!

iPad Repair in Pembroke Pines

iPad Repair

Quality and affordable iPad repair in Pembroke Pines FL. Schedule your iPad repair service by yourself and get your same day appointment today. Brand new and premium grade replacements.

Samsung Galaxy Repair in Pembroke Pines

Samsung Repair

Everything original and brand new OEM Samsung Galaxy parts, replacements! Crystal clear Samsung screens and for more Samsung Galaxy repair in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Cell Phone Repair in Pembroke Pines

Cell Phone Repair

Cell phone repair in Pembroke Pines at your location for almost any common brand or model smartphones! From Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, HTC, or ZTE many other brands of a smartphone repair in Pembroke Pines FL.

Tablet Repair in Pembroke Pines

Tablet Repair

There is always an option to get your tablet repair in Pembroke Pines, FL. Cracked tablet screens or battery power issues, let’s get in touch today. We fix any popular tablets such as; Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface, and many others.

Computer Repair in Pembroke Pines

Computer Repair

We are the best of the best for a computer repair in Pembroke Pines, FL lowest prices possible and the most professional knowledgeable technicians are available at your location. Windows laptop, desktop, or an Apple MacBook repair in Pembroke Pines.

Other Digital and Electronic Repair Services in Pembroke Pines


It may not be the fixing things only. That’s why we offer digital services along with Electronics repairs in Pembroke Pines, FL every day. Printer, network, security camera, IT help, website design, digital marketing, Apple watch repair, and game console repair in Pembroke Pines.

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Pembroke Pines Location Reviews

This is How We Do!We are Professionals!

We the Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines are your one-stop electronics repair and services experts. We have an extensive range of experience in the IT field, including working with the top local businesses in the city. We can help you with all aspects of phone and computer problems ranging from security to software to hardware problems. Our experts are ready to help you with any issues you may have. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

Because You Deserve The Best!

Leilah S. | Pembroke Pines

iPhone Repair


iPhone Repair in Pembroke Pines Review Image5.19.2021 Verified

I’m very happy I found this mobile repair service in my local town. I’ve had a terrible time with Apple Store in the past when I needed a repair on my iPhone. Next time I’ll be going to Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines first before calling for a repair. The technician was great, he was friendly and professional and they got to my place in a timely manner, and the price was reasonable. They took my old cracked screen out of my iPhone and replaced it with a new one.

Britney D. | Pembroke Pines

iPad Repair


iPad Repair in Pembroke Pines Review Image1.8.2020 Verified

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines location is. My iPad screen cracked and I went to the website and found you guys. I was very skeptical because it seemed too good to be true for a mobile repair service with a better price than other repair shops! But I decided to give it a try anyway. I am so glad I did! It was so easy to arrange for the repair of my iPad. The technician was on time and fixed my iPad in a few hours.

Laniyah C. | Pembroke Pines

Computer Repair


Computer Repair in Pembroke Pines Review Image10.8.2019 Verified

This is the very professional and affordable computer repair service in Pembroke Pines I could ever find. I was experiencing a power surge and the surge blew out my motherboard and burned out half of my RAM. I reached out to these guys and they had it fixed the same day, extremely fast, much less than I was expecting. Very professional service for a computer repair in Pembroke Pines. They had the replacements in stock ready to install already.

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Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines FL

We the ”Phone and Computer Pembroke Pines” offer Same Day Repair Services at your location, we come to your place the same day and fix at your location within minutes, this is the most convenient service ever possible in Pembroke Pines. You may visit our phone and computer home page for any services you need. Do you know the best part of it? There is NO EXTRA FEE for a mobile repair service at your location. Rather our prices are even much better than almost all of the electronics repair shops in Pembroke Pines.

Directions for Pembroke Pines, FL Location

We Phone And Computer Pembroke Pines are in the middle of your local town offering the best repair services and experiences possible in your area. We encourage you to have an appointment or simply give us a call before heading in the direction. Our Pembroke Pines technicians are mobile which means they may be somewhere helping someone around. We can help you to go somewhere close or simply welcome you to our headquarters location. We have built all our services as a mobile repair service with trucks/cars. We Phone And Computer Pembroke Pines come to your location residential or commercial, school or university, office or plaza.

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