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If you need Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs, the Phone and Computer is the best place to go. We take pride in doing quality work that others can’t do and we want your business, so we’ll fix your device at a reasonable price and give you an awesome customer service experience. Our talented and friendly staff will answer any questions you have, whether we’re fixing your device or not. We are the Best! Work with the Best!

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Serena K. | Delray Beach

Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs


Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs First Review Image2.24.2021 Verified

I think that everyone needs to know that this place is amazing and that they really do care about their customers. My phone was Samsung Galaxy S10 and told them exactly what was wrong and one of the guys said it would be about 30 minutes and the phone would be ready… true to his word, he had my phone up and running in 30 minutes flat. I love these guys, and I will definitely be coming back for all of my Samsung galaxy repair Service needs!

Audrina J. | Boca Raton

Samsung Galaxy S10 Speaker Replacement


Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs Second Review Image11.3.2020 Verified

My phone had a problem where I couldn’t receive calls but could make them. I contacted this repair service and they were able to fix my Samsung Galaxy S10 really quick. It was cheaper than any other repair service I contacted. They also offered me a warranty for my phone. I would definitely use their service if the need ever comes up again.

Bode S. | Deerfield Beach

Samsung Galaxy S10 Button Replacement


Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs Third Review Image5.3.2019 Verified

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S10 for quite some time already. I would have never thought that I’d have to get the screen replaced, but it happened. After searching around, I found one of the best places in town. The quality of their work is top notch. And if you’re in a hurry to get your phone back, they’ll get it done quickly for you!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs

We are a repair shop that offers Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Replacement Service. If you have an issue with your Samsung Galaxy Camera, we will help you to fix it. You can either mail or hand-deliver your camera to us and we will repair it, getting it back to you as soon as possible. If you want to repair your Samsung Galaxy then we are the best repair shop for this. We offer different repair services such as Samsung Galaxy Speaker Replacement Service which you can use to repair your Samsung Galaxy. We are offering the best prices on the market for Samsung Galaxy S10 Speaker Replacement Service. Our pros are more than willing to answer all your questions and ensure that you get your phone back up and working like new in no time. You lost your microphone and it’s not working anymore. We believe that this is a very frustrating experience and we’re here to help! Here at Samsung Galaxy S10 Microphone Replacement Service, we will solve the microphone issue and return your phone to its original condition. Our experts can assess any problematic issues regarding your device and provide you with the best possible service. We use only the newest tools to perform our services while ensuring that no damage is done to your phone while replacing your microphone. Hence, you will get the highest quality of service for the lowest price. We are talking about irresistible deals for our services that other repair shops cannot compare to. When the microphone of your Samsung Galaxy starts to malfunction, where can you turn? You have several options, but it involves more cost or effort than you’re ready for. Repairing the phone at a repair shop is one option, but it can be time-consuming with multiple visits. And it costs more than using our repair service. Our repair service caters to customers whose smartphones are in need of microphone replacement.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Less Common Repairs

Samsung Galaxy S10 Less Common Repairs Image

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Replacement Service is a repair shop that offers repair services for Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera. Our trained technicians specialize in retrieving valuable data from water damage and cracked screens as well as the replacement of diodes and batteries. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a revolutionary device that combines the power of your smartphone with the functionality of a digital SLR camera. You can take shots anywhere using its simple interface, or share your photos instantly on social media. The Galaxy Camera comes equipped with an impressive 20-megapixel back-illuminated, CMOS sensor for stunning image quality, an HD 1.4” touch screen LCD display, and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can get online wherever you are. The Galaxy Camera was created to give you a way of life and share it with everyone through pictures and HD videos. With the Samsung Galaxy Camera, you can capture memories in stunning detail when you’re traveling the world. The Samsung Galaxy Camera takes the best of a digital camera and the best of a smartphone to give you a camera that can do it all. samsung galaxy s10 other repairs, Everything from burst mode to 4K video; from 13megapixels to Raw capture; from geo-tagging to image stabilization. People who use the Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera want the best quality photos and videos for their adventurous lifestyle. They love having a camera with them at all times. Samsung knows users trust the brand and buy Samsung products for their superior quality and innovative technology, but sometimes things go wrong. Even innovative technology can’t stop water, sand, dirt, extreme temperatures, snow, mud, or any other elements or liquids from seeping into your internal or external parts. (Do you like thinking about that?) We at PhoneandComputer are here to help you fix your trusted device. We offer an affordable Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Replacement Service to get you back up and running quickly.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Replacements

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Replacements Image

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy? Hate that sound quality? Fret no more. Get your Samsung Galaxy S10 Speaker Replacement Service to get the best sound experience. You keep your phone, but your speaker just doesn’t cut it anymore. Have you ever heard yourself singing karaoke after a few drinks? It’s not pretty! At our store, we offer quick fixes for damaged speakers. The service is free, and it usually takes us less than 15 minutes to fix your device’s speaker. Remember how great it feels to hear yourself sing without ridicule? Your Samsung Galaxy speaker no longer sounds as good as it used to. If you don’t want to buy a new device, and your budget won’t allow for a brand-new one, we have good news for you. The next best thing is to take advantage of our Samsung Galaxy S10 speaker replacement services. We repair all problems with your smartphone’s speakers. We help you out of that tight spot and save the day! Galaxy speaker replacement cost at the manufacturer’s average turnaround time is more than half of what your phone is worth. samsung galaxy s10 repair locations, On top of that, you can’t use your phone for over a week. The worst part is not being able to listen to music, not being able to hear your phone ring, not being able to play games, etc Our Galaxy speaker replacement service will replace the broken speakers so you can have your phone back within 24 hours. You can even have us send it back for you for free! We are fast, reliable and if you need additional repairs done, we’re here to help! Have you ever accidentally damaged or cracked your speaker of the Samsung Galaxy S10? If so you know how annoying it is to have it not working correctly. Understandably, you want it to be fixed. It’s pricey to send it off for repair and you don’t want to spend extra by having to buy a replacement. We will come out to your home or office, repair the speaker of your Samsung Galaxy S10, save you from being without a phone for any period of time.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Microphone Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S10 Microphone Replacement Image

Broken microphones on Samsung Galaxy S10 devices? If your phone is damaged and you can’t enjoy a hands-free phone conversation with a friend, a family member, or a business contact, it truly creates a lot of inconveniences for you. Simply visit our repair shop and have your Samsung Galaxy Microphone Replacement Serviced. We have been providing solutions to our clients for more than 10 years. A broken Samsung Galaxy microphone can be a big problem. Not only will you not be able to make calls, but the idea of having to purchase a new phone is too much to bear. That’s why we’ve decided to help by offering Samsung Galaxy S10 Microphone Replacement Service. We repair and replace any Samsung Galaxy S10 microphone for a reasonable price. Our dedicated team can fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 microphone and have it working as well as new again in less than 24 hours. Well, your Samsung Galaxy smartphone audio isn’t what it used to be. You used to turn up the volume on your device and still think you couldn’t hear a thing. Now you put it on full blast and still feel like there is a gap between hearing the noise and actually having the sound register in your brain. And this gap is getting wider all the time. So where do you turn for help? What repair shop is going to be able to fix such an obscure problem? samsung galaxy s10 microphone repair, You can turn to us, where we offer Galaxy microphone replacement services. We know these devices inside and out…and we know how to fix all those infuriating little problems that come with them, including a Galaxy microphone replacement! It is also pretty confusing for most of our customers that trying to explain the situation they have. Do we ask if they hear you or not? It could be a confusing topic to decide between the speaker and the microphone problems. Please don’t underestimate this confusion since Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones got multiple microphones that work individually for the way you make the call. If you take a video using your rear camera then your rear microphone will get in charge. If you use your earpiece speaker then your bottom microphone will be working at that moment. As you can see it is pretty confusing to locate the issue so don’t underestimate the confusion you may have. Samsung Galaxy phones are fascinating complex devices. They are highly engineered to work fully functional for our convenience. Give us a call or schedule a repair appointment and we will get back to you over the phone and locate the issue you have. We will offer you a diagnostic service or a part replacement you need right away.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Speaker Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S10 Speaker Replacement Image

Do you need a Samsung Galaxy S10 Antenna Replacement Service? Is it easy to find a reputable repair shop that offers Samsung Galaxy S10 Antenna Replacement Service? Most of the phone repair shops in your area offer Samsung Galaxy Antenna Replacement Service, but we think we’re the best—and you’ll see why once you’ve seen our work! Our dedicated and specially-trained technicians and repair experts can fix your phone and get it back to you fast. We have original replacement parts from the manufacturer, so you know it won’t be a copycat job. So if you have any issues with your phone—dropped calls, significantly weaker signal, etc.—know that we can fix them for a reasonable price. Your Samsung Galaxy Antenna Replacement Service is not working as advertised. Samsung Galaxy S10 Antenna Replacement Service – a great product – but it has a problem – an annoying problem – a problem that is going to cost you money – a lot of money. Galaxy has a design fault that can make your phone stop working altogether – for no apparent reason. This antenna replacement service will fix your Galaxy and save you thousands of dollars on buying a new phone. Your Samsung Galaxy smartphone loses its reception when you are out with your friends or families. And you have no idea how to fix it. The reception is usually poor in most public places. samsung galaxy s10 repair near me, It is the nature of crowded places that your phone receives little or no signal. Get your Samsung Galaxy S10 Antenna Replacement Service done by our technicians. We will replace the antenna(s) on your phone if it was identified the root cause of reception issues. Most of the Antenna, reception problems of Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones are caused by dropping them, water damage and rarely high humidity or overheating under the sun, or excessive usage. The phone itself suppose to cool off but if you leave it under the sun with high brightness on the screen, you may damage the internal parts such as one the antenna, the reception cable, chip, and so on. Most of our customers being told after they make a phone conversation with their carrier companies that they suppose to contact a repair shop. There are corrosions, sands, dirt, anything small enough to fit in the circuit over time and breaks the signal or at least causes the poor signal of reception. Wifi, GPS, reception, 3g, 4g, 5g, LTE, etc. They are all about that reception circuit. We will help you to diagnose the issue and solve it.

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Samsung Galaxy S10 Repairs at Your Location

We Come to You! 7 Days a Week Samsung Galaxy S10 Repairs at Your Location

You probably can’t find a Samsung Galaxy S10 repair shop that is reliable and affordable at the same time. We know this because we used to be in your shoes looking for a Samsung Galaxy S10 screen repair shop. We match you with the right trained technician to fix your device. Our online tool also gives you an upfront quote, tells you when they will arrive, and if they are busy -they could even squeeze you last minute. But aside from the money-saving service, we offer a free courtesy vehicle pickup/drop-off service if you live nearby! We have been operating in FL for over the years and have the experience to work on any phone or tablet screen no matter what problem faced it. Our technicians are experts in their field and almost all of them have been working in the repair industry since their college days.

Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs Services

Who doesn’t hate it when their Samsung Galaxy S10 screen breaks! It is an emergency and also very stressful. When you realize your phone is ‘hurt’ it leaves you with a lot of important questions. Where can one find a trusted repair shop? You can now stop stressing, as we offer the most professional Samsung Galaxy S10 repair process for your Galaxy device… You’ve dropped your Samsung Galaxy and the screen is unresponsive? Or, your Samsung is frozen and it won’t turn on? Scared about how much this sort of damage is going to cost you? What if I told you that our technicians are highly trained. And you can get professional Samsung Galaxy Repair in under an hour?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera, Speaker, WiFi & Other Repairs

Chipped screen? Bad camera? No problem, call the guys at Samsung Galaxy S10 Repair and we will fix it all for you. We want every single one of our customers to be as happy as can be with our work. However, that doesn’t mean we offer bad service. Our team is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your new device looks as good as new. We can assure you that your device will look and feel like new! Our fully-equipped vans and experienced technicians can handle anything, and this includes new and old Samsung Galaxy S Series and Note Series.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs Near Me

Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs Near Me

Having to fix your phone can often be a burden and costly. Getting it fixed by an unprofessional is even more costly as they will not be able to fix the problem properly and might damage your phone as well as void your warranty. Why go through all the stress of getting it fixed when you can make use of our Samsung Galaxy S10 Repair Service? We offer low prices, fast turnaround time, and reliable services. Using our service is not only convenient but also affordable and efficient! Our service keeps your phone and warranty intact and we can do whatever repairs that need to be done with ease. Our goal is to help you achieve the best customer satisfaction!

7 Days Open Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs Shop

Not all local repair shops can provide you with the service you deserve. The worst part is, they’ll charge you a ridiculous amount for repairing your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. We are the only ones you should trust to fix your Android phone. Damage to your Samsung Galaxy S10 gadgets can be frustrating and costly. Tired of the time and cost associated with shipping your phone away for repair? We can get you up and running in no time at all. And best of all, we come directly to you! No registration is needed… just get an appointment today just enter your location and our experts will show up at your door.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Other Repairs Shop at Your Location

You drop and damage your Samsung Galaxy S10. How will you get it fixed? Ever tried to fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 yourself and were left frustrated and confused? As frustrating as it is, we know how it feels broken and not knowing what to do. Let our expert technicians bring your device back to life. No Software or Hardware knowledge is required! Our process is easy-to-understand and our prices are affordable. We understand how much it means for you to get the best services when it comes to repairing your damaged device. We assure you that we can give you nothing less than the best because we are dedicated to offering services that meet all your requirements, at the most affordable price possible.

Most Common Samsung Galaxy S10 Repairs

We are a professional Samsung Galaxy S10 Repair shop that can fix your broken screen on Samsung Galaxy S Series and Note Series and many other devices. Our repairs are one of the most affordable and we try to get your device back to you as quickly as possible. We strive to be the best in the business and we want our customers to be satisfied with our excellent customer service and affordable prices. If you have been looking for a reliable Samsung Galaxy Repair center in the South Florida area. We have been providing our residents with professional and reliable Samsung Galaxy S10 Repair Service for years. find samsung galaxy s10 repair services near me

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Repair

We are an authorized third-party service provider that provides the most affordable and professional Samsung Galaxy S10 screen repair services to all our residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are experienced in providing the best repairing services for your Samsung Galaxy device. Our technicians are trusted in the industry to professionally install the best Samsung Galaxy S10 screen repair services at your location.

samsung galaxy s10 screen repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Glass Repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Glass Repair

Our Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair Services are carried out by certified technicians, who are also up to date with the latest knowledge and skills to fix your problem fast. We support all models of Samsung mobile phones including the latest ones, so if you need any kind of repair or replacement, then feel free to contact us. Samsung Galaxy S10 Glass Repair – Like most smartphones and tablets today, smartphone and tablet screens can easily be cracked, shattered, or broken. If you ever happen to damage your device’s glass panel, we can help. We offer fast and affordable solutions to get your device fully functional again.

samsung galaxy s10 glass repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Replacement

Your Samsung Galaxy device damaged, won’t power on, or has water damage? Fear not! Our professional technicians are able to perform a Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Replacement at your location in no time. For your convenience, we offer the most professional and affordable Samsung Galaxy S10 phone battery replacement services for residents in NYC. We replace all major brands of batteries, such as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, and Samsung batteries. We offer the best services at your location.

samsung galaxy s10 battery replacement

Samsung Galaxy S10 Charging Port Repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Charging Port Repair

No matter how careful you are, sooner or later your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone will start producing issues. There’s no need to worry about this issue because our qualified technicians will replace your charging port for you. Don’t get slowed down by slow service centers or returning home without your device while it stays at the repair center for days. Let us repair your device today while you wait. You should be worried if the charging port on your device is malfunctioning. We help you resolve this issue swiftly and fix it properly. Contact us if your phone is not charging. We will locate the problem and replace the damaged charging port.

samsung galaxy s10 charging port repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Back Glass Repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Back Glass Repair

The most common problem with smartphones is when you accidentally drop them on the ground. The back glass of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is probably the most vulnerable part of your mobile device, so it gets broken nearly every time you encounter this situation. Of course, it’s infuriating. But do you really have to buy a new phone just because of this? There’s actually an option that will cost you less and yet give you a brand new phone – and that is to simply replace the glass! We know that sounds contradictory but we live in the age of technological advancements, and gluing broken parts together effectively replaces your old and faulty components. Here we will give you an excellent solution to fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 Smart Phone or Tablet in a short period of time and for a reasonable price.

samsung galaxy s10 back glass repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Water Damage Repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Water Damage Repair

We are a team of certified, local Samsung Galaxy S10 Water Damage Repair technicians in your area. We get your phone back to normal faster than you can get a new one! You are probably wondering about the different types of water damage that are present in many Samsung devices. Samsung Galaxy S10 Water damage can happen so quickly and without you even noticing it, so locating a solution to your problem should be your priority. This article will discuss what you should do if you have gotten your Samsung device wet.

samsung galaxy s10 repair near me